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If you are a die hard DC Fam this is a must have addition to your collection Reading through it you almost feel they are are writing about real creatures had to remind myself that these are just comic book characters Very cool book love it Very detailed and the illustrations are top notch Lots of thought was put in I like the college textbook approach The writing compliments the detailed pictures well Dry fun book to share with friends and fans of the medium Makes for an awesome coffee table book Please keep in mind this book will dominate conversations It brings out the comic need in all of us Fantastic art and it really feels like you get an insight into the way that Batman thinksHowever much of the actual anatomy is limited to conjecture on Batman s part thus restricting how much I could actually relate it to my own in depth knowledge of normal human anatomy in order to hypothesize how the physiological differences between humans a metahumans may actually come about or be xplainedObviously I know this is supposed to be a fun and imaginative book But I would have appreciated a little detail into the known science in order to Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, explain the unknown science such as the fantasticxplanations of some of Superman s powers particularly relating to his VisionNonetheless and despite the amount of detail about what is rather a minor complaint it is only a minor complaint and I could not recommend this book it s a real work of genius Great read and really well presented and xecuted Written from the point of view of Bruce Wayne Batman if he was attempting to take on meta humans The book has fantastic illustrations and the printing really makes it look like it was written by Bru. Explore the powers of DC Comics greatest characters like never before through stunning anatomical cutaways and in depth commentary from the Dark KnightConcerned about the threat that so called metahumans may pose to the world Batman has begun compiling a detailed dossier on their incredible physiology and abilities From villains like Killer Croc Bane and Brainiac to Batmans own comrades including Superman and Cyborg the file brings.

Maturity and starting to believe that comics are for kids give this book a passIf you love the larger than life characters that live in comics specially DC Comics and just like to njoy an artbook made Garden Bouquets and Beyond entirely from them then this is a book for youYou won t learn anythingxtraordinary or ground breaking about DC s heroes there s not a story behind the book actually there is some sort of a story Batman s paranoia nor it s a Grey s Anatomy for meta humans although it s The Unseen Wonder evident that the author drew inspiration from that bookIt is a book for the purenjoyment of the art Batman s notes and a little backstory over something purely fictionalIf you buy this book hopefully you ll The Management Bible enjoy it as I am just don txpect that after reading it you l be able to perform surgery provided a Kriptonian and a kriptonite scalpel5 This book is simply stunning I was xpecting a nice hard covered book and was absolutely blown away It s almost the size of a college course textbook in terms of actual dimensions not length The art is stunning and written from the point of view of Batman is a nice touch I baught this due to my love of DC and was hoping for a beautifully illustrated book with some great facts that I haven t read about this book met all them but lacked a certain finesse Although a great book I dislike it s format of writing It s seems to be theoretical then factual when it comes to the xplanations of the meta humans powers The book is written in the perspective of batman and in my opinon batman would be less theoretical when it came to Sleepless (Bird of Stone, explaining meta humans powers and would be factual if he was working a factsheet about the meta humans powers and what there weaknesses are Not for me. Gnificantly from that of the average person From detailed theories on how Supermansyes shoot heat rays to an in depth xploration of how Auaman is able to breathe under water the book delves into the deepest secrets of these classic characters Also featuring chapters on the anatomy and abilities of Doomsday Auaman Swamp Thing Darkseid Martian Manhunter and this one of a kind book will change the way you look at metahumans forever.

Ce Wayne himself But where was the fact checking Bizarro weak to green kryptonite Come on It s xtended his life and actually made him a genius in the current Red Hood and the Outlaws run Even a uick Google search has Bizarro listed as being weak to blue kryptonite and unaffected by green Beautiful illustrations great narrative and premise from Batman s point of view Book was much larger than I xpected which is awesome bigger than a deluxe hardcover book comparable to an absolute dition This book surpassed my Invisible (The Curse of Avalon expectations Its a great book for the DC fan or comic fan Its a hard cover book not a comic book Im a fan of Batman and this book just boosts my like of him It is written from the point of view of Bruce Wayne Its all hand written and drawn by Bruce Wayne himself It gets your mind and imagination going I bought one for myself and one as a gift for my brother a Superman fan and he loved it as well Great gift for a comic book fan If your a DC Comic fan then don tven think just buyIts absolutely fantastic Its not a story rather an in dept investigation by Bruce Wayne on the psychical attributes of metahumans Like Superman Martian Manhunter Cyborg Swamp Thing Cheetah Bane and so on When it comes down to it it s not worth the price of admission At AllThe illustrations are decent but the tone of voice supposedly from Batman s perspective feels worse than roteFor longtime fans Yummy Supper especially who have grown upxperiencing the dynamic between these fascinating characters it adds nothing you know information and have better context than the book providesStay away and invest in a critically acclaimed collection or stand alone and give this one a hard pass If you are torn by. Together the Dark Knights fascinating personal theories on the uniue anatomical composition of these formidable individuals This stunning and uniue book delves into the incredible abilities of DC Comics characters like never before Using beautifully illustrated anatomical cross sections depicting twelve different DC characters the book told from Batmans uniue perspective will xplore how these metahumans physical makeup differs si.

Matthew K Manning is a comic book writer historian and fan Over the course of his career hes written for many comic book titles including Marvel Action Avengers BatmanTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures nominated for Comic of the Year by the Diamond Gem awards Batman Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teen Titans Go Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman TMNT Amazing Adventures TMNT New Animated Adventures Beware the Batman The Batman Strikes Batman 80 Page Giant 2010 Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century Justice League Adventures Looney Tunes Spider Man Unlimited Marvel Romance Redux and Scooby Doo Where Are YouWhen not writing comics Manning is the author of over 75 books For Andrews McMeel he has written The Batman Files and The Superman Files two comprehensive uot;scrapbookuot; style histories of the famous icons For DK Publishing he has written the bestseller Batman A Visual History Batman Character Encyclopedia Spider Man Chronicle Spider Man Inside the World of Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero Iron Man The Ultimate Guide to the Ard Super Hero Wolverine Inside the World of the Living Weapon and several other titles For Insight Editions he has co authored bestseller DC Comics Anatomy of a Metahuman with author SD Perry and artist Ming Doyle and has written The World According to the Joker The World According to Wonder Woman The World According to Wolverine and Deadpool Drawing the Merc With a Mouth among other titles Some of his other book credits include The Batman Vault for Running Press The Art of Captain America and The Art of Thor for Marvel several series of childrens books starring Superman Flash and Batman for Stone Arch Books and the chapter book series Xander and the Rainbow Barfing Unicorns for CapstoneManning currently resides in Asheville North Carolina with his wife Dorothy and their daughters Lillian and Gwendolyn Visit him online at wwwmatthewkmanningcomphoto courtesy of Dorothy Manning