Joanna Cole: Ready Set Read And Laugh A Funny Treasury for Beginning Readers

We only read two of the stories and they were pretty dumb Not for beginning readers either Good for early readers I think kids will find it funny but I was bored throughout I thought that the poems were silly Sort stories poems jokes rebus stories some words replaced with pic. What better way to introduce children to the joys of reading than with a superb treasury of humorous works by the best childre.

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Tures and songs I grew up with this book so I have a soft spot for it But I think everyone will find something to like in it This is one of the books that incentivised me to even try to read Before this book and the box car children I was willing to just wait for an adult to read. N's book authors and illustrators This rich compilation of comic stories hilarious poems outlandish jokes and clever word game.

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To me The mystery of what was going to be funny about the next part hooked me in this book Every couple pages it was something new so even when I mastered one of the stories or poems I had a new mystery on the next page The kids really enjoyed this one It sure had them laughing. S includes renowned works by James Marshall Peggy Parish and others A classic collection filled with fun for beginning readers.

Joanna Cole who also wrote under the pseudonym B J Barnet was an author of children’s books who teaches scienceShe is most famous as the author of The Magic School Bus series of children's books Joanna Cole wrote over 250 books ranging from her first book Cockroach to her famous series Magic School BusCole was born in Newark New Jersey and grew up in nearby East Orange She loved science