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Er protestSo glad that agony is over Review Soon Funny and interesting O Riley s writing shines in this wonderful period piece Boldly she took societal manners and decorum of the time and gave them slight twists as to make such archaic practices believable if not do able to the modern reader BravaHighly recommended Caroline is a country girl who has come to London for a Season but does not want to find a husband and has a deep secret Alex is a duke and xpected to marry but he wants to marry for love and has not found her yet They make a deal that shows veryone that they are a pair to keep unwanted suitors at bay They spend all their time together and fall in love and marry Alex helps her with her secret and they put a mean spoiled brat in her place Good read That s her secret and she didn t think it was important to tell him before they married DNF This was a did not finish book for me I was bored Heroine is beautiful speaks several languages is practically perfect Hero is a handsome rich duke who is head over heels in love with her because she does not want himNothing special Very bland Give a few novels in the future O Riley can become an author to look forward to in the historical. He decides to use her keen intelligence to keep suitors at bay Handsome tall and titled Alexander Woodward Duke of Woodborough is the catch of the Season but he doesn't want to be caught He finds a kindred spirit in the witty Caroline and makes her a scandalous proposition they will pretend to court to dissuade any overtures of marriage Caroline.

Romance genre With this debut she needs work There are some cliches such as the heroine feeling unworthy and dirty since she had a love affair before she was married and met her hero But the hero had a mistress so that was acceptable see what I am talking about Plus the fact that a servant kept the love letters from heroine s first love when disaster could have been diverted but again there would be no story So if you can get past these problems you have a nice little love story between two indivduals who want to njoy life but from the secrets the heroine Caroline has and the pressure Alex has to find a wife things don t go smoothly Caroline has a habit of being a martyr because she gave her innocence away and Alex has God Is in the Crowd everyone harping on him to get married because he is a duke after all But these two come together and things prevail in thend There is a spoiled brat type villian and the first love from Caroline s past does come into the picture The love scenes are suitable not too hot Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard even though they need some work If you have a teenager who likes historical romance this one would be perfect for them And if you are a seasoned lover of this genre perhaps find another author withxperienc. Thought she would be safe for the Season and that her deepest secret would remain locked away But with The Matriarchs (The Family each minute spent with Alex she finds herself increasinglynraptured by his charm his kindnesshis kisses Caught up in a dizzying dance of desire Caroline accepts another proposal from Alex one that puts her in the most dangerous position of

3 Stars If I ver have such a secret to keep I hope I could keep it as well as she had Although if someone I knew kept a secret as important as hers from me I m not sure how I ll react and I m glad that although at first it was uite a shock it all worked out well in the nd And if I were to find someone to love as much as she loves him I would be a happy woman It started out with such promise The hot single and rich Duke who was sick of all the females plotting to get him to to the altar stuck a bargain with the only female who was not out to land a husbandThe writing was great The female lead finally landed the highly When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) eligible Duke withoutven trying Here s the really bad part what was the secret you ask She was supposedly already married Two years before To an American who went off to fight the civil war Since she hasn t heard from him in 2 years he must be dead right No one will No Biggy! ever know So she went ahead and married the Duke Well the 1st husband shows up Now what is she gonna do with 2 husbands She finallynded up telling the Duke who ran back to his mistress to be fair it s not what you think but still Then one stupid thing led to another stupid thing I can t ven I finished it und. Amid the seductive swirl of London's high society a woman plays a dangerous game with her heart On the death of their beloved father Caroline Armstrong and her sister are whisked away to London by their grandparents Though determined to please her doting relatives there is one thing Caroline vows she will never do marry So at her society debut

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Kaitlin has always loved books and loved to readAs a young girl growing up on the New Jersey shore yes she is a Jersey Girl she spent hours and hours reading at the beach out on the front porch and in her bedroom very late at night when she was supposed to be sleeping She would walk to the little public library in town and choose books as if they were delicious treats in a candy store She