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T thought through the financial implications the responsibilities he ll still have as the Papa of what was it four baby bunnies of his own Not that the rabbit relatives on t have some cockamamie ideas of their own eg a pilot that jumps out of a plan for fun but at least there s some income involved Given the garden the overalls and the hoe wielding by Baby Bunny in his fatherhood fantasy though I m thinking there s a tacit acknowledgement on his part that he ll take up farming maybe running a local CSA even while isavowing that path on the previous pageALSO Like so many good andor classic children s books this one ends with the characters settling in to bed Anyone else notice this Given how storytime immediately precedes bedtime in this household I must say that I like how this sets the tone I loved it when the little bunny wanted to grow to be a ad Even though I knew what the little baby bunny chose to be when he grew up I would ask for this book to be read again and again An absolute favoriteAges 3 7Like my reviews I also have hundreds of The Touch detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete breakown of everything in the book so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides ownloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar Wonderful Richard Scarry classic that I enjoyed as a child and have eually enjoyed with my grandchildren and children Wonderful little story with great illustrations as you imagine all the things baby can be when he grows up This covers a variety of jobs a child might ream up for themselves or family members as they guess what they will be when they grow up It is fun to see kids react to the various careers such as Different Class doctor lifeguard lion tamer mailman etc So many parents try to guess what their child will be so it can be a fun read for them too. But the baby only nibbles on his carrot and looks wise for he knows he will grow up to be a niceaddy bunny.

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This is one of those old childhood reads of mine that I slightly remember for the events of the book just since of how cute I thought it was at the time But fortunately being able to read it as an adult I can uite understand how very much important this book is and that it was a book ahead of its time The whole Bunny family is gathered together and somehow end up on the subject of what their youngest family may be when he grows up As a result each member has a ifferent idea about what may be the best job for their little one and what that job would entail Meanwhile the little bunny just uietly sits and absorbs what everyone else is saying instead of adding to the general thoughts But the special part about this story is the end part on which it is shown what the little bunny wants to be when he grows up Although he isn t really ambitious and has his whole life planned out to reach that particular goal it is a reminder of the beauty to others who want to o the same in their life and no matter the gender they may be And further it is a reminder of how much one s family may be able to influence one s own Textbook of Wisdom decision The book is full ofetailed and brightly colored illustrations very reminiscent of any of the Scarry s works These anthropomorphic bunnies are adorably cute but also so very full of personalty even though they weren t given with any individual personalities of their own All in all this is a cute story for children especially when they are learning about In Defence of Dogs different types of jobs and one that would make for a great Father s Day read tradition as well I admit that were the titular character female this book would be a littledemeaning women can only be mommies But since the bunny is a boy it s sweet to see that he wants to be aaddy He now just needs someone to tell him he can be both a addy AND something else This is my very favorite children s book A addy bunny plays with his baby bunny and says “What will our baby be when he grows up” Everyone from.

Ver I tear up every time I read it Why you askWell the book is all about the bunny s relatives speculating on what the little bunny will be when he grows upa policeman a candy store owner a train engineer a clown a cowboy a farmer etc But the little bunny just chews on his carrot and looks wise because he knows what he will be when he grows up a The City in Mind daddy rabbit He will have lots of little bunny children to feed to tickle and to tuck into bed at nightOh I just love this book I enjoyed this than I expected I was surprised to see that the text wasn t written by Richardespite the cover showcasing his name as the main contributor much like Tengren s Tawny Scrawny Lion Perhaps this was common in the era when this book was weitten as opposed to today s picture books which are an eual collaboration between author and illustrator Another throwback of this time is illustrations featuring a father smoking a pipe which can also be found in Curious George and something I find rather amusing as a modern Revenge (The Red Ledger day reader when this would not be acceptable in children s picture booksOther than that the illustrations are warm and impressivelyone Some of them show an item which has inspired the suggestion on that page eg when baby bunny is playing with a stuffed toy lion the suggestion is a lion tamer This occurs in a few of the illustrations but I would have liked to see it throughoutThe text allows for exploration of a number of topics such as No One Wants You different professions and members of an extended family which is a must for any rabbit to know I m glad I turned out to be aaddy bunny While the message that the Baby Bunny will forge his own path regardless of family influences is one I can get behind Baby Bunny clearly has some na ve beliefs about parenting On the one hand you could argue that this children s book is progressive for it s time a stay at home ad rock but Baby Bunny hasn. The baby’s mother to big sister to Great Aunt Bunny seems to know a clown a policeman a candy store owner.

Wife of author illustrator Richard Scarry Patsy often collaborated with him and with other children's books creators