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Ple was withdrawing from everyone and changing but it shouldn t feel that Apple is withdrawing from the reader I am very sorry to say that this book ust failed on so many levels I skipped through most of the bookactually I don t think I did but it ust felt like I was reading cliff notes Zero descriptive language of scenery or people Oh and don t even get me started on the ending It was horrible It was rushed and felt like no big change in the characters or anythingPLEASE THIS IS CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM AND I M JUST SAVING YOU TIME Do not read this boo. Ple life is never this perfect Just add into the mix a snarky co worker an ever annoying famous talk show mother and a major secret crush on her best friend's boyfriend that ust won't go away and things are about to get a lot complicat.

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Here should be a whole other book of what happened between her Happy and Zen 3 There was zero character development and many scenes felt pointless I did not connect with Apple or get in the mind space of her4 The main character had no internal struggle And it was weird it was told in third person where there was not a single scene that did not have Apple in it so it probably would of been a way effective way of storytelling if it was told in first person 5 I progressively felt distant from the main character Yes I understand that throughout the book Ap. Happy's relationship with Zen she has a new sort of boyfriend Lyon cute and very sweet but no pitter patters in her heart and she's landed a gig interning for Angst magazine hottest teen magazine around But as it usually happens for Ap.

Horrible it drags on and on Apple name courtesy of her dear mother has Liberty Arrives! just earned an internship at the hottest magazine Angst Apple has to learn how to deal with all the obstacles of life that came with accepting the internship but also loses herselfOK so there wasn t a single review for this book and I saw the rating and thought people deserve to know why this book got that rating 1 This book is souvenile It s so utterly boring This book had no purpose It was boring I ust had to say it again and felt rushed 2 I feel like this should be a seuel Apple is back for another story filled with plenty of drama boys gossip  and of course angst Things in Apple's life are slowly getting back to normal her friendship with Happy seems to have survived her Crazy Girl Moment ie sabotaging.