Humphrey Carpenter: Mr Majeika Joins the Circus

Review lengkapnya baca di sini ajaa Dhttpmy30s worldblogspotcom2011 My favourite characters in this book were Hamish Big MrPotter and Wilhelmina Worlock I liked Hamish Big because near the beginning he said ah boo sucks in a cheeky way and Wilhelmina Worlock Hamish s best. When Class Three and Mr Majeika go to the circus it's definitely not as fun as they imagined Everyone's a bit old creaky and rubbish really So when Mr Majeika casts a small spell to help the performers with their circus show it's no

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Rude bad wizard tried to make the whole of class 3 fall in some water with some hungry crocodiles and sharks Hamish Big screamed and said I m sure Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History you wouldn t throwour star pupil with the crocodiles and sharks I thought MrPotter was funny because when he dressed up as Urprise that Billy Balance the slack rope walker kidnaps Mr Majeika so that Mr Majeika can magically help him everytimeThings get worse whilst Mr majeika is trapped when Wilhelmina Worlock takes the opportunity to turn Class Three's

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Silly clown and ran around the big tent his pants kept falling down when he ran I thought Wilhelmina Worlock was silly because she wanted to be the worst enemy in the whole world The new characters for me were Billy MrTottle fly on the wall and Rubber Face I liked the ending. Lassroom into a circus and the children spend all afternoon running away from lions and alligatorsBut Mr Majeika's magic saves the day Class Three and the circus end up on the news and once again Mr Potter the headmaster misses it all.

Humphrey William Bouverie Carpenter was an English biographer writer and radio broadcaster