Nancy Sylvester: The Guerrilla Guide to Robert's Rules

Useful adjunct to RONR ood layout many practical tips Came into my hands at just the right time helps with parliamentary procedures when serving on a Board well laid out and easily understandable I recommend to anyone who is serving on a Board especially a contentious one This is not a book one would pick up. The bible on Parliamentary procedure For anyone who has ever had something important to say at their local school board or condo association meeting only to be drowned out by others who knew how to take control of the meeting or were just louder this Dead-End Road Mysteries guide shows how anyone canet their thoughts and.

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Situation one might face and offering ways to deal with them You won t pick this up for light reading but if you find yourself in a situation where you face challenges within an organization and want to know how to properly and effectively use the powers of Roberts Rules to achieve your oal this book is for you. Make their voice heard fairly and ethically • Written by the consummate Professional Registered Parliamentarian • Tips on how to play fair and play to win • The perfect complement to Sylvester’s book on the basics of Parliamentary procedure The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Robert’s Rules.

For enjoyment Rather I purchased and read it from a real need to better understand parliamentary procedure Sylvester does an admirable job of making an inherently dull topic as interesting as is likely to be possible More importantly this book focuses on how to use Roberts Rules to one s advantage posing concrete. Ideas heard and their agendas and proposals passed Written by professional Parliamentarian Nancy Sylvester this book provides secrets tips and tricks to making the rules of Parliamentary procedure a personal secret weapon With The Guerrilla Guide to Robert’s Rules readers will learn all the ways to.