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Of designer brands and pokes fun at some good strong womenBut it got better There were good points about clothes make up specifically that the stuff that worked for you in your 20s doesn t work any you ve changed your body s changed your skin s changed I like the part about dressing in patterns or layers so you can easily mask or Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose remove the spit up upon items The MILF mantra maximum efect with minimum effort seems like a useful approach Itecommends staying fit by staying off the playground bench The Kaya-Girl really playing with your kids And it ends with a fun little list of 25ules for MILFs things like shower every day and be passionate about one thing other than your familyThere s nothing groundbreaking here It s just a collection of the sorts of articles you d find in a checkout stand women s magazine And if you ead those you ve probably seen all this same stuff a million times But it s harmless After all what mother can t use a eminder that you can still be a beautiful confident woman even when you e toting a toddler Liked this book There were lots of funny parts and it. S a shining example of confidence poise and age defying beauty Even as she juggles carpool PTA and the demands of the office or shrieks GET IN THE TUB NOOOWWW she's pretty darn hotA MILF ISN'T BORN SHE'S MADE A Milf is confident in her choices because doubt is for 20 year olds A Milf laughs A lot A Milf.

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Great Graeco-Egyptian Magick read Light funny for any mom who needs to spruce up on her MILF skills Very Enjoyable Okay so I was searching my library for ebooks I could borrow about parenting and this one came up I doubt I would ve checked it out if I had to hand it to aeal librarian yet here I am Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge reviewing it for the whole Internets but anonymous ebooks and all Anyway I m sure I m not the target audience but I figured why notI spent the first third maybe even half of the book disliking it I even started highlighting passages to make fun of complain about in myeview There s a dumb uiz you can take to see if you e a MILF there s a list of ways to pimp out your minivan cuz ya know moms having nothing better to spend their disposable incomes on and there s the ecurring milk MILF thing from the title cuz ya know takeoffs on that Got Milk commercial FROM 1993 are eally original Anyway On a serious level the book started to sound like it fit with that not so empowering idea that since women can be anything they want to be just maybe they should be perfect at everything It mentions its share. YOU'RE EITHER A MILF OR YOU'RE A MILF DUD TAKE YOUR PICK For thousands of years women have been expected to hang up their hotness once they had kids They disappeared behind their families and the dashboards of minivansUntil now Whether sporting a cardigan and jeans sweats or a business suit today's Mom

Was motivational Great book thanks to my fellow MILF Wendy for entertaining my child for a few hours today so I could elax and finish my book A couple of good insights but mostly ehh It was OK I laughed out loud a couple of times It is along the lines of the Sweet Potato ueen books but not uite as funny It s only 115 pages so worth a short time investment if you are a mom Favorite linesventing aids sanity imperfection is HOT LOVED this This book is a feel good ead for any Mom who needs it I like to think of it now as my Mom Bible Every mom has the potential for MILFdom Roles as moms thrust into sharp elief their confidence pride and age defying beauty Their strong senses of self made them complicated captivating and infinitely intriguing creaturesThese were women with families esponsibilities and passion They didn t disappear behind their families they stood outThis book is humorous and a shot of confidence Christine Central patron June 2016 5 starsGreat humor and some moments in which you identify with the writer A funny look at how to enjoy your life as a mo. Kisses her man in public and hugs her kids until they cry out in sheer embarrassment A Milf doesn't let petty issues get her down and always looks up take that gravity GOT MILF CELEBRATES WHERE THE MODERN WOMAN HAS TAKEN MOTHERHOOD IT'S TIME TO STAND UP EMBRACE YOUR INNER MILF AND BE COUNTEDWatch a Video.

Sarah Maizes is a published author freelance writer comedian and founder of MommyLITEonlinecom a parenting humor website She is a regular contributor to TODAYMomscom HuffingtonPostcom and CBSLosAngelescom’s “Best of LA” and her work has been featured in Los Angeles Magazine on Todaycom MSNBCcom DailyCandyKidscom and and Eonlinecom's Fashion PoliceShe has also written for M