Alexander Kent: A Tradition of Victory

Now the French he shows how excellent a sea officer and tactician he is Napoleon has been building a fleet of small ships that were to ferry French troops to England and Bolitho is sent to destroy them You will have to read the series to find out what happens 11 books in the series to go I will hate to finish it but when I do I will have read all of the 69 books of fiction written by Douglas Reeman Humourless and cardboard Bolitho runs ships aground gets captured rescued beds his wench and then unleashes hell on his captor s ships Um I ve been spoiled by Po B who writes with feeling passion and blood Oh and humour and science And music And genuine by play With Po B you feel the spray with Kent you are at the Saturday matinee B movie stuff Carrying on the career of Bolitho if you have read the previous 15 books you know exactly what to expect Very exiting. Miral Bolitho must follow his flag's tradition of victory even though for the first time in his life he is torn between the demands of public duty and personal need.

And it did not wow megrip me and make me want to rush and find all the other Richar Bolitho stories I remained mildly interested in him his life and times and will probably never read another of his adventures June to October 1801 Rear Admiral Richard Bolitho again in charge of a suadron is assigned to destroy French invasion boats being amassed off the French coast He has to over come a number of problems from the French as well as the Admiralty as he seeks to carry out his original orders See my earlier reviews regarding this entertaining Naval series set in the late 18th and early 19th centuries It is amazing to me that Douglas Reeman Alexander Kent can keep on coming up with exciting plots following the career of British Naval Officer Richard Bolitho Starting as a midshipman in the early 1770 to a Rear Admiral in 1801 fighting first the Americans and. Eight years of war with France Britain must make a gesture that will show strength and determination and one which will dramatically weaken the French cause Rear Ad.

Richard Bolitho is a rear admiral tasked by a dead man with doing the nigh impossible before his still living Admiralty colleagues can countermand that orderOh come on of course he does it We do see that Dick is getting a bit reluctant to go sailing out being married will do that to you I expect that we ll see the series transitioning over to Adam Pascoe sometime in the next few books Started slow but got better Some good sea battles It would be nice though to stop with the Bolitho is captured and rescued by Herrick trope I d give it 35 if I could Great The most interesting thing for me was discovering how many words in the English language I do not know all sorts of terms for bits of ship or rigging that I have never come across before I felt that perhaps I should read this book with a dictionaryIt was the first novel by Alexander Kent that I have read. Plymouth July 1801 Richard Bolitho's small suadron still repairing the scars of battle earned in heavy action at Copenhagen has been months away from the sea After.

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