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And somewhat careful It is after all nice to have a person to share rent with but Allie won t get rid of Sam who is constantly looking and asking for her and wants her back She is skeptical and doubtful but still not sure if she can resist him or not In the meantime she gets bothered by mysterious and dirty phone calls without knowing who the caller is Allie no longer feels safe in her own apartment especially when she notices that Hedra slowly becomes and like Allie herself in both the way she moves and her style Should she be worriedThis is a famous thriller for s who have read and seen a lot of the thriller genre The book was published in 1990 and two years later it was made to a movie with Bridget Fonda Steven Weber and Jennifer Jason Leigh who are the most famous names on the role list A film company became iinterested n the concept while John Lutz wrote the book I watched the film several times when it was often broadcasted on Tv in the past because the movie at that time was both creepy and very captivating When I saw it as a young girl I did not know it was based on a book As a rule I prefer to read the book first and see the movie later so this time it turned out a little bit the other way around but did not feel like it was ruining anything because the book was very exciting The movie is a little different than the book which is often the case when a book turns to a movie and some scenes I remember were done a little differently In 2011 the new version was called The Roommate and of course I will not be seeing that movie I have seen some remakes and only a few are good but always prefer the original films Nor do I fully Captivated by the Millionaire understand the point of making new versions Doesn t people handle old movies any I don t think new versions are real movies but that s my opinion I enjoyed the atmosphere in the book very well It s dark gloomy and has a lot of mystery and I did not mind it was being a little dirty cause the author wasn t overdoing it I also enjoyed John Lutz writing style It is easy and free He does not exaggerate the atmosphere and mystiue lasts which is rare the chapters are short and you always wants to read because the characters is very fascinating to read about I would have read the book faster if I had no other books to read along with Single White Female cause I can t just stick to one book at the time When I was reading Single White Female I was reading pretty fast but it s been a long time since I read so fast I was going to see something on TV but forgot both time and place which is also rare so I completely forgot about it cause I got too caughtp with the bookSingle White Female is a copious weird daring and vulgar psychological thriller that is easy to get obsessed with The start is a bit slow and nothing much happened I don t demand action and something to happen all the time either but this time it felt like it took some time before something began to happen But as a reward for that part you will get to know the charachters really well It is rare in today s thrillers as writers seems to be concerned and obsessed with the twist at the end rather than giving characters depth like in this thriller that was written in the early 90 s which was great cause I like to get to know the characters I read about This was fun exciting and crazy read and it inspired me to want to read books by John Lutz I have ordered and I m waiting for this book by him Darker Than Night and I m looking forward to read of him A funny thought is that I live alone in an apartment and at times it can be extremely boring but it s at least safe I don t have to worry or be scared of living with someone I hardly knowPs At the back of the book it says Hendra but the name of the character is Hedra nice to learn When Allie Jones suddenly finds herself in need of a roommate she meets Hedra Hedra is timid at first but she and Allie become friends and Hedra shows her true colorsI. E together in their small New York apartment it becomes clear that Hedra doesn't merely admire Allie she actually wants to be Allie And she.

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Remember when the movie version of Single White Female came out although I was too young to be interested I ve read a couple John Lutz books before so I was ready for this when I found it on the cheapWhen you look for a roommate try not to find one that s a psychopathic chameleon I knew the bare bones of the plot but it was still a wild ride at times Hedra moves in and starts A Mighty Big Wish usurping Allie s life Before too long Allie is in the soup so deep she might never get outThe book was a slow burner at first but things pickedp around the halfway mark I ve never seen the movie but from what I My Mother, a Serial Killer understand the book is a lot gruesomeThe resolution actually bugged me a little bit A little too easy maybe Anyway Single White Female was a fun way to spend a few hours Three out of five stars It s hard to judge this book on its own because I m a huge fan of the film which is why I read it And it s like a rough draft that was made a lot better The film is much thrilling and psychological with Hedra s character being much dangerous realistic and driven Allie is also better in the movie she site annoying in the book The book feels dated the dialogue is stilted and the characters feel like walk on puppets to fit the plot rather than real people There was a few derogatory remarks about gay people and animals I didn t like tooShe wanted to do this right didn t want to attract the wrong kind of people She d read the ads in some of the The Italians Stolen Bride underground papers Desperate singles divorcees shut ins and gays People looking for sex partners who shared their particular perversionsHe remembered an apparently typical young mother who d murdered her two children as casually as one might destroynwanted kittensSeriously This is psychological thriller perfection A great cast of characters a lovely weaved plot and lots of mystery and suspense The pages kept turning right The Greek Tycoons Mistress until the end I loved Allie and Hedra and the entire doppelganger concept John takes this element of humanity that exists ins all in small amounts and then magnifies them into a form of madness I love the film also but the book has different scenes which added even spice when reading This bookfilm will always get five star rating from me The book is so distinctly different in tone and direction than the film that you might as well consider them separate entities that just happen to share some character names This is not necessarily a bad thing though as the book takes a restrained slow burn approach to the suspense and tension between Allie and Hedra that I think worked well for a rainy day when you just want a moody book that doesn t rush itself Some characters are developed better than the film and behave in ways that will surprise you and add a layer of dimension but for the most part a lot of motive background and reasoning is left hinted at or completely Tikki Tikki Tembo unsaid to increase the sense of paranoia Hedra doesn t just come out and drop exposition like Hey I m psychotically obsessed with you because my twin died and I ve always felt incomplete Instead you have to read in between the lines and pickp on little pieces of dialogue and police procedural assumptions to form a picture of her issues Allie was much resilient and self aware in the book in my opinion and suspected something a bit off in her new roommate from the start When she is faced with the ltimate isolation and betrayal she was willing to buckle down and do what she had to do including eating out of the damn trash at one pointThe only downside of the book version is the incredibly weak and abrupt ending Allie went through complete hell and really grieved from the betrayal and loss of her lover and the epilogue is like well she moved to another state and lives in the suburbs nowyup The author s note about his experience visiting the set of the movie adaptation was really adorable and it was nice to hear a positive experience of an author s work being changed for the scree. Has a plan The inspiration for the hit film Single White Female SWF Seeks Same is a chilling psychological thriller about envy and obsession.

Allie wondered why New Yorkers seemed to think that leaning on a horn might help clear a traffic jam Many of them thrived on noise she supposed Maybe some people adapted to noise and then craved it John Lutz Single White FemaleThis book has the honor of of being one of the most npleasant reads I ve ever experienced I really did not like this book nor did I enjoy the movie versionOther then scaring the heck out of present and future roommates I just do not get this book at all Also the grim path it takes just left me coldIt is a Hoofd in de wolken (Puffin Island uestion for me as to which is worsebook or movie I think I will call it a drawI would not recommend this book This was a veryick and easy read I found I didn t like either Allie or Hedra Allie is conceited and Hedra is obviously wackedI saw this movie ages agoyet I do not recall the villain chopping her victims into pieces Either the screen play changed it or my memory fails Before you kick out your cheating boyfriend and advertise for a roommate take a breather and read this book You just might decide to keep the cheating boyfriend as the better option If you do go with the roommate you should kick her out when she starts wearing your clothes because well that is just weird and if you feel sorry for her you are making a mistake What if it was possible for someone to erase you from your own life I am a massive fan of the film and only in the last year or so have I been aware that there was a book So i ordered it put it on the shelf and promptly forgot about itUntil this weekend Struggling to recover from an extremely nasty bout of Labyrinthitis has made going near any sort of book a massive no no for me Looking at words on a page was the last thing I wanted to do Still I decided to give it a try for 20 pages or so and ended Twos Company up reading the whole thing in one sitting late into the night my head swimming I really liked this book I liked the character development and how we got to see inside Allie and Hedra s heads something obviously that you don t get to experience in a film Hedra or Hendra which is the peculiar name for her on the back of the book appears much evil in the book and it isite clear from the start that she is fixated on Allie and Allie s life I might persue another John Lutz when I feel completely better Dangerous obsession Is it better to live aloneSingle White Female is perhaps a strange title for a book but according to the author Single White Female has become an expression that he describes in the author s note and the meaning of the expression is When a woman is imitated too closely or her clothes are secretly borrowed or her boyfriend is stolen by a friend she s been single white femaledAllie is called by an His Convenient Highland Wedding unknown woman in the middle of the night Thenknown woman wants to talk to her boyfriend who sleeps tight next to her After a while she learns that there is a woman whom Sam has been having an affair with and Allie gets all worked Secret Hideout (Cooper, up And of course she throws him out of the apartment in the middle of the night It is expensive to live in an apartment in Manhattan New York Therefore Allie chooses to place an advertisement somewhere and search for someone that she can share the apartment with so it will get cheaper to live there cause she can t afford it alone A woman named Hedra becomes the chosen one She isiet and shy The two of them are very different from each other Allie is very confident she knows she is pretty she knows she has a great style and she knows that many envy her for many reasons She is perhaps on the verge of being narcissistic not just because of her self esteem but she also has the habit of thinking very negative or low about others at least about most people But she and Hedra get along very well and they believe that living with each other will turn out just fine Allie and Hedra live together even if they are like night and day Allie the beautiful and confident one while Hendra is natural. Allie's new roommate Hedra at first just seems a shy awkward woman in search of a role model or a big sister But as the two settle in to lif.

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Librarian’s note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this nameJohn Lutz has captivated suspense enthusiasts for over four decades He has been one of the premier voices in contemporary hard boiled fiction His work includes political suspense private eye novels urban suspense humor occult crime caper police procedural espionage historical futuristic amateur det