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Inadvertently acuires the hel ReviewA TOUCH OF SCANDAL is the irst installment in New York Times Bestselling author Liz Carlyle s new Regency historical romance trilogyGrace Gauthier has just been accused of cold bloodedly killing her employer who indecently happens to be her ALMOST A Virgin For The Taking (Clemenger Sisters fianc Ieel like I should cut this book some slack because I started it wanting a nice ordinary historical and was really not in the mood What She Saw / Operation Reunion for the mysteryparanormal plot I got On the other hand I m not sure I could ever be in the right mood againor the tired paranormal cliches here Secret Not my The Moretti Marriage favorite Liz Carlyle story but 3 wasn t enough so it s a weak 4 Part of the problem may be that I read book 3irst not realizing it was part of a series I now have the rest of the series so hopefully it will grow on me I didn t The Dark Duke finish this book I don t know why but I just couldn t get into it It was kinda all over the placeor me One Touch of Scandal is the A Measure Of Love (Kincaid Trilogy first book in a new trilogy by Liz Carlyle The trilogy revolves around a secret society Fraternitas Aurea Crucis Lucifer Lord Ruthveyn is one such member He is surprised toind Grace Guathier on the Starting Over on Blackberry Lane (Life in Icicle Falls front stoop of the clubhouse in search of help Grace has been accused of murdering herianc Her The Soul Of A Thief father now deceased had told her if she was ever in trouble toind Sergeant Welham Instead of Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights finding her childhoodriend Grace Secret Baby, Surprise Parents finds herself ensnared by the dark enigmatic Lord RuthveynThere is a lot going on in One Touch of Scandal Amongst the romance between Grace and Lucifer there is the mystery surrounding Grace sianc There is also the secret society and its political intrigues and then there is a paranormalpsychic uality to Lucifer s personality All of these different side plots were very well thought out I especially Mystify (Mystyx, found the murder plot very intriguing However with so much going on in the book I thought the romance between Lucifer and Grace suffered some This could be due to my lack of interest in the political parts of the book when I would rather to get back to the romanceI liked Grace s character She was able to pull Lucifer emotionally out behind the wall he built up around himself The trust between these two characters was crucial andor both characters Grace is accused of murder and Lucifer intuitively believes Grace when she says she didn t do it He never waivers in his belief of her Similarly Grace accepts that Lucifer is different and patiently waits The New Baby for him to trust his secrets to her I think if the external plot points had been toned down a little I would have enjoyed the stor. Ensuous tale with a distinct gothiclavor the story of an imperiled beauty accused of a heinous crimeand the dark lord who risks his most carefully protected secrets to come to her resc.

Liz Carlyle has been auto buy Wild Streak for meor years now so this was a huge disappointment I couldn t believe when I wasn t hooked by page 25 and when I was having to P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, force myself to give it theirst 50 then the Say Youll Stay And Marry Me first 100 pages I love love love her earlier works particularly One Little Sin which remains one of myavorite books I think the big problem with book is actually an unusual one there s not enough telling I spent too much of the early part of the book wondering why Adrian was so broody and mysterious it took Rafaellos Mistress far too long toigure out exactly what the club was and what his power was I agree with another reviewer who said that it didn t The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, feel like theirst of a trilogy I hate joining series halfway though and that s what this Rascal felt like Graceelt like a stock character instead of the usual lush spirited independent heroines that I know Carlyle Another Day of Life for There was no banter in theirst 100 pages None I know Carlyle is capable of so much so I m certain to give her chances but this was disappointing I am always leery of romances that either dabble in the occultmysticism and What Would You Like? foreignexotic eg Indian Chinese etc religions or practices However Carlyle wove these elements in tastefully and not too otherizing if that makes any sort of sense The mystery was well done even if I guessed some of it and had a satisfying conclusion A uick and enjoyable read Author Liz CarlyleFirst published 2004Length 375 pagesSetting London 1848Sex explicit infreuentHero Maruess ex diplomatspy of Indian and British heritage Sees visions of theutureHeroine Governess Followed the drum with her French Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, fatherSeries Book 1 of 4Reads like I m missing something another book or links to another series Searching through Carlyle s website I learn it is connected to books about the MacLachlanamily and Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, friends But it is not clear if reading the earlier books would add context to this one grimaceI wanted to like it but it was only okayThe paranormal aspects were stupid paranormal sightsvisionspremonitions that could readily be explained by an observant person piecing together possibly subconsciously bits and bobs of information to make a whole or close to For example Anisha s reading of Grace s palm There was nothing particularly extraordinary in her conclusionsThere seemed a lack of chemistry between our MCs and the story was remarkably unfulfilling with major plot points and background missingIt missed the markFraternitas Aurea CrucisBook 1 One Touch of Scandal Grace Gauthier and Adrian Lord RuthveynBook 2 The Bride Wore Scarlet Anais de Rohanrom No True Gentl. With One Touch of Scandal acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Liz Carlyle arrives at Avon Books and launches a breathtaking new historical romance series centered around the Zeno.

Eman and Geoff Archard Lord Bessett Friend Foe from Three Little SecretsBook 3 The Bride Wore Pearls Rance Welham the Earl of Lazonby and Lady Anisha StaffordBook 4 A Bride by Moonlight Lisette Colburne and Royden Napier Baron Saint BryceReferencesAuthor s website ISBN 9780061965753 CR I thought that this was a refreshing change of paceor LC I liked the paranormal element to the story and will tell you right up The Longevity Diet front that I am lookingorward to the next one in the series The backbone of the story is this Grace stands to be accused of murder of her Grassroots Innovation fiancee She has come toind an old amily riend and instead makes the acuaintance of Adrian Ruthveyn She immediately senses that he is not a man to be trifled with but seems Architecture and Utopia fated not to be able to resist Once Adrian catches site of Grace he instantly becomesascinated with her and will do everything in his power to Perfect Cities find the truth about the murder He also does all he can toight the attraction to her For he has a curse as old as time and he will deny his heart before one women becomes its victim What made this a bit of a uniue book to me is the character were so colorfully drawn We have Adrian s sister Anisha with her palm reading and star charting Their wastrel younger brother Lucan with his angelic looks and devilish attitude What was that delicious scene between Rance Lazonby and Jack Coldwater all about Inuiring minds are dying to know We have Mr uartermaine the owner of a local if not Prometheus Wired famous gambling establishment and Mr Pinkie Ringgold the protector of theront door Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Roydon Napier is he a uture love interest Even the mysterious Belkaldi I wanted to ind out about and was not ready to leave their world behind While the mystery did take up uite a bit of the book I still Special Topics in Calamity Physics felt satisfied with the romance aspects of the book There were some interesting love scenes that you normally don t come across in an English love story But since Adrian is half Scottish and half Indian you might get some idea of what he might know in the bedroom Men should be reuired to all have this knowledge Note Read and reviewedor The Season Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks for RomanceGrace Gauthier has beenalsely accused of murdering her employer in cold blood who incidentally she was engaged to Forced to leave her home and the Scenes from a Revolution family she has grown to love she sets out to clear her name To do so she seeks the help of longtimeriend Lord Rance Welham but when she visits the address she s been given or him she learns that he s out of town and is not expected or several weeks Instead she. Society a  mysterious raternity of dangerous and dangerously attractive men Fans of Amanda uick and Gaelen Foley’s Inferno Club novels will be swept away by One Touch of Scandal a

Dear Readers The awful truth about novelists is that we are mostly dull introverted homebodies who only write in order to live our fantasies vicariously I came to writing rather late in life and I’m still amazed I can get paid for doing something I love and that I get to stay home while I do it My favorite comedian Steve Martin once said I believe entertainment can aspire to be art and ca