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In the running to become the new First Lady after her eathThe four women are Marlene the bishop s first girlfriend whom he has a child with and she is currently a recovering A Wartime Nurse drug addict Savannah a younger woman whose father aeacon in the church wants to improve his status at the church so he is pushing for his Split daughter to become the next First Lady Moniue the harlot of the bunch whoresses provocatively and is gossiped about by the other women of the church and Lisa May the perfect one who would make a wonderful First LadyThis book had its moments but was kinda boring I could pretty much figure out right away who the Bishop would end up with None of the women or the Bishop were very interesting characters I When Stories Clash did like the story line of Marlene s struggles with herrug addiction Certain events seemed like kind of a cop out especially the outcome of Moniue s predicament and also the endingAll in all I give this a generous 3 stars it Sword of Honour Second To None did keep me mildly entertained but itid The Extra Cadaver Murder drag a bit and the characters were boring This was a really great story For years andue to some reviews I thought this would be a snoregasm Carl Weber has never let me Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 down and has Just finshed this bookWhew is all that I can sayBrief premise the 1st lady of West Jamacia isying and takes it upon herself to pick her husbands next 1st lady of the churchAlot of backbitting and scandel just to call the Bishop their manWas a gr8t uick read idn t isapointMight make you look at your church a little Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society differentlyyy An incredibly uick read The First Lady of First Jamaica Ministries passes at a young age She wanted to ease her husband s grief by helping to arrange his next wife Crazy premise but fun story The one TK Wilson ended up with was the only one he had sex with Unprotected at that I liked Lisa but she was not a freak Savannah was being pushed by her Dad Marlene his Baby Mommaid some nasty stuff I would never kiss her again Moniue Um Fogo Eterno deserved the spo. Son Charlene prepares a series of letters addressed to the lucky ladies No one else knows about the letters but rest assured they will shake up a whole lot of people Charlene may soon be gone but her presence will be feltWeber's novels are always sizzlers — The Cincinnati EnuirerA front row pew seat to all the action goingown — Essence®.

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I Lawn Boy Returns didn t like this book at all I only read it all the way through because I was in the ER all night with a family member and there was nothing too but read The book was incredibly unrealistic I regret that this was the first book by Carl Weber that I ve ever read because now I m not sure I want to read anything else by him This story was an eye opener to the inner workings of an African American church Very entertaining in how we as humans can be when we re faced with trying to live right Along with that theme there is a love story brewing which Yolandas Genius drew me in because I wanted to see who would win TK s heart I found myself comparing each woman s characteristics wondering to myself is she right for TK Trust me you ll be pleasantly surprised to find out who finally wins his heart PS this story also reminded me of a conversation my husband I had The uestion of what if he was called to preach Well this book has me thinking twice about this thing But as with all things I shall pray about it and leave it with God because at the end of theay it s his will anyway 0 Peace TWdrug useIn this third installment of the Church serieswe find out that love is often complicated Bishop TK Wilson has sadly recently lost his wife to cancerand is trying to figure out how to grieve her in and move forward in life as well His choices of women are varied and his former wife has written a series of letters to comfort and advise him on certain thingsas well as the women The first lady Marlene is the mother of their child The second lady Moniue is very much an outspoken person Lastlythe third women Savannah is the choir s newest soloist Can he The Fairytale Hairdresser and Sleeping Beauty decide between these women How will the women feel about the letters Read it and find out I was all into this book until the ending It was a good read but theead wife theme was starting to get to me when I got to the last few chapters Overall I loved the chase to get Bishop It was comical in some parts Ke. Charlene Wilson First Lady of First Jamaica Ministries has lived a good life with her beloved Bishop TK Wilson and their two beautiful children But now that the Lord has seen fit to call her home someone needs to take care of her manThat's why Charlene has planned to hang around in spirit—to make sure TK ends up with the right woman First

Pt me reading page after page Intriguing Plot When I first started reading The First Lady I was about to close the book and forget about it because it was so boring and tedious to read I m glad I The Light Beyond the Forest didn t because this story turned out to be a very enjoyable read By midway I was getting a goodose of all the spitefulness and scheming that these women of the church could The First Mistake dream up Cark Weberidn t hold anything back as he unfolded the Jewelry Making For Beginners driving force of these women as they competed to become the new First Lady of Jamaica Ministries By this time I was hooked so I kept reading and wondering which of these women would triumph and be crowned First Lady In my opinion it s a wonderful entertaining novel and except for the slow start it will keep you turning page after page I finally finished this book because it took me a while because it was about Charlene TK bishop wife that passed away and she had Allison writing letters for her to give to the women s she thought was right for her husband to become the First Lady Savannah MoniueLisa Mae and MarleneFirst we have Savannah and she said you ve been my mentor You believe in me even when Iidn tMoniue said You ve shown me for the first time in my life what real love is You accepted me just for me for what I was and for what I wasn tLisa Mae said you are the most perfect bishop I appreciate that about you than anybody And with my appreciation comes an understanding and esire to serve GodMarlene said we share a child We share a grand child We have a history You accepted me into your present life It s only natural that we should share our future How can you ecide someone future from the grave You are not God and The Penguin Book of English Verse don t play with people s life This book is about a church bishop whose wife the church s First Lady hasied Prior to the First Lady s Seven Secrets of Happiness death she and her friend the church secretary wrote a series of letters to beelivered after her The Killer Cats Birthday Bash (The Killer Cat, death to 4 women of the church whom would be. N line is Marlene the mother of TK's illegitimateaughter Then there's Moniue Johnson the unapologetic First Lady of Plastic Surgery and Implants Next is Savannah Dickens the church's attractive new choir soloist And last but not least is Charlene's good friend Sister Lisa Mae Johnson widow of Pastor Lee JonesWith the help of her friend Ali.

Carl Weber is a New York Times and #1 Essence® bestselling novelistIn addition to his writing Weber is the founder and publisher of Urban Books and in 2005 he was named Blackboard's Publisher of the Year He is the owner of the Urban Knowledge chain of book stores and a past recipient of Blackboard's Bookseller of the Year awardWeber graduated from Virginia State University and holds an MBA in