Thomas S. Edrington: The Battle of Glorieta Pass A Gettysburg in the West March 26 28 1862

He battle that took place in Glorieta Pass area of New Mexico Contains just about everything you want to know about the battle Maps are good at displaying the positions of troops involved Book contains names of casualties with the order of battle section Visited the area before reading the book Wished I had read it first before going Saw Fort Union Fort Craig and. Te was their devastation that during a truce in the early evening the Texans even had to borrow Union shovels to bury their deadA superbly researched and well written study of the Battle of Glorieta Pass that is ikely to be definitive Jerry Thompson author of Confederate General of the West Henry Hopkins Sibl.

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I have a decedent that fought this battle James Sampson I have read the book boldly they rode which the writer who was a Los Olvidados lieutenant in the battle makes the claim the union won the battle In the book the Battle of Glorieta Pass gives resounding evidence that the confederates won the battle and were heavily outnumbered Butike many Civil War Conflicts never follow. In 1862 a small army of Texans invaded New Mexico in order to win it for the Confederacy Following the third day of the Battle of Glorieta Pass the Texans realized their predicament Here we are between two armies one double ours and the other four times our number 1000 miles from home not a wagon not a dust of.

Ed up a victory with an extended victory campaign The book give an overall of the battle in such a way it is easy to see how fighting in one spot in the battle would give you a different perspective Enjoy old west history this This book had a few interesting tidbits about the battle of Glorieta Pass It was an easy read with nice pictures and maps Great book on Flour not a pound of meat While the Confederates had forced a Union retreat on the rocky forested battlefield around Pigeon's Ranch they could not press their advantage The most crippling blow had come in the surprise destruction of all seventy supply wagons at Johnson's Ranch by Colorado Volunteers So comple.