Kate Collins: Night of the Living Dandelion A Flower Shop Mystery #11

Oving plot full of likable characters who behave in charmingly odd and extreme waysAlthough the circumstances and people s reaction to them are a bit wacky and unbelievable some local townspeople form a vigilante roup called the Garlic Party in response to the rumors that Vlad is a vampire Abby s niece and other schoolgirls form a cordon around the bar to protect Vlad the pace of the plot allows the reader to A Miracle, A Universe glide right over the improbabilities and just enjoy the ride And the ride is funny Abby is a klutz who is a menace mainly to herself while temporarily on crutches her nutty cousin is convinced she is becoming a vampire and her mother is an exuberant and spectacularly untalented artistThe murder mystery is aood one well constructed and a nice complement to the zaniness of the characters I really did not see how this was oing to end which I loveThere is nothing better than discovering a new author and then realizing that she has a long list of books I will definitely be looking for books 1 10 in this series Although I started at 11 I had no problem keeping up with the characters and their relationships and this was easily a stand alone book I enjoyed this installment in the Flower Shop Mystery series Abby and Marco make the cutest couple and I like that Marco s brother Rafe is becoming a central character Though the plot of this one was pretty far fetched people believing a new resident is an actual vampire the antics of Abby s cousin Jillian were hilarious I was a little sad that Abby s best friend and roommate Nikki hardly appeared in this story and Abby s mom played a lesser role than usual but I m sure they ll be showing up in future installments especially considering the engagement and upcoming wedding This is a particularly silly entry in a silly cozy mystery series Abby is back at it this time as rumors of a vampire sweep her town The mystery was ood but the oofiness pulled me out a few times. Dy drained of blood the stakes become life and death With Vlad the #1 suspect Abby and Marco race to find the real killer before Vlad's life really starts to suc.

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Ok Lots of fun to read I certainly couldn t figure out who the murderer was with all the suspects Definitely recommend reading this Our MC and florist Abby and Marco are engaged It s a secret because it looks like he may be recalled to the Army they are just waiting for his papers before announcing their engagement Marco has an old army buddy come to the bar to help out bartending in what Marco believes will be his absence His Army Ranger buddy Vlad hails from Romania He has prominent canines and wears all black He wants Abby to order him some very particular plants like voodoo lily and wolfsbane Is it no wonder that the town thinks he s a vampire When a body turns up drained of blood well you know where suspicion lies It s up to Marco with a somewhat reluctant Abby to clear Vlad s name This was a fun book to read well written humorous in spots and everything came together nicely at the end Crazy cousin Jillian makes her appearance convinced that she has turned into a vampire These were some funny scenes All in all it was hard to put the book down and I enjoyed it very much Nice as well to see how Kate Collins continues to evolve and mature Abby and Marco s relationship This book was a fun read It was light breezy and very easy to readSometimes these are the books you need Nothing serious nothing with bad humour The story flowed right along and kept my interest from beginning to endI like Kate s books I like them allot and they are my o between booksHighly recommended Interesting well plotted cozy mystery with a intrepid heroine despite being on crutches with a bad ankle sprain I like the romance developing between her and her boyfriend Night of the Living Dandelion is one of those wonderful books that keep you reading late into the night The spunky young heroine is a flower shop owner who moonlights as a sleuth and as an occasional partner to her bar ownerPI fiance Marco It is a fast read with a rapidly Rom Romania has prominent canines likes bizarre plants such as bloodwort and Dracula orchid and dresses entirely in black When a local woman is found dead her bo.

This has turned into a favorite series for me and in this adventure Abby s family is involved which I really enjoy because they border on being as crazy as Stephanie Plum s family so you know they are a riot A MUST read i love this series I m so obsessed FlowershopMysteryAbby s fiance might be called back to service in the military so he asks an old army friend to help out The problem is his name is Vlad he s from Romania he dresses dark colors and has canine front teeth not to mention during his stay in New Chapel a woman is found dead and drained of her bloodMarco and Abby don t have much time before he s called to service and race to find out who is the real killer because naturally with all the odds up against Vlad circumstantial everything points to him Oh and of course Jillian is always in middle creating much NOT needed chaos I love Jillian Knight OsborneA MUST read i love this series I m so obsessed fFowershopMystery Of Fads and FangsVampire seem to have become a reading fad in recent yearsfor everyone but me I liked Kate Collins other books enough to abandon my scruples however and am lad I did This was a very pleasant combo of campy fun flowers and loyalty albeit with some ruesome murders offstage Abby Knight is the owner of a flower shop called Bloomers She only has a few weeks left with her fiance before he By Words Alone goes back to active duty In the meantime a newcomer Vlad Serban has come to town He s a army friend of Marco s Marcoives him a job at his bar Before you know it rumors are flying about a vampire in town and a body suddenly turns up drained of blood Abby and Marco are now in a race to clear Vlad s name Or is he really a vampireSuper cute There were some parts that had me laughing I liked Abby and Marco They make a reat couple and team in solving crimes I enjoyed the vampire theme in this one It was clever how the author created the vampire set up in this flower shop series for this one bo. Flower shop owner Abby Knight does not believe rumors that Vlad Serban friend and employee of Abby's fiancé Marco is a vampire But how to explain that Vlad is

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Indiana native and former teacher Kate Collins is the author of the New York Times best selling Flower Shop Mysteries featuring feisty florist Abby Knight and the zany crew at Bloomers Her books have made the New York Times Best seller's list Barnes & Noble mass bestsellers lists the Independent Booksellers lists and are available in large print editions in the US and the UK The Flower Sho