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The door and says knock knock which is adorable in my opinion Written and illustrated by Salina Yoon in 2011 One Two Buckle My Shoe is a counting book that utilizes both words and numerals to help teach children to count The illustrations are in simple and in bright colors The pages have cut outs which show you a small piece of what will be on the next page For xample the blue suare dissected into four by green lines turns out to be a window when the page is turned Many of these cutouts. Transform into playful circus scenes with the turn of a page Watch as the two polka dots magically become a clown's shoe; see ten different colored circles transform into juggling rings  The grand finale comes to life via

Cute but not among my favorites Little toddlers learn to count in this bright and rhythmic short book It s bright and ngaging and the cardboard pages means no matter how rough the little ones get the book is safe for another dayRating 5 out of 5ReadBook 2 art3 conceptThe window cut outs really make this book Suirt peeks through them turns the pages backwards just to get a better look puts his hand through the windows His favorite part is 34 knock on the door he knocks on the picture of. One Two Buckle My Shoe is a board book with a new twist on a classic nursery rhyme  Young children will learn to count from one to ten as they recite this favorite rhyme  Die cut windows show colorful abstract shapes that.

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For me however made the counting difficult For xample the image for three is three thick pink lines If the numbers had not been in order I would not have understood that I was meant to count the lines Instead ach of these cut outs seem to ngage the reader in wondering what is on the next page Each of the full illustrations include a mouse dressed as a circus master so it could be fun for a child to look for him on ach page If this book was meant as a nice read aloud to a toddler I wo. Double gatefold spread where the circus performers ntertain amaze and amuseBright and clear numbers numerals and words help toddlers learn to count in a way that's never been so much fun  Come on into the big top and njo.

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