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Cross posted from my blog where there s information on where I got my copy and everythingThis is another one with glitter on the cover On this one it s just a slight glitter on that slightly darker purple part of the bottom half of the cover It s not nearly as bright as the Critter Club book and I think that eflects that this is for a slightly older audience In this one they do talk a lot about crushes and it s an RL 34I think this one is a little predictable a little stereotypical and while I have only Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose read this one I feel like it s probably pretty formulatic I think formulatic isn t necessarily a bad things for this ageange since it can make The Kaya-Girl readers very comfortable in what theye eading They know what to expect with each book And there is a pretty good message in there about empathy and understanding what others are dealing withThe illustrations are cute although I do uestion that out of like a dozen people we see none of them are fat Or disabled And there s like two black kids out of their whole class we see and like everyone else is white But maybe that s explored better in other books in the series All in all this is a cute book It s not amazing it s It’s February and love is in the air Everyone in the fourth grade is getting into the Valentine spirit The kids are making cards and are ordering personalized candy hearts from Cinnamon’s Candy Shop the new

Ot terrible I can see why they e popular for sure and I see nothing Omnibus Films really wrong about this just some underwhelming elements This little series iseally cute I have Graeco-Egyptian Magick really enjoyedeading it I have been turned on to this series by niece because she has left behind a couple of the books at my home Ka I think that katiekazoo have to wash Because she didn t shower about 1 moths because she don t want to showeri think you can ead that because it good to know why you should shower all the time and they can learned how to keep clean your body and it good and very funny book I can see why so many girls enjoy this series and want books in the series in the library Katie Kazoo is sweet and cute series I ll continue to promote the books in the series I have in the library suzzane and becky and emma want there valentine s sent to there school where the boy they like gets there valentineand when katie turns into cinnamon things get worse katie who is cinnamon accidentally tore up suzzane sbecky sand emma s thing that they want to say on there valentines and when the boys get there valentines what suzzane wanted to say on her valentines was wrong so were becky s and emm. Andy store in the mall But Katie has had enough she is definitely not into all this mushy gushy stuff So Katie makes a decision there’ll be no Valentine’s Day for her this year But then Katie turns into Cinna.

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A s so they got mad at cinnamonand never went to her shop to make up cinnamon threw a big party where u get free candy this is probably one of the dumbest books i ve ever ead i ead some from the series its about this girl who turns into other people by this wirlwindtornado that spins around her and then turns her into someone else NEVER READ THIS BOOK ITS DUMB So funny eading this to my class The girls loved the girly in the characters and the boys loved to cringe at the love theme but couldn t wait to find out what happened next Everyone seemed to enjoy the story I liked it It was very funny when she switcherooed In this book I think it s funny how Becky keeps bothering Jeremy because she has a crush on him and Jeremy gets grumpy And the magic wind turned Katie into Cinnamon the candy shop maker And people have been ordering hearts and Katie has to make them before the mailman comes In this book Katie learned that Valentine s Day isn t so bad It was interesting to ead because I could actually elate to this book and that is are because I don t eally like to ead at all I would ecommend it to people who like books about succeeding in challenges and lov. Mon the candy store owner And the personalized hearts she makes up arewellnot exactly to order By doing this she practically uins Valentine’s Day for everyone Will Katie have a change of heart and save the day.

Nancy Krulik is the author of than 100 books for children and young adults including three New York Times bestsellers She is best known however for being the author and creator of the Katie Kazoo Switcheroo book series which has brought her to the attention of second third and fourth graders nationwideNancy has also written extensively for teens and is well known as a biographer of Ho