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A massive 500 pages it is a comprehensive update to the original Food Lovers Guide to Britain by Henrietta Green Webb covers all foods from pork to pick your owns from all over the country A book that will make you very hungry A great piece of work a culinary tour of the British IslesIt is not a cookbookIn essence it s a guide to the various egions and the suppliers of. Winner of the Guild of Food Writer's 2012 Food Book of the Year Award a magnificent journey through the country's culinary past and a celebration of today's vibrant food scene Andrew Webb travels the country to bring together a treasury of egional and heroic local producers He inves.

My local library for under a 1 00However if I came into one of the of the categories I didn t come into it would be worth itWhere else could you get such information And the answers not the Internet You can only search on the Internet for items of which you are aware Many of the foodstuffs detailed in the book I either was not aware of or didn t ealise you could still ge. That stalwart of the cream tea was probably introduced from the Middle East; and that fish and chips may have started life as a Jewish Portuguese dish The How to Write Essays result is aich and kaleidoscopic survey of a emarkably vibrant food scene steeped in history but full of fresh ideas for the futu.

The best foodstuffs in that area Is it worth 25 Well I ead it cover to cover I m unlikely to visit any of the egions except those close to hand I m unlikely to order by mail or Internet from those who offer the service In the 4 years since it was published its possible some are no longer in businessNo I wouldn t have paid that much I didn t I got mine as a Withdrawn from. Tigates the history of saffron farming in the UK tastes the first whisky to be produced in Wales for 100 years and tracks down the New Forest's foremost expert on wild mushrooms And along the way he uncovers some historical surprises for example that the method for making clotted cream.

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