Roland Delicio: Merda The Real Italian You Were Never Taught in School

Tes is the real stuff you were never taught in school If you want to know what to say to the waiter in a Roman restaurant who ignores you for 30 minutes because you re an American this is your book The ripostes detailed ere make the classic exchange between Winston Churchill and Bessie Braddock look tame by comparisonBraddock Winston You re drunkChurchill Bessie you re ugly and tomorrow morning I shall be soberThe good news is that because the publisher is an eual opportunity offender there are similar publ. Se words and phrases that were deemed off color for the classroom are included in one volum.

This is a fun book but not very functional For the most part you ll find phrases that while umorous don t really work too well in real life situations So consider this a book for comedic value not an actual reference for expanding your Italian language skills After reading this book I ave only one thing to say to the author Sono stanca della tua bocca di merda page 19 although I would rather say bocca sporcaMy grandparents spoke Italian on the phone abroad and the occasional phrase or expletive and I nev. At last a umorous uncensored language guide to the colorful slang and rude collouialisms

Er eard most of these pretty crude graphic words Ever BTW they were not upper class peopleEither I led a sheltered life or things Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, have really changed Dirty Note My book reviews aren t reviews I own this book but am preparing it for sale Inherited Aumorous book with gutter Italian In other words the words and phrases you truly need to know This book is rich with language wildly offensive and very funny For anyone that as ever gained a modicum of mastery of a foreign language this as the subtitle indica. Hat are so essential to a true understanding of everyday Italian For the first time all tho.

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