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This is book 4 in the Young Brothers saga and due to challenges I ve ead this one first You don t need to No Limits (Brutal Master read them in order as the brothers and their wives only make a small appearance in this story and let s face it you know the other books are pnr and they are gonna have a happy endingSo this story is about Elizabeth the werewolf in uestion and she is going into heat as the book opens She spies a likely looking fellow Jensen Adler the local vet at her brothers bar and loses no time in attracting his attention in a biblical way She knows something is wrong as this is totally unusual behaviour for her but doesn t think of going into heat She also doesn t think of conseuences as she is mated to another werewolf even if she wishes she isn t There I ve set up the obviousness of the book for you I m sure I don t have to fill in the gapsAnd that is the problem with this book It is too predictable Written well enough no giant plot holes characters likable but not lovable Not a book you dush to e ead This book was nothing like the previous ones in the series I though Elizabeth s story would be interesting but all I got was Essays One repetitive sentences and a poor plot Aeal disappointment Really liked it But they Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose re going to lose their sister eventually and that just doesn t sitight with me Also all the were animals are cool. The sexy Young brothers may know a fang or two about the art of seduction but their sister Elizabeth is positively mooning over a few issues of her ownBad Moon RisingElizabeth Young's brothers think they have it ough as vampires Ha Two words for them unwanted hair What werewolf Elizabeth craves is a normal life with a husband kid.

But I wanted to know about the vampires and wolves as they were the main characters Setting West Virginia karaoke bar 2 farm houses country livingTheme self discovery destiny loveCharactersElizabeth Young aka Lizzie Devlin attacked by Chris s vampire buried though still alive unburied by werewolf grave diggers to sell bodies to doctors eturned hom With a title like this I have to be honest I didn t expect too much from this book I was pleasantly surprised to find I enjoyed it very much and cared about the characters much than I thought I wouldIt s not a heavy or meaningful book by any stretch of the imagination but a fun ead nonetheless This book lived up to its title a little catchy a little amusing and a little corny But it was a fun ead with an easy end with a backstory that wound around the eal story which was the omance My Sister is a Werewolf book 4 of the Young Brother s series A story that tells of the once presumed dead sister Elizabeth of the vampire brothers Rhys Christian and Sebastian Young Now surprisingly a living werewolfKudos to Kathy she s out of her writing slump This book is like in the first in the series In that Lizzie our werewolf manages to pick up a stranger from her brother Christian s bar and has sex in the front seat of this guys the pick up truck before you even get The whole book st. S and less shaving Unfortunately the vaccine she's esearched isn't working yet Worse she's in heat and soon every dangerous wolf pack for miles around will be at her door To buy time she needs to have sex and often with the first human male she can findVeterinarian Jensen Adler just meant to drown his sorrows until a stunning lea.

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Arts out with a girl who is upset because she has to go trolling the local bar because she is a wolf and basically in heat I guess the good news is it could only get better It did is the good news For those who like noncomplicated steamy eads that are totally predictable and have easy outs this is for you Was it horrible no It just eminded me of the throbbing members but I eally don t normally do that kind of thing and Oh we just aren t ight for each other but we have to have each other and I wonder why we are inexplicably drawn together Kind of harleuins I snuck as a hormonal teenager There just weren t any werewolves then but lots of the otherThere are so many amazing book choices out there I don t think I will bother with finding out about how her vampire brothers got paired up to be honest I eally didn t care So that wasn t great The kindle version is pretty poorly formatted It s also very heavy handed After all us eaders are far too stupid to understand that this couple feel a mysterious pull to each other if you don t have both characters say it twice within 2 pages of poorly spaced text The heroine s traits seemed to change on a whim to whatever sounded cool at the moment Not just between the ladylike human and wild wolf She s also the world s worst scientist doing alleged esearch in a Cute story uick ead. Ther clad brunette made him an offer he couldn't efuse Now he's caught up in something eally weird definitely dangerous and okay extremely hot So his new girlfriend's hiding something and she's a little freaky about the moon but Jensen knows true love when he feels it and this time he's not giving upno matter how hairy things ge.

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