Melissa Lagonegro: A Pet for a Princess Step into Reading

( EBOOK A Pet for a Princess Step into Reading ) by Melissa Lagonegro –

This is a great book for beginning eaders Features each of the popular princesses for a few pages No overarching plot or conflict Jasmine gets a surprise tiger from her father Jasmine has to learn to care and love the tiger Jasmine the tiger become good friends Perhaps this book is special to me because I had a pet. In this original Step 2 Disney Princess Step into Reading Jasmine gets a tiger cub and names.

Uite a bit like Rajah Large and dangerous looking but sweet and docile as can be Regardless a sweet little story of love for your furry baby Here is a very easy to ead book for the average first grader It s not too frou frou for the boys either My little guy loved all things Alladin for a while especially the lovely. Him Rajah Young princess fans will delight in learning how Rajah became Jasmine’s beloved.

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Jasmine his 2nd crush his first was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz This is not a silly girly yucky princess story eally It s about how Jasmine first met her pet tiger Rajah There is only one sentence per page and pictures than that My little guy didn t care to ead this than once but I m guessing little girly girls migh. Pet tiger in this sweet story about kindness and friendship From the Trade Paperback editio.