David Sirota: Hostile Takeover How Big Money and Corruption Conuered Our Government and How We Take It Back

The author explains how our government and politicians have been bought out by corporations and the ultra wealthy David Sirota claims that he is presenting a clear picture of the corruption in our government yet his book is endorsed by Al Gore one of these corrupt politicians that will soon be making a fortune off his own takeover of our government with carbon credits and global warming This is in the face of a five year continuing decrease in global temperatures and snow storms in Kenya The endorsement says every politically engaged citizen should read this book Al Gore Both parties are almost totally corrupt I don t trust that the author is unbiased I wanted to learn from this book than I did I found its onesidedness tiresome Although I do believe that Republican policies at the time were overtly focused on making things easier for corporations to get things done than Democrats were the mainstream Democratic party was also in the pocket of corporations took their money and did them favors I wanted to a evenhanded look at things from this guy A must read for the 82% of Americans who think their country is on the wrong trackRead this book to find out the real reasons why Warnin. Do you ever wonder if there’s a connection between the corruption scandals in the news and the steady decline in the uality of life for millions of Americans Do you ever wonder what corporations get for the millions of dollars they pour into the American political system Do you ever think the government has been hijacked by forces hostile to average Americans Do you ever want to fight back Millions of Americans lack health care and millions struggle to afford it Politicians claim they care then pass legislation that just sends cash to the HMOs Wages have been stagnant for thirty years even as corporate profits skyrocket Politicians say they want to fix the problem and then pass bills written by lobbyists that drive wages even lower and punish those.

Hat one This book pulls no punches It connects the dots on how money is corrupting our democracy and country Sirota has put together a handbook of facts to help dispell myths and lies spread by politicians Each chapter is on a different topic and within each chapter he combats common talking points with facts concisely presented to uickly arm any citizen with teh nowledge they need to confront soothsayers Facts and data can only do so much At the end of each chapter he lays out what we can do or reuest to actually fix the problems Common sense answers to what are percieved to be complex problems The author aims big and does not merely pick on rep s or dem s but all who have been bought off with dirty money A must read But be forewarned once you now what is going on you can no longer claim ignorance Sirota s writing calls you to action Very good I traffic in a lot of this sort of literature so I m not uite the wide eyed neophyte that I m sure Sirota envisioned as his audience when he wa This audience preaches to the choir but if you re in the choir you ve heard this before Therefore pretty useless Reading parts of this book made me feel ill That I guess is or less the point. Uct of a political system and debate wholly owned by Big Money interests Sirota considers major public issues that feel intractable like spiraling health care costs the outsourcing of jobs the ineuities of the tax code and out of control energy prices and shows how in each case workable solutions are buried under the lies of lobbyists the influence of campaign cash and the ubiuitous spin machine financed by Big BusinessWith fiery passion pinpoint wit and lucid analysis Hostile Takeover reveals the true enemies of reform and their increasingly sophisticated and hostile tactics It’s an essential guidebook for those of us tired of the government selling us out and determined to take our country back Also available as an eBook From the Hardcover edition.

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G it may make you ill with anger I m not really sure how to rate this I m a card carrying singer in the choir obviously and so I didn t learn anything new from this But if the book is hopefully getting a wider audience than the choir I guess the uestion is how effective these arguments would be on the benighted masses My guess maybe optimistic is that half will hit home the other half will come across as as spin or demagoguery or something like that not because the argument is not sound or true but because it sounds too much like partisan or ideological spin because of the author s blustery tone This might not be the best voice for transmitting the message I m sad to say because I can definitely identify with the anger and indignation behind it and certainly I endorse the message Despite being on an airplane and having nothing else to do I couldn t get past page 35 It was pretty screedy didn t tell me anything I didn t already now yet presented it as startling new information and was generally annoying Which is too bad I actually agree with his slant but this book wasn t for me I actually thought this was a different book which he mentioned a couple of times so maybe I ll try Crushed by debt Jobs are being shipped overseas pensions are being cut and energy is becoming unaffordable And our government concerned about maintaining its corporate sponsorship than protecting its citizens does nothing about it In Hostile Takeover David Sirota a major new voice in American politics seeks to open the eyes of ordinary Americans to the fact that corporate interests have undermined democracy aided and abetted by their lackeys in our allegedly representative government At a time when and of America’s major political leaders are being indicted or investigated for corruption Sirota takes readers on a journey that shows how all of this nefarious behavior happened right under our noses and how the high profile scandals are merely one prod.

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