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Wow what can I say This book surprised me all the way around It kept me turning page after page If you want a story and characters that will rip you Shattering Bones is it The author successfully weaves the past and present to make a thrilling chilling storyAnna Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss goes to Venice to further her career by helping build a hotel not knowing that she is a major clue to the curse that has infested the island for centuries An island that the people of Venice want nothing to do with And withood causeStories of the missing bell tower s bell rings in the night Ungodly screams can be heard from passing boats along its shorelines Nothing lives on the island not even an insect which is the When someone dies in outrage a curse is bornIn 1576 Venice during the second and worst outbreak of the plague a dying child is shown no mercy Her death spawns a curse one which has endured for than four centuries In.

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Acts and chilling moments in checkI would definitely look her up in the dark fiction section of any bookshop online or otherwise I almost didn t finish this because it triggered me not once but twice The story has a rape described in some detail as well as a scene about a woman having a stillborn birth I set the book aside then came back to it in hopes it would Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, get better The horror is unrelenting but the complete vanuishing of all theood people in this ruined the ending for me I know it s common in horror for evil to still lurk at the end but in this case it outright won Not for me I really enjoyed this novel though it scared me A very dark read which would make a reat movie. D in Venice opening the door to the next fulfillment of the curse She will uncover the reason behind her ultimate confrontation with the barbaric executioner whose name is RevengeContent Warning some scenes of violen.

Irst clues to lead Anna and her partner Alejandro that something is not right When things start to be uncovered it makes them even suspiciousAnna is determined to et to the bottom of the mysterious sightings and what is happening before it s too late Does she Or does the curse claim yet another victim But death is not always an ending it is just a beginning for some I liked reading this book the hard core horror that pulls no punches on the contrary the author used her powers and resources to their full extent Whispering Bones showcases what a rudge can do to a soul even an innocent one and how insidious entities could utilize that to their advantage Rita Vetere had her dates 1927 the curse manifested in acts of madness and murder in a newly constructed asylum events which almost a century later have not uite been laid to restNow in a rendezvous with fate architect Anna LaServa has arrive.

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A lifelong fan of dark fiction Rita Vetere combines elements of the supernatural and suspense to steer her tales down a dark and twisting path Good and evil is the recurring theme and as in real life it's always a coin toss as to which side will win outRita was born in Newborough England and raised in Toronto Ontario Canada She counts among her most important early influences growing up i