Daphne Berdahl: On the Social Life of Postsocialism

Her insightful analyses of consumption nostalgia and citizenship in the arly 21st century Berdahl's writings probe the contradictions paradoxes and ambiguities of postsocialism as few observers have done This volume brings together her Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze essays from anarly st.

Anthropologist Daphne Berdahl was one of the leading scholars of the transition from state socialism to capitalism in central and Les brumes d'avalon : roman eastern Europe From her pathbreakingthnography of a former East German border village in the aftermath of German reunification to.

Udy of memory at the Vietnam War memorial in Washington DC to research on consumption and citizenship undertaken in Leipzig in the years before her untimely death It serves as a superb introduction to the development of the field of postsocialist cultural studi.

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