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Ther than a tour of the Regency era which was slightly disappointing for me the loud mouthed romance reader in the back 2 This was also just not well written And I mean that in a completely superficial way because the information is fine but the presentation is kind ofrepetitious and cyclical and lazy Information is repeated in multiple sections and there are places where the categories are rather poorly organized so the text seems to jump from topic to topic only to circle back and it s just a mess Much like this sentence 3 The descriptions would have been far handy with additional illustrations 4 I m picky and cranky and this just didn t do it for me I guess While engrossed in the pages of a delightful Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer novel have you ever come across something you didn t ite nderstand Like what is the difference between a barouche and a phaeton Have you ever thought about places mentioned in these novels like Almacks Hyde Park Carlton HouseVauxhall Garden and wondered if their renderings were true Or are you fascinated by the Regency Era and interested in learning all you can about it If you are anything like me you would probably love to have a cumulative and accessible resource in which to find the answers to these and many other Regency related estions Good news One does exist Broken down into fourteen distinct chapters and with six valuable appendixes Georgette Heyer s Regency World by Jennifer Kloester is a fantastic resource for nderstanding the Regency World The chapters are categorized by topic and include manly pursuits The Pleasure Haunts of London and The Sporting Life areas of feminine interests Shopping and The Gentle Sex and historical places and people The Fashionable Resorts and Who s Who in the Regency It was interesting to learn that many characters from Ms Heyer s novels were real people such as Almack s patroness Lady Sefton and famous physician Dr Matthew Baillie It would appear that Ms Heyer has deftly woven fiction with history in her novels My favorite aspect about this book is that it could be read two ways cover to cover for a full immersion of Regency history and life or in conjunction with a Regency fiction novel serving as a referenceguide With chapters divided into subtopics and a detailed index in the back the reader can look p any Kincaid Bride (Montana Mavericks: Wed in Whitehorn Series uestion or topic with ease and convenience Another aspect I greatly enjoyed was the black and white illustrations I found them to be very helpful visual aids I only wish there were of them Lastly I took pleasure in reading the appendixes where there is a glossary of Cant and Common Regency Phrases as well as other informative lists and indexesThere are many allusions and references to Georgette Heyer s Regency novels interspersed throughout this text If you have read several of her novels then these references will make sense I haven t read any of Georgette Heyer s Regency novels I have read two of her Georgian novels so the references to Mr Beaumaris of Arabella or the Taverners of Regency Buck went right over my head However this did not deter my enjoyment of this book and when I do read some of Ms Heyer s Regency novels I am sure I willnderstand and appreciate these references So who would enjoy this book Readers of Regency novels of course especially Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen novels In addition this book would be great for first time Regency readers who may not The Seventh Night understand some of the language or etiuette of the era Lastly this book would be a tremendous resource for authors trying to write in this time period I know the next time I read a Regency novel by Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer I will keep Jennifer Kloester s book close by and most likely turn to it oftenAustenesue Reviews Read in one sitting at my local Borders today DInteresting compendium of everything regency especially as it relates to Georgette Heyer s novels A good reference companion book but probably best for people who don t know all the in s and out s of this fascinating time periodGlad to say I knew most of this stuff already yes I m bragging 35 stars very familiar territory for fans of Regency romances and mysteries a fun compendium of popular history about all aspects of Regency life mainly among thepper classes Kloester delivers a lot of interesting information in a breezy informative style I read this nonfiction book with the Georgette Heyer Fans group here on GR some of our members felt the references to Heyer s books were incorrect and thus made the rest of the information Knightleys Tale uestionable so I knocked off half a star I found the book enjoyable otherwise and learned a few things I had not co. Han Georgette Heyer withniversally beloved novels such as Regency Buck The Grand Sophy and Friday's Child Georgette Heyer's Regency World is the ltimate definitive guide to Georgette Heyer's wonderful and enchanting realm her heroines her villains and dashing heroes the sh.

I got too bored around chapter 8 and set it aside As others have said before me this book pretends to be authoritative than it is Most reasonable readers would go in with the assumption that it illuminates the real Regency society and culture that Heyer treats fictionally To a certain degree it does but its revelations should be taken with a grain of salt As the title technically says it is Georgette Heyer s Regency world that is being described not the real Regency world So Kloester makes the same assumptions and mistakes about Regency life that Heyer does and Heyer not primary or scholarly secondary sources is her main reference material So this is like a companion to Heyer s novels than a reference book on the periodFair enough though I feel the book was marketed in such a way as to obscure rather than illuminate that distinction I m happy to have it as a place to look p Mail-Order Mistletoe Brides uestions that might arise when I m reading a Heyer novel but I wouldn tse it as a guide to my own historical fiction A few weeks ago as I was browsing the Romance shelves at one of my local Barnes Noble stores I spied a few copies of Georgette Heyer s Regency World which I immediately scooped The Surgeons Miracle / Dr Angelos Baby Bombshell up I could havesed it for some of my Jane Austen related research since it includes The Beast Within (Knights of White uite a lot ofseful information about the customs manners fashions and practices of the time periodIf you are a fan of a Georgette Heyer s books b Jane Austen s novels c Regency romances d the Regency era for any reason andor e all of the above this book is for you If you are planning on writing a Regency novel I daresay this is a resource you will be exceeding glad to have in your arsenalThere are chapters about society housing town vs country how men lived and were expected to behave what women were taught and what sort conduct was expected of them including what constituted an auspicious marriage information about the Seasons in London Big and Little including information on Almack s and a separate chapter about the pleasure haunts of London scandalous the fashionable resorts the modes of transportation of the time clothing of the time period shopping with a focus on particular haberdashers of note food Good Lord what they ate Sport for men which includes talk of boxing racing gambling and even one hesitates to mention such an illegality duelling business and the military and the royal family There are The Best Man in Texas useful appendices including common Regency terms newspapers books mentioned in Heyer s novels plus three appendices that provide a timeline a list of further Regency resources and information on Heyer s novelsThe book contains absolutely charming pen and ink illustrations by Graeme Tavendale many of which are his adaptations of the sketches of Regency artists such as George Cruikshank John Nash Hugh Thomson and While not all of them are absolutely necessary they are all delightful additions to the package as a whole and are in some cases indispensable tonderstanding the text as with the illustrations of certain conveyances such as a barouche a phaeton etcHighly recommended for Regency fans of all ilks This is a handy reference book for fans of Georgette Heyer Jane Austen and the Regency era Each chapter covers an aspect of Regency society clothing transportation etiuette health care and She The Prodigal Comes Home (Mirror Lake, uses examples from Heyer s novels and appendices provide a list of slang words biographies of Regency people and a timeline The book is illustrated with small line drawings done from 19th century illustrations The book could have benefited from full color or at least larger illustrations Though I knew most of the information included in the book from reading the novels and reading blogs I found itseful and learned a few new things I especially liked the glossary biographies and timelineDespite a few historical inaccuracies Jennifer Kloester nicely compiles all the information from Heyer s novels into one book I plan to keep this book on my night stand next time I read Heyer so I can look Beast Of Darkness (Knights of White up what a tilbury looks like or the dates of events mentioned in the book etcI recommend this book primarily to first time Regency readers and not so much to the long time reader This book is aick glancing look at life during the Regency complete with lots and lots of references to the books written by Heyer So if you read Heyer and had Hawks Way Grooms (Hawks Way uestions this is the book for you probably Maybe 1 Ultimately this was adeuate It doesn t provideite the depth I would have liked and it spends too much time referencing books rather than referencing Heyer s allegedly deep pile of reference materials It felt like the sight seers guide to Heyer ra. A bestselling novelist since 1921 Georgette Heyer is known across the world for her historical romances set in Regency England Millions of readers love the outrageous lifestyle fashion and capricious escapades of the elegant bon ton and no one has captured that world better

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Me across or was nclear about in Heyer s novels and the several Regency era mystery series I ve read As one member pointed out this book and the line drawings of everything from carriages to bonnets to clothing styles will be handy for visualizing those things mentioned when reading regency set books in the future Jennifer Kloester has authored a MUST READ reference book for any avid Georgette Heyer or Regency period fans In Georgette Heyer s Regency World Kloester covers a wide range of information pertaining to the Regency period from deciphering the convoluted social class order of the day wowza to what they wore where and what they ate where they shopped the daily life of regency men and women and my favorite the hottest entertainment destinations to see and be seen Also included is a who s who in the Regency a chapter that gives a small bio of the big players of the day a list of newspapers and magazines that were being printed a timeline of the Regency period and a bibliography of Heyer s novels One thing I really enjoyed was the way the author referenced scenes from Heyer novels that directly tie in with what she is discussing I thought that really brought a lot to the book and showcases the author s meticulous research For example Executing steps such as the chasse jette coupe balote glissade or the pas de basue with elegance and grace reuired a high degree of skill Marianne Bolderwood at her first ball in The iet Gentleman found that she had to concentrate carefully on the steps of the adrille while her partner Gervase executed even the most difficult steps with considerable grace What s great about this book is that you can either read it all the way through or just pick it a chapter or subject at a time whatever tickles your fancy that day or if you re reading a book and come pon something you would like to have explained Kloester has obviously done her homework and I feel that I m walking away knowing a LOT about the Regency period than I did before and it s also renewed my love for Georgette HeyerPassages to the Past highly recommends This is closer to 35 stars As a companion to Heyer s novels it s invaluable Kloester makes freuent references to characters and events from the books when she s discussing aspects of Regency society and I think the only way it could be Taming the Demon (Demon Blade useful in that respect is if there were some sort of index so you could lookp facts in reverse though this would be a truly major endeavor and probably better suited to a database She s also got an extensive list of recommendations for further reading What I wasn t fond of was that she said she d written her thesis on Georgette Heyer and had access to all these letters and research Heyer did and I wish she d Sinfully Sweet (Harlequin Blaze used of that in her book It s a popular rather than scholarly text and I suppose I shouldn t fault the book for being something it isn t but I was still a little disappointed If you re looking for actual research on the Regency era pick this bookp and Tabitha in the Moonlight use the recommended reading list at the end If you want something to help younderstand some of the arcane aspects of Heyer s novels this will be perfect for you 35 I ve owned this book for a few years now and was lucky enough to have it signed by the author at the Georgette Heyer Conference in Sydney in 2016 Jen was warm and lovely and a really great public speaker It was a pleasure to meet herVery readable account of the times and it was fascinating to find out things you have always wanted to know like What are crim cons What rules do the seconds have to follow when arranging a duel When does a fashionable lady wear a carriage dress Did you know that theatres of the time had to have a licence to operate When Austen and Heyer talk about a letter writer crossing their lines I pictures something completely different and even illegible than Jen s example Fascinating stuffThe black and white illustrations by Graeme Tavendale often adapted from other artists work were charming and enhanced my enjoyment of this book as well as providing a convenient visual referenceBut there are also a few inaccuracies Jen references Heyer novels the whole way through this book minor spoilers for some but that was not a problem for me as I have read all of Heyer s Regency novels But a Cotillion reference was wrong and a copy editor hasn t aligned a table about money correctly this must be so psetting for the author These aren t the only examples but they are frustrating for a Heyer fanatic Little things like this mean that this book can t be completely relied on as a reference source but is fine for those of s whose interest is only casua. Ops clubs and towns they freuented the parties and seasons they celebrated how they ate drank dressed socialized shopped and drove An tterly delightful and fun read beautifully illustrated and compelling in its historical detail this is a must have for any Georgette Heyer fa.

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