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Ters in the story that ecieved attention than they should have which slowed down the progression of the story The entire book builds up to a showdown between Lisa and Brian and those that want the bowl but when it came time for it the author ushed through the ending The whole situation took only a few pages As for Lisa herself I liked her character and her strengh and determination to change her life She didn t like how her family viewed her as a mooch and she didn t like how men treated her so she set out to become a better version of herself I don t know if I would ecommend this book to anyone unless they already like and are following the series I wasn t sure how I would like this book but once I picked it up the story flowed eally well and I found myself hooked Lisa is a woman on a mission to find a stolen heirloom and somehow she always finds herself in some kind of danger Lisa lives in a small island where everyone around her either knows her or is elated to her Lisa is dealing with a lot of emotional baggage and believes by eturning the bowl that this may be the way to edeem herself in her families eyes Her family has oots that are deeply ooted in the island and their family history means everything to them With the help of her sister Lisa starts her own cleaning service and that s when the trouble starts Through some conniving and scheming she gets the contract to clean the house of the person she believes currently has the bowl in their possession On her first day of the jobs she stumbles upon a murder scene and then things spiral down from there This story is full of suspense mystery and omance Some of the plots I figured out early on and knew where the writer was going with the story but it still kept my interest and the writing was engaging enough that I kept turning the pagesThe switching of narrators was a little confusing at times but after the first few switches I got the hang of it and it didn t eally stop the eading flow Overall I enjoyed the story and would definitely ead books by this authorIf you like mystery and suspense you should try it out I give this book 35 stars This was a very interesting book I loved the way it was written It kept me interested and eady for It was a fast ead and was one of the best books I have ead so far The main character is looking for a bowl that has been in her family for centuries There are other people who are also looking for the bowl and are willing to kill for it The main character gets in the middle of the murders that are happening and in the middle of the conspiracy to get the bowlThis book was very well written and pulls you into the story I found it to be a very well written book that ead well This book is about a girl named Lisa who is getting her life together but still seems to get herself in the kind of trouble that can get you killed She is desperate to find a family heirloom but she ends up finding much than that This book has a little bit of suspense drama mystery and omance It is one of those books I would take to ead on the beach. Ut Brian has to pursue the killer who invaded the house and he's determined to pursue Lisa as well Soon the two are up against uthless thieves whose intentions are than deadlyA hard hitting omance that adds a twist of mysterious flavor The eader will breeze through this efreshing tale RT Book Reviews on Long Hot Nigh.

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Deadly Intentions follows Lisa Claxton as she embarks on a new venture her very own house cleaning business In addition to gaining success as an entrepreneur her true mission is to ecover a stolen family heirloom in order to prove to her family that she is not the screw up she has shown herself to be in the pastLisa uses her business as a front in order to gain access to the home of the person she thinks possesses her family s golden bowl When she arrives for her first cleaning assignment she stumbles across the dead body of the woman who hired her as well as a new mystery surrounding the bowl s disappearanceBrian Knight an injured Navy seal and the grandson of the man who owns the house is nearly plowed down by Lisa as she uns outside after witnessing the corpse He is supposed to be staying in his grandfather s house since he is on leave but with a murder case looming he must now make different arrangementsAfter speaking with the police and exchanging all the necessary information Brian asks Lisa to drive him to a hotel She obliges and they begin to discuss their individual take on the murder Lisa also confides in him about the family bowl and the tragedies that have surrounded it Together they set out to not only elocate the bowl but to also find the person esponsible for the killing On their search for answers they also find something else they didn t bargain for love At times I was a little confused and had to eread pages to ecall who was who and what was what but all in all it was a good ead After completing the book I found out that Deadly Intentions is the final installment of a omance suspense series I m sure had I ead the other books first my confusion would be nonexistentIn my opinion the omance outweighed the suspense but the storyline was definitely interesting and intriguing The plot held my attention and I was able to identify with the characters If you like a little mystery with your omance Deadly Intentions is definitely for youMichelle CuttinoAAMBC Reviewer WINNER 2012 eMMA FOR BEST ROMANTIC SUSPENSEThe omance of the story was passionate It had a well thought out mystery plot with development that depended on the characters traits However the plot did turn on coincidence often than I like to see I would have liked to see a sharper plot with elements of surprise but it was a good storyThe hero was loving and tender to the heroine He also showed a great heroic side when he did his SEAL thing to escue the heroine I would definitely want to cuddle up with this guyI liked seeing a strong down to earth heroine who was a touch bossy but wasn t aggressive I didn t like that the heroine had such a difficult time accepting her own worth A large cast of secondary characters added to the appeal of the book I enjoyed the vision of a large family community with interconnected stories I d be interested in other books in the series What a great murder mystery omance novel I don t ead books of this genre very often but I eally did enjoy this bookThe author Candice Poarch has a nice writing style making. She's Hot On The Trail Of A ThiefWhen Lisa Claxton starts her own cleaning business on Paradise Island she may finally profit from her talent for whipping a house into shape in ways than one A valuable Claxton heirloom a golden bowl is missing and Lisa has tracked it down to a local home which she uickly gets herself hir.

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Her story easy to eadI tend to only ead on my work breaks and this book did make it hard to go back to work I just wanted to keep eadingNow I will be going back in search of books by this author and I will look for her new ones in the futureI eceived this book in a Member Giveaway on the Library Thing dot comMy ating for this book isFive out of Five Stars Lisa Harris has been a favorite author of mine for some time so I had high expectations This book did not disappoint Lisa has created yet another superior omantic suspense From beginning to end my heart was throbbing as I sat on the edge of my seat The characters are so ealistically described that the eader uickly becomes immersed in their lives understanding and feeling ever challenge fear worry The plot moves at a uick pace filled with unexpected twists and turns I could not put this book down I just had to know what happened next This is an excellent tale of murder conspiracy threat and greed so be eady for a ocky ide The eader is drawn deeper and deeper into this bookDeadly Intentions offers us eminders of many important facts of life God gives us power to withstand the evil all around us The truth will overcome all and always sets us free The underlying theme throughout this book eminds us that God is always with us and will protect us from our enemies This standalone book is a winner in the suspense category Well done Lisa HarrisThis book was eceived from Revell a division of Baker Publishing The thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own DEADLY INTENTIONS by Candice Poarch is an interesting omantic suspense set in present day Paradise IslandVirginaIt is well written with depth and detailsThe plot is easy to follow and interestingThe characters are engagingdeterminedand will capture your heart It has liesdangerm Deadly Intentions is part of a suspense series written by Candice Poarch It s not hard boiled nitty gritty mystery Rather I d consider this to be in the omantic suspense genre I found much of the suspense to be predictable which left me slightly disappointed However Poarch s characters are well developed and overall likeable I enjoyed the way in which she weaved both the history of the setting and the history of her characters families together While this was not a favorite I would certainly ead another Candice Poarch bookReceived this from the publisher and I m grateful Lisa started a cleaning business to find a stolen family heirloom After a woman is murdered in a house she cleans she meets Brian an injured Navy SEAL As omance between the two blosom so does the danger Lisa and her family aren t the only ones looking for the golden bowl Others areothers who are willing to do whatever it takes to posses it Even if that means killing Lisa s entire familyDeadly Intentions is part of a series but I understood the book just fine having not ead the others It was ok There were a few grammatical and spelling mistakes throughout the book Also I thought Brian and Lisa s elationship moved extremely fast There were also other charac. Ed to clean But when she arrives she finds a dead body and flees ight into the safe arms of an irresistibly handsome manBut She's About To Find So Much MoreInjured Navy SEAL Brian Knight came to his grandfather's house to ecuperate He didn't expect to be greeted by a frightened beauty or to get mixed up in her scheme

Even as a child Candice Poarch was a dreamer and created scenes in her mind She uickly fell in love with writing stories centered around families and romance The uest for love is universal she says Being familiar with rural Virginia she portrays a sense of community and mutual support in her novels many of which are set in small town America Candice grew up in Stony Creek Virginia south