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Be an author has to deliver on the writing basics competent plotting character development setting and writing techniue Unfortunately Abbott seems to have put most of those by the wayside to write a book that feels to me to be designed to appeal to the masses rather than to have any iterary value Fear follows four main characters whose Calebs Tempting Mate (Saber Chronicles lives have been impacted by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD Miles Kendrick is a former mobster spy who is part of the Witness Protection Program and scheduled to testify in a federal trial He is also haunted by the friend that he killed in a shoot out Celeste Brent is the winner of a TV reality show whose husband was killed by her stalker and has since become agoraphobic Dennis Groote is an FBI agent turned hit man whose daughter spent 36 hours in a car with her dead mother after an accident Heikes to torture people And Nathan Ruiz served in Ira Because of a ABC lapse in his attention several soldiers in his company were killed A pharmaceutical company has trialed a drug called Frost that is extraordinarily effective in overcoming PTSD by muting the memory of the trauma in the patient and these four are seeking its curative powers Of course there are many other groups who have high interest in Frost the economic potential is huge with the formula worth billions on the open marketBasically the book proceeds with one or of the four main characters facing a situation The situation is then resolved through a confrontation or gunfight New situation new confrontation Repeat None of these characters ever felt remotely human They were merely puppets placed on an exploding stage By the end of the book Miles is haunted not by one person but three people dead from his mistakes Except they re not all dead There are a plethora of villains coming out of the woodwork And I believe that a world record was set for number of gunshots that missed their targetFear isikely to appeal to the reader who is an action junkie and doesn t demand in depth characterization For me it was a huge disappointment Certainly after having spent than ten years as a mid Odd Man In list author it s understandable that Abbott would try to write something with mainstream appeal than the small town cozies he started with But sadly Fear feltike it was written to a formula that didn t fit the author His ability to write characters as demonstrated in the Jordan Poteet series was not on display here Everything felt very staged nothing felt genuine Ultimately Fear is a book that doesn t have a heart It s all fists and knuckles I read Panic before Fear and I never thought that this one will be as good and gripping as Panic but I was wrong I read the Palace Intrigue (A Medieval Tale last ca 200 pages in one go couldn t bring myself to put the book awa. Tress disorder from crippling memories But when his doctor ends up dead Miles must run for hisife from a murderous conspiracy that gives new meaning to the word fe.

Oyed it the second time around Miles Kendrick is in witness protection from the gangs he blew the whistle on during the course of which his best friend died and he believes that it was him that was responsible for shooting him during the stingHe is undergoing therapy with a Parking Lot Rules 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children lady called Allison V Wow Another thriller by Jeff Abbott He is getting better and better at writing This book was engaging enthralling and fast paced I enjoyed his very three dimensional characters Miles Kendrick is a man who is put in Witness Protection He also is being followed by his best friends ghost really a mental projection because he shot his best friend to death When the psychiatrist he s seeing gets murdered things start getting crazy There is an experimental drug that treats PTSD and everyone it seems is dying to get their hands on it Can Miles get to the bottom of this and still retain his sanity Among some stand out characters are Groote the ruthless hitman after the drug Frost who also has a daughter that heoves than anything who suffers from severe PTSD Celeste a celebrity who won a Survivor Carlyle Marney like reality program but now is unable toeave her house after witnessing her husband being tortured and murdered by a crazed fan Nathan an Ira veteran who suffers from severe PTSD can t stand mirrors he breaks every one he sees and may be up to no good Very enjoyable book I try not to pay too much attention to the ratings on books but am somehow disturbed that this one has an overall rating of only 353 I think it is at Shameful least a solid 45 am an rounding up to raise the rating A very well put together thriller fast paced with great characters and believable action There is even some humor in there though it is subtle and nicely done Definitely a GoodRead PROTAGONIST Miles Kendrick former mob guy now under Witness ProtectionSERIES Stanadlone thrillerRATING 15Jeff Abbott was first published in the mid 1990s when the Jordan Poteet series was introduced Living in a small town in Texas Poteet was aibrarian and sometimes sleuth Although the series was on the cozier side it was one that I enjoyed In fact Do Unto Others won both the Agatha Award and the Macavity Award for Best First Novel After writing four Poteet books Abbott went on a hiatus in 1996 returning five years ater with a new series featuring Whit Mosley a judge in a small coastal town in Texas The three books in that series had a harder edge and focus on action than the Poteet series In the past few years Abbott has gone in a completely new direction and is writing standalone thrillers Certainly this type of book has done very well in the marketplace witness the success of authors such as Harlan Coben Lee Child et al But no matter what the genre of the moment may. Ile helping his psychiatrist with a mysterious favor Miles stumbles upon an illegal research program that could free him and millions of others with post traumatic

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A randomly picked book that the blurb had got me interested in Meant to be a bit of a thriller but did not have me thrilledhad sections that were mildly OK but did not get me engaged and found myself skipping a few paragraphs just to finish in a hurry a story about PTSD this part of the story ine OK and a supposed cure that peop Fun early stand alone thriller from Mr Abbott Miles was a private investigator in his past Sacred Landscapes lifeife before he was taken into witness protection program Celeste is a gifted programmer that had some truly traumatic experiences Allison is a psychiatrist that is treating both of them of course unknown to them both after her office is bombed chain of events is triggered that will bring Miles and Celeste together while they try to figure out why are there being followed by a sociopath killer bend on finding missing data presumably stolen from the top secret facility by their therapistreturnreturnNow all this seems as a rather standard thriller story am I right But wait there is catch here is that both Miles and Celeste are suffering from severe trauma PTSD and have some serious issues to deal with They need doctor s help and they need it uick because placed under stress of being hunted down they themselves do not know what their reaction will be Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, likereturnreturnFrom the first page to theast action is non stop Great thriller second Abbott s book I read so far and made me hunting for the rest returnreturnRecommended To start this review off I shall say this book was actually my mothers before I adopted to reading it It s such a shame my mother hadn t read this before because it is truly a great book for the matured It includes mental health issues which would be considered taboo which I think Mr Abbott addressed particularly well It s all about the main character whose having trouble with his past about killing his best friend He has many phobia s Gold Rush linking to his troubled past which he has recollecting completely But then one day his psychiatrist is murdered after getting a mysterious call from her he then decides to find out who killed her and to avenge her However on the way he adopts many people who were also seeing his psychiatrist who he needs to solve this mystery I found this book aittle bit hard to follow because it was so Girl Reporter long and aittle bit complex for me being an adult book and me being in my early teenage years BUT I enjoyed the plot twists and the whole thing very much but i wouldn t recommend it to anyone younger than 14 or so due to the things mentioned in this book But please read it and enjoy it as much as i did Great insight into post traumatic stress disorder hard paced action packed and full of interesting facts regards PTSDJust re read enjoyed I enj. Everyone has a memory they'd Hunted like to forget For federal witness Miles Kendrick it's the shootout thateft his best friend dead and Miles a hunted and haunted man Wh.

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