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H by Karen Francisco in Fully Booked by sheer accident I was supposed to get The Giver by Lois Lowry when I felt like ambling over to the Filipiniana section of the store and then I saw the black and orange spine of the book I thought it was just a new local comics or something but when I read the blurb I was sold Could it be Local dystopian fantasy This I ave to readNaermyth is a word play on the phrase never myth which is what the people used to describe creatures that caused the apocalypse after they attacked the The Taming of the Tights (Misadventures of Tallulah Casey human race These are creatures from Philippine mythology that weave often watched or The Great Exchange heard stories from as children aswang duwende kapre nuno sa punso diwata etc that we thought were just that myths However it turns out they were never myths at all and Originally posted on my blog It s a little weird writing this post months afteraving read the book and The Keys to Tulsa having given my copy away but my personal need to chronicle my reading life is compelling me soere we go Naermyth by Karen Francisco is a take on post apocalyptic YA that combines the tropes of the genre with uniuely Filipino references In this world the creatures of mythology suddenly emerge and lay waste to most of civilization In the Philippines these are the creatures parents used to invoke to strike fear into children s Oltre i confini del cuore hearts such as the aswang sigben and the manananggal Only pockets of surviving and resisting bands ofumanity continue to exist including a fort in Manila that is protected by the so called Shepher This is the first novel written in English by a Filipino author that I read from start to finish as far as I could remember I picked the book because of my love for apocalyptic literature and Philippine folklore but it took me too long to finish it this book is not an easy speedy read This is a promising debut from Karen Francisco I should say because it is rather uncommon among Filipino writers to produce a project that is set in the backdrop of apocalypticdystopian universe Naermyth is set five years after the war between Masterpiece humans and supernatural creatures broke It follows Athena s codename Aegis point of view Athena is one of the Shepherds a group of fighters who slay every supernatural beast and save those who remain alive until she encounters a boyer age called Dorian Little by little Athena discovers something mystical about Dorian that Dorian The Reality Creation Technique himself isn t aware of And what Athena unfolds can potentially puterself in grave dangerThe downside of the novel are as follows 1 the book looks like a school textbook or manual because of its size minimizing its appeal to the readers although the cover art done by Francisco Flirtation (Shifters Forever After, herself is really catchy 2 The codenames of the Shepherds are confusing 3 The book can be too trivial because Athena explains the backgroundnicheweaknesses of every creature featured 4 I spotted uite a few grammatical errorstypos and the writing can be painstaking sometimes maybe because Francisco studiesd Law the language can be aard pill to shallow 5 Pacing and transitions are very terrible too much words the writer could ve increased the tension and added actionfight seuences rather than What She Wanted have the characters relax and play chess 65 pages before the book ends 6 I was expecting too much action scenes for a dystopian literature stuffed with folkloric beings I mean there are action scenes but not enough to suffice theype of the story 7 Creatures are all over the place ie aswangs batibat dewende elves losing the novel s focus 8 And it took too long to get to its focus which is to confront Mamon and to battle Valarao 9 And everything is just about the whiny main character Athena I m so full of The Uninvited her I think it s too late to discuss the love story element and some character backgrounds toward the end of the bookOn the brighter side what I like about Naermyth is the idea of conspiracy and self interest that the last of theuman beings can push others down for power in the midst of their survival Mamon reminds me of Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter fat and comparable to a poisoned Ars poetica honeyFrancisco said iner official facebook page that Naermyth can expand into a uartet but she is not willing to commit to it as of yet although the seuel Decoding Air Travel has been rud to be out soon Nevertheless I look forward to book 2 If young Filipino readersave appreciated YA dystopian literature from best selling American authors like Suzanne Collins Cassandra Claire and Marie Lu surely they d consider such stories from local talents I originally gave this book only two stars but decided the reader of this review if used to the usual scale of ambition among Filipino novels might misunderstand meYou see I m convinced this book is a milestone for Philippine books earning it a place in the Dragon's Curse (The Hearts of Dragons Book 1) (English Edition) history of Philippine storytelling And when I give it 2 stars I do so on a scale thatas Orson Scott Card and Ursula leGuin at the 5 star mark Karen Francisco s opus while in many ways technically flawed is good enough that to not place it on a scale with the greats would do it a disservice although on such a scale it might not score as Keys to the Ultimate Freedom highly as it otherwise might Francisco s narrativeas ambition chutzpah and with some editing an appeal capable of crossing ethnic or national boundariesReview in progress Need sleep. This desolate world But when I rescued Dorian from Dwende captivity I discovered that not only is Hollands Grimoire of Magickal Correspondences he the most dangerous thing toave around but قصه‌های خوب برای بچه‌های خوب --- ۶ he could be our oneope for redemption I now find myself protecting a born killer but in doing so I’m turning my back on everything um.

This is a well crafted piece of work Karen Francisco wrote this book probably based on what she thought would be saleable as in uso but I think she was also trying to positively influence the taste of the reading public Not to the extent of going doing it ala Syjuco ie making the story ard to read so that it will be seen as a cerebral work but Francisco did it in a local exporter style She made use of our indigenous materials She used local yet skillful world class craftsmanship And probably while writing she was dreaming of not only pleasing local young readers in the country but also the international readers by writing in English and not in masang masang Tagalog languageThis book belongs to fantasy love story rather Rozwazania o Psalmach horror genre In fact it failed to scare me bigtime I got the book as a prize for winning Pinoy Henyo in last year s Christmas Party of the Filipinos groupere in Goodreads From what I Grumpy, Frumpy, Happy, Snappy A Silly Monster Opposites Book heard whileolding the book and grinning ear to ear this book جامع التواریخ جلد 4 فهرست ها has all those mythological scary characters that we as Filipino childreneard when we were young manananggal tikbalang kapre etc If you look at the cover you would get an impression that this is about those things as there seemed to be a winged animal on top of a dark deserted building The only difference was that those Filipino mythological characters Tug Hill Country have been associated with rural surroundings so I thought that I knew what the story was all about That was the reason why I postponed reading this for than 6 months Not only I know that this would be another cheap offshoot copycat of Twilight with a Bella like character falling for either aandsome tikbalang or kapreI was wrong AlmostWell Francisco knows Dragon Ball Anime Comics, Vol. 2 how to write a good story Written in first person narrative and with consistent and seamless use of point of viewer prose is simple yet this book is ardly a YA She knew a lot about foreign mythologies and tried to blend them to our own Example of this is the derivation of the antagonist name Mamon that everyone would thought to be a sponge cake but Francisco said that the name is a derivative of Mammon the demon of wealth and greedy pursuit The story can be about mythological macabre characters but the book does not insult your intelligence probably the way I felt reading Suzanne Collin s Mockingjay Sorry I just want to drive the point that this for me is not a YA This is probably the reason why local fantasy fans are still not buying and reading this book based on what I see ere in GoodreadsHowever the romance formula of Thirty-Eight Days (Thirty-Eight, having a love triangel that worked in Twilight with Edward Bella Jacob and The Hunger Games with Peeta Katniss Gale almost made this book formulaic Almost because it seemed to me that Francisco is imaginative than Mayer and Collins by incorporating backstories into the lives of the two gentlemen Dorian and River who are the two love interests of the female protagonist Athena aka Aegis The men s backstories are about their true identities who between them is the true Naerymth and Shepherd I will not answer that uestion so as not to spoil your funThe milleu is the post apocalyptic Philippines now being ruled by Naermyths relegating the stilluman survivors called Shepherds into 8 1/2 hiding fugitive minorities Imagine the whole EDSA Paranaue Baguio etc all unlit and you are walking at night with all the duendes lurking in the dark watching you pass byOverall I enjoyed reading this book Francisco should be given the credit not for using a tested formula but incorporating it with a familiar local milleu and using a lot ofer imagination to make it scary and believable at least for this genre s fans She may be doing this to ride on the bandwagon but with the way she intricately interwoven Health and Healing for African-Americans her characters lives to come up with a credible denounment is something that is rare in the local literary field Her command of English and knowledge in both foreign and local mythologies are something that I also admire Iope there will be local writers who will write novels in English as readable and sensible as Francisco Not necessarily in romantic fantasy genre though Why is this book still not a runaway Garden of Snakes (House of Royals hit Can t you seeow much of a genius Karen Francisco isWell she is Post apocalypse the Philippines and the rest of the world is under attack by no less than the creatures we branded as Mythical As something that only our yayas and lolas would know about Well we underestimated them because the Naermyths or the never myths New Testament Apocalyptic have come out of the shadows andas taken over the world Karen Francisco created a whole new world The whole world isn t just the Philippines she also gave the readers glimpses on what s 隠れていた宇宙 [Kakurete Ita Uchū] 2 happening to the rest of the Ear My Book Review as Promise that might Suck because I m watching somethingSo okay I ll just use pros and consPros1 Some parts are original or rather I first know from it like the Rumpelstiltskin Anomaly etc2 Okay the filipino lore was cool like the Kapre dwende aswang diwata etc3 She actually writes decent action scenes which reminds me ofow Cassandra Clare would write it4 The ending was really good and unpredictable though the epilogue was just meh5 I do love the Macky part but I think there s a typo with The Sorcerers Soul how Fey should be spelled because in this one it was spelled as Fa. Never were they myth in the first placeThe world ended It was not because of a comet prophecy natural disaster or whatever garbage foretold on the internet but because every myth ever written turned out to be an account ofistorical fact These monsters we’ve read about as children.

YCons1 This reminds me of a lot of things like Mockingjayview spoilerwith the Mamon thingy Coin in Mockingjay ide spoiler It was an awesome read It was refreshing for me since the lore used by the author in this urban fantasy was distinctively of Philippine myths I immediately got ooked on the main Satans Mistress heroine of the story Aegis or Athenaer real name She kind of reminded me of Katniss in Hunger Games She is badass and can kick ass of many many Naermyths She is ruthless as a shepherd and even lacking emotion sometimes but war does that to people I like many of the characters in this story like What My Mother and I Dont Talk About her brothers in arms Dorian and most especially River there is also the eccentric madistorian Tito Bing Tagus the Night Horse (Beast Quest, he was such a riot The world building in this one is fascinating because of the familiar mythical creatures used and maybe only in the filipino teleserye do I come to appreciate such kind of stories I amappy that this is one author who was brave enough to write this kind of popular genre in the filipino lore context There were still some phrases or perhaps the writing style that don t flow together This was written in English and a Love Beyond Limits (Among the Fair Magnolias) handful of filipino phrases were being incorporated I do sense that you cannot read this book in a purely American english intotation in youread though Well at least in my reading experienceBut this is an exciting action packed fantasy adventure The twist and turns keeps turning up after every end of a chapter So I Inochi The Book of Life have uite a number of WTF and OMGEEE moments in this one as well Since I am also a dieard romantic I am rooting for Athena and River this two need to get together Ano naman kasi etong si Athena super in denialhehehe The pacing of the story is good I look forward to the seuel of this book since that traitor Sponge Cake named person is still out there She gave Mamon one of my fave snack a bad nameboooo However its villains like Gol Atan Kaleye her that also made the story compelling Over all I really dig this one First of the premise was really a catch Instead of the usual foreign zombies and vampires a finally read a book about our local creatures Imagining them in a post apocalyptic Philippines is really a treat and I found that oldermit to be uite a laugh My problem though is with the plot twist It was very predictable I was not surprised with it at all And as for the problem in the ending there s a lot of modern ways to avoid it which annoyed me too But most was the tone the author used specially when describi When I was young my yaya The Age of Disruption have the power to create mythical creatures into real moving creatures by sharing stories and giving a week of nightmares I lived in a place where mountains rivers and forests were not fully discovered with thick bushes and spirits roaming around the grounds Some said those places were used to beouses for creatures that are Burning bridges hiding for centuries Nobody knows when this myth will be real but maybe almost of us already experience or saw this creatures waiting for them to be discovered again If the time comes are we ready to fight to survive between myth and realityMy yaya told me a story that I won t be forget it was the popular story of an innocent woman who went abroad and came back with a sudden twist iner life She beaten all Freshman Scandal (Freshman Dorm, her son and cooked them forer Rembrandts Jews husband it was one of the delicious food that erusband tasted He doesn t Refusing His Second Chance have any idea what type of meatis wife cooked for Brand Name Dates him but whene checked their refrigerator He saw the Confectionately Yours Collection (Confectionately Yours, head ofis two sons looking at The Maiden Dinosaur his eyes waiting and crying for mercy Blood spread through theouse and Swing Trading with Oliver Velez Course Book with DVD his wife suddenly vanished from mankind It was the story of an aswang named Maria Labo A mythical creature that eatsuman meat with foul odor in Angus, Thongs And Full Frontal Snogging human form Aswang can beereditary or can be manually acuired through saliva and a stone that came from another aswang after death Filipinos were well known of their myth and legends from diwata a beautiful fairy liked creature to kapre a giant that smoke that stays in baleteI want to deliberately explain why I liked this book although it disappoints me from the beginning to the end of the story But compared to any other Filipino YA novels this must be a nice beginning for them to enjoy writing in this type of genre Mixed with Filipino culture with a grand twist in the end For those paranormal novel lovers this is a must read for you guys I admit that this is not suitable for those people who are not interested in myth or don t ave any backgrounds in Filiipino mythology I suggest that the author should begin with a footnote or a glossary in the back of the book This must be simple for us Filipinos but if she really wanted er book to be international she should consider the Filipino term usedI gave it 4 sweets not because I liked the story but because I was impressed with The Emperor of Nihon-Ja (Rangers Apprentice, her research I mean the detailed explanation andistorical facts of the myth I wish Nora (Sunfire, high schools will recommend this book for students to read for Filipino subjects than reading some books that are not interested in current generations I must confess that I reallyate Filipino authored books because of my Sam the Plumber high school Filipino subjects2 Sweets It was an okay read from the start I wasoping for the book to end I m n Original post at One More PageI spotted Naermyt. Waged a war that lead to the uman race’s downfall And the unlucky who survived are unted down or worse torturedIn these dark times people could only turn to the Shepherd for Outside the Paint help I am one such Shepherd and I thought my only task was to protect the fewumans who still thrived on.

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Karen Francisco graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the Ateneo de Manila University After a brief but very memorable stint in law school she finally pursued her love of the arts at the University of the Philippines with a second degree in Visual Communications Francisco started writing Naermyth while interning in a government office hoping an apocalypse would spice up