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Such a owerful novel It saddens me that so few eople have even heard of this novel and of Kuprin Yama The Pit tells about a brothel in Tsarist Russia and yes it s damn depressing but at the same time written with such honesty care and beauty that I think only a Russian classic can muster Apart from obvious issues of morality and humanity the novel deals with mental illness and gender ineuality and all that long before these words even appeared in our language There were also hints of same sex relationships and attractions and I wish they were explicit but I guess the novel was already too risue for its timeIf whoever wants to read it be repared that Kuprin as any respectful Russian classic overwrites descriptions of random UML Weekend Crash Course [With CDROM] people that appear for one scene But the book itself is not too long and it gets back to the storyretty uickly Upton Sinclair eat your heart outOne of the most genious aspects about this book is that Kuprin writes about Steampunk Erotica prostitution from a confinederspective There s almost no respite from being hand bound to their circumstances and home And he is also an effective dramatist He makes a funny and light introduction before bringing in heavier material He shaped the book so well that the few Poker Slave parts that are sentimental and dramatic work He knows how tolay off characters and counterpoint the action so it s not sappy mono thematic drool The To the Golden Shore psychology is wonderful too The women are human and interesting They are the ones who keep you interested in the story the ones you most sympathize with the dregs of societyReally amazing book Sinclair would have done well to have read this one Surely one of the most important novels ofrostitution ever written and there have been loads but even with flaws it s five stars from me It s interesting to set this book alongside the modern movement to decriminalize and legitimize sex work as a valid choice if entered into freely Here s where liberated Indulge (Warm Delicacy, prostitution human traffickingart ways down there in the Pit However the women of Yama often do sneak empowerment where they can find it I was chilled by Jennie s self sabotaging desire for vengeance against her johns My main complaint is Kuprin appears to get flummoxed by the task of writing about female characters too early on and shifts focus to a group of male university students Tabloid City plus inserts himself as the genius scribe Platonov The lengthy section on Liuba and her Pygmalion also started to wear on me Despite a few faults and despite the subject matter there are many surprisingly lighthearted moments lively dancing sisterly affection between women brothel customers who add entertainment value romances with young men on the outside A greatowerful book about Kirkland Revels prostitution in the beginning of the 20th century We get to know a variety of girls who are caught in theit on the bottom of society and the clients that come to them Kuprin does a great job introducing us to who they are and what their life is aboutWe get to look into the society and To Him Who Sits on the Throne people of that time which even though happened than 100 is still something that isn t too foreign for usThe author is great with language it almost flows and shows us the mood and the surroundings in a beautiful and depressing way One thing that he did was tell us some major events and only then the story that lead to it It actually worked very well one would think that spoiling a story would not benefit the book but it made us look and notice details that caused it An excellent though very depressing account of life in a brothel in Tsarist Russia I had never heard of this author before and only discovered this book through aerusal of ebooks available at this site Mobileread ebook library I would rate Alexandre Kuprin right up there with the other greats of Russian literature Can I give this book one billion stars The whole universe of stars Having bought tickets to the same called lay I decided to read the original source first With an insight and compassion reminiscent of the great French masters of literature Alexander Kuprin robes the sin ridden lives of the inmates of Yama The result is a daring world famous classic which runs the gamut of human emotions from the heart wrenching sacrifice of an afflicted Youth, Beautiful Youth prostitute to the wanton desires of the most degraded manThis book will shock you into an awareness of a great social evil It will also arouse your deepest sympathy for thelight of those unfortunate women who are the victims of our most ete.

T wasn t my first encounter with Kuprin since I read some of his stories while studying at school They made controversial impression on me I loved Garnet Bracelet and hated Olesya So I didn t know what to expect from this novel with so olemical a topic Now I regret only one thing that I didn t know about this book before and my burning ambition now is to give The Pit to all my especially female friends I couldn t imagine a book making such a strong impression on me It s been years since I had a age turner in my arms and couldn t Fault Lines put a book down daily and nightly Well this one is this sort of books It absorbs you into its reality and then itresents small but so acute sincere and heart breaking details describing Hunt for 901 prostitute s lives their casual routine othereople s bad vices their devious characters It leaves you speechless and close to tears I believe that only a Russian author was able to catch this horrible decaying environment where women are just meat which you can buy for 0 3 for a visit with such accuracy I highly recommend reading this book to everybody Especially girls and women My life now has divided into life before and after reading it More awful than all awful words a hundredfold awful is some such little Chasing After Infinity prosaic stroke or other as will suddenly knock you all in a heap like a blow on the forehead said the one of the characters about the gift of a writer And that is exactly what this novel did to me multiple times It is set in a brothel in a South city of K I think it is Kiev Someeople think it is Odessa But the location is not that important It is about the life of these women and their clients during one day and night and then during the following next months Kuprin s Morir por un iPhone - Apple, Foxconn y las luchas de los trabajadores en China power of observation is enormous Heays a lot of attention to the background But eually within uite limited space he creates a bunch of characters so realistic so vivid that one can almost touch them said by Chukovsky Tolstoy said it is full of dirt Some others criticise him for idealising the Captain China Volume 1 prostitutes I did not see any idealisation at all Only if idealisation means giving them back their humanity Kuprin clearly shows that in majority of cases there is no way out for these women But there is no cheap sympathy in this novel In fact Kuprin shows that these attempts of artificial empathy lead to disaster that the desire of superficial understanding would end up in a caricature or additional humiliation There are many extremelyoignant moments in the novel A young woman finds out she has got a terrible disease She decides to take a revenge on men through her clients by Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication passing it over She does it until a very young cadet the one of her semiermanent clients arrives and she decides to spare him She just does And she is totally at loss why There is another moment when a student is reading Prevost s Manon Lescaut to a girl who has temporarily escaped And the girl is angry with the heroine for being unfaithful There are many other such nuggets of their life Majority of them hate their clients but they are full of love which they turn to each other Both emotionally and Cast On, Bets Off physically I could not believe that such thing is mentioned at that time Kuprin must be incredibly brave Of course judging by our standards of 21th century I would like this theme be visible But 100 years ago it wasrobably a total anathema There is an episodic but important character Platonov who is clearly a mouthpiece for the author I wish this would be done in a subtle way from the literary Private Elisha Stockwell, Jr., Sees The Civil War point of view but i can forgive Kuprin for this This character has spend a lot of time in this brothel just being there with these girls their management guards doctors etc He is saying a shocking but veryrofound thing No horrible are the everyday accustomed trifles these business like daily commercial reckonings this thousand year old science of amatory Past Lives, Future Lives practice thisrosaic usage determined by the ages In these unnoticeable nothings are co. Rnal viceYama The Hell Hole is uniue Other writers have taken Love with Every Beat prostitutes for their characters Kuprin has taken the evil ofrostitution itself Although he writes of a brothel in a Russian city his moral is not limited to a time and a CPA Australia - Advanced Taxation place Change rubles to dollars move from Yama to the Chicago slums Kuprin's ever honest ever brillianticture of the ancient business of selling women's bodies for If Walls Could Talk (Haunted Home Renovation Mystery, profit still holds its universal meaningWhen the book was firstublished the Russian censorship mutilated it beyond recognition.

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Mpletely dissolved such feelings as resentment humiliation shame There remains a dry Arcana Mundi profession a contract an agreement a well nigh honestetty trade no better no worse than say the trade in groceries Do you understand gentlemen that all the horror is in just this that there is no horror Bourgeois work days and that is all And I am thinking is it good or is it bad when sex becomes a business It is that such life becomes a kind of normality the same I imagine like in a war zone or maybe actually the same like going to an office everyday One just has to live their life I guess to still feel dignityWhat strikes me is how universal this novel and how modern it is It has written in 1908 1915 and maybe there is no legal brothels in the majority of به سوی زبان شناسی شعر places now But none of the issues he has raised disappeared There are still human trafficking sex trade and the industry of sex workers There areeriodic discussion of legalising sex trade It seems when brothels were legal 100 years ago it did not seem the solution for the Genesis problem I do not know enough about the current debate But what i know that often when we talk about these things we forget that there are uniue human destinies behind eacharticular case Sounds like a cliche i know And this novel is a Mirror Matter powerful reminder And sometimes wheneople write about these things now it reads like ticking the boxes rather than what Kuprin has done I admire your literary genius and your A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry profound humanity Inarticular you Six Days possess a rare and very special gift making the whole groups ofeople come alive on the Awareness pages of your books It tells about you as a human being who can ascend one the achievements of the epoch and see through them Reading the one or anotherage of Yama i was extrapolating its meaning over the whole of Europe this huge brothel on the age of a catastrophe from the letter to Kuprin from Romain Rolland PSI ve read in Russian but the novel is available in English on line I am reading this book in Russian while listening to an excellent audio book I am enjoying the book and I import it chapter by chapter into Ling in order to save the words that I need to learn I enjoy the book immensely but this may in large Cat Out of Hell part be due to the excellent audio book that I haveMy son Eric found arint copy of the book and gave it to me for Christmas I have only had access to an e text version of the book needed for Ling and had not been able to locate a Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work print version Eric found this old book in a book store in Brookline near Boston MA where he lives The book is 50 years old 1958 Welcome to the Pit Yama Kuprin opens a door to the brothel leads reader by the hand offers to take a seat right in the hall center and tells with his simple fluentrose about the side of humanity which always remains in shadowsMany sidestep this Mother India pit andretend with their eyes closed that this world does not exist at all Some descend there for few hours to feed the beast indifferently forget about it by dawn and return to their righteous days until the next hunger seizure There are also those who make money by actively digging the The Late Romances pit wider and deeperThis is the world where everything isermitted where woman s body can be bought fo I didn t want the story to end it just swallowed me and wasn t going to release The highs and lows of rock bottom as it is and you cannot stop to know what is happening next And what was afterwards with Luba I didn t like her character first but when she showed one there was no way of disrespecting her For sure you will Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity pity for every girl and hate every manAnd what I liked the most about this book it has very light style No matter how all filth anditiness are thoroughly described It goes through your soul and brain as blues and makes you feel sorry for the story itself It doesn t leave you heavy hearted and wanting to commit a suicide like Dostoevskyi s novels And all these discussion and description of the society that was feast for the brain. Kuprin was the object of a scurrilous attack in the ress; he was called a corrupter of youth His book was denounced as ornography Few could face the bitter truth of what he had written Some touching letters from Attainment (Temptation, professionalrostitutes were the author's first recognition that he had accurately described the hell in which these tormented women existed Today nearly three million copies have been sold in than fifteen different languages and it is a foregone conclusion that Yama will live forever among the world's great book.

Aleksandr Kuprin Russian Александр Иванович Куприн; 7 September 1870 in the village of Narovchat in the Penza Oblast August 25 1938 in Leningrad was a Russian writer pilot explorer and adventurer who is perhaps best known for his story The Duel 1905 Other well known works include Moloch 1896 Olesya 1898 Junior Captain Rybnikov 1906 Emerald 1907 and The Garnet Bracelet 1911