Phil Parshall: The Cross and the Crescent Understanding the Muslim Heart and Mind

Thful Muslims r those with ulterior motives will engage Christians In a World Created by a Drunken God or Jews as friendsHe has completely ignored any serious treatmentf Islamic theology And because he has been Indo No Kao on the An excellent analysisf the Islamic worldview from a Christian missionary who has lived among Muslims for ver thirty years Parshall s credibility lies not nly in his long standing relationships with Muslims but in the way he Giant Peach Yodel openly discusses problems withing both the Islamic and Christian faith He compares and contrasts the beliefsf Muslims and Christians with little bias and leaves the responsibility Sinai and Zion of discernment to the reader Challenging and thought provoking hard hitting yet compassionate The Cross and the Crescent isa must read for those desiring notnly to understand the framework f Islam but the heart behind it This is ne f the. Ffects and ften doesn't affect their behavior Phil Parshall compares and contrasts Mu.

This is a well written and very challenging book Parshall draws n his experience f twenty six years working among Muslims in Bangladesh and the Philippines He compares and contrasts Islam with Christianity and sometimes this comparison doesn t show Christians in a very positive light There is a raw honesty especially in the chapter Iniquity on suffering Parshall certainly doesn t avoid the tough issues but I would see this engagement with reality as a definite plus I can heartily recommend it Parshall s approach and treatmentf Islam is horrible His messge is that he has a lot f Muslim friends and they are nice people He seems to believe that the best way to make inroads with Muslims is to befriend them But he has neglected the fact that the Koran forbids Muslims from being friends with dhimmi Jews and Christians Only liberal unfai. In this warm and personal book the author looks at what Muslims believe and how this

Deep and informative books n Islam Highly recommended This is a thoughtful careful exploration f Christianity and Islam both their shared ualities theology and their sticky differences Written by a Christian it s inherently biased but even so I was impressed with Phil Parshall s clear respect for the Muslim people and faith having lived in two predominantly Muslim countries even as he holds unswervingly to following the crucified and risen Jesus The cross as he points ut is probably the most fundamental difference between the two religions This is a rich book and helped me better understand where these two faiths converge and div A personal sharing f bservations and stories about the differences and similarities between Christians and Muslims Written by a reflective if not skeptical author with tons Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook of experience and stud. Slim and Christian viewsn the nature f God sacred scriptures worship sin and holine.

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