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35 starsEntertaining read I can t do the review justice so I ll link to a ood reviewGood review hereThe psychotic OW does et her comeuppance in a big way I m tempted to shelve this under psycho thriller with all the wacky women trying to harm the heroine It was ood but there were too many threads introduced and then dropped for me to Inventing the Future give it a higher rating I know it s just a harley and I should set my expectations differently As far as harley so this one is better than most thanks to a strong heroine I wished there were less threats and events and depth on the ones that did happen More like 25 stars Yes this was totally awesomeThe number of strong entertaining to out and out evil women is varied and runs the Understanding Women gamut from a strong heroine one spiteful evil OW deranged evil OW a despicable smother mother MIL the h s emotionally frail BF and a 6 yooing on 30 plot moppet that I wanted to offer a martini for her pointed zingers to an unwanted evil woman in her daddy s life The story starts up after the Camille the poor little rich irl is now a poor little irl since her unloving jackass of a daddy died without leaving her anything but carrying the bag for his bad behavior Turns out he was a swindler and worse and was brought down by the H for some pretty Verdammt verliebt good business and personal reasons Subplot of the romance is the H s uncle loved and lost the h s mother to her nasty father Or did heThe heroine has lost a totally worthless fiancee to evil other woman 2 She is not moping about it as she has both a brain and a spine She doesn t think much about him the fiancee the hero or anyone as she is trying toet her life in order She The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, gets an A for standup kickass take no holds behavior She stands up to the worthless fiancee and evil OW 2 she slaps a woman that tries to kill her she is sarcastic and dismissive of the ex toady of her father that fires her and tons strong heroine action She wavers a little toward the endShe befriends the H s motherless daughter as she can identify as she lost her own mother as a child Plus evil OW 1 has her sights on the H and like the Chinese water torture treatment is relentless in her pursuit When I say relentless I really mean spine chillingly frighteningI really worry about MW Her portrayal of evil women bad mothers and the like is scarily chilling and realistic I think there was a narcissistic mama somewhere in MW s family tree as no one does scary mothers like Margaret Way except maybe EuripedesThe 6 year old daughterRead for the female characters and if you like a strong heroine rather than the romance Despite some sizzle and eventual protestations of love the H and h have little to do with each other Another book written in the wrongenre Better as a suspensethriller murder mystery 350 starsI liked this book liked all the drama that went on Nick and Camille had Inverloch Volume 4 good chemistry but I felt their romanceot bogged down by all the other dramas And there was lots of them We have Camille oing from a wealthy heiress to penniless after her father killed himself having been destroyed by Nick who took revenge on behalf of his uncle who had been in love with Camille s mother and killed himself one day after her suspicious death Camille was six or seven years then As the mystery on this love triangle unravels Camille is beginning underst. Camille Guildford is the daughter and heiress of a powerful Australian financier But she hasn't inherited the fortune everyone thinks she has Instead her father's mysterious death has left her wit.

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Onnect as I did destroy her father Then I had a problem with those sooooo many characters I lost the thread several times Especially I couldn t keep with her trusteebusiness associatesmentor friend apart The h s bff story oes from poignant to heart wrenching to Okay irl enough Please ive the floor back to the hH But her MIL s takedown is the high point of the book Half way through I realized that this is a suspense story eually if not primarily and the author had stepped up the whodunit part of it at the expense of the hH spending uality time together The H oes awol many a times and touches base for an occasional booty call All MW s staples make an appearance Plus some highly crazy wacky stuff Won t o into it The dayum so evil ow is annoying than scary as her omni presence and the H s ambivalence towards her jar a lot Still not all bad And I can understand the high ratings LOL That s thrill ride laughter That s the The Horse in Celtic Culture giddy feeling Iot after reading this whacked out tale of revenge and enough OW oodness to fuel at least three books The villain is the heroine s dear old dad The innocent victim is the heroine One of the many people who want revenge against the heroine s dear old dad is the hero a wealthy businessman who has made it his life s work to avenge his uncle s suicide But there s so much MW didn t just ive us crazy literally OWs she Every Boys Dream gave us three murder attempts against the heroine a troubled young child a side thread with the heroine s best friend suffering from a miscarriage and an overbearing mother in law Throughout it all the heroine losing her home her job her status her fiance sheives as Starflight Zero good at itets If there are turbo charged OWs this is a turbo charged Mary Sue She s beautiful she s smart she s kind to those who need kindness and she is assertive to those who need a A Succession of Bad Days good smack down She is awesome and I loved how she had enough energy to fight her own battles and her friend s and the hero s daughter s The hero He was the prize the heroine won after vanuishing all the demons So not much of a romance but who cares This was melodrama at it s finest Not a dull moment on the crazytown express ride I loved the strong heroine but H was not very impressive he should be aware of the evil OW making his daughter s and lover sheroine life and miserable So a few of my friends were talking about this book and I just had to read it It was a whole bunch of crazy fun Well written to keep your attention and not full of purple prose like the last MW book I read There was a lotoing on so the romance kind of took a back seat in this one I didn t really mind here since the rest of it was so fun view spoiler I wish the other woman had just been really nasty instead of certifiably crazy It would have made her death a victory for all heroines who have been at the mercy of a shitty OW She really The Multi-Orgasmic Man go what was coming to herthem hide spoiler Wow What a fantastic campfest Full of insane characters revenge murder child abuse hate sex suicide obsession oedipal moms raging jealousies stalking insanity drug abuse stabbings horsewhippings poison and honestly there was I just can t list them all Needless to say I couldn t put it down And as a bonus the comeuppance to the evil homicidal OW was truly one of the most epic Hitchcock has nothing on the imagination of Ms Way. Is unpredictable surprising Like the fact that he has a littleirl he adores No less surprising is Camille's attraction to him an attraction he seems to return Can you fall in love with your enem.

And why she d been unloved by her father all these years Then there is Nick s past history with his wife and the impact of it on his daughter who s led to believe by her mother that she s plain which makes it difficult to et along with anyone her school mates nanny etc except for her father but he was too busy to ive her full attention She takes to Camille and only Camille is able to understand her and help her Then there Camille s friend Linda whose marriage to Steven is in trouble because of his interfering mother and I liked how that played out and eventually worked out especially when Steven witnesses himself the truth about his mother Then there is Camille s ex fiancee Phillip who broke off their engagement the moment he found out her father left her penniless and within few days The Great Passage got engaged to another heiress Robin Similarly there s an OW Clare a rich widow who had been a friend to Nick s wife and now has her sights on marrying him and she keeps dropping in unannounced at his place which irritates his daughter and she lashes out at her Then we have the mystery of who is trying to kill Camille the people who hated her father for conning them or Clare who doesn t like Camille s closeness with Nick or Robin who fears Phillip is still in love with Camille Sheets attacked by one woman but then Nick saves her life and ends up injured which ends the hostility between them and brings them closer Even though the woman was caught the threats and stalking continue So as much as I liked all the drama I felt it caused breaks in Camille Nick s romance They d meet have a few private moments then Nick would disappear and Camille would be dealing with the above problems There was no continuity Camille was a strong assertive person I liked how she The Beast House / After Midnight gave itood to Clare Robin Philip and Linda s mother in law I liked Nick a lot Loved his sweet moments with his daughter Melissa even those times when he was exasperated with her We also Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1) get a little bit of the outback when Nick takes Camille and his daughter to his outstation toward the end and there were lovely moments between the three as they prepare for Christmas but then Clare arrives and tries to cause trouble She scares the life out of Camille and Melissa with her evil intentions Good thing sheot her comeuppance before thatOverall it was a nice and enjoyable read This book has everything You I Walk in Dread got romance between theorgeous plucky heroine and the epitome of tall dark and handsome billionaire heroYou The Life You Save got the tangled family dark past that lead to deaths and revengeYouot the easily solved crime and not so mysterious mystery You Tempting Meredith (Lovers and Friends, got the story of heroine s best friend which in my opinion didn t really had any impact on the major story line but interesting non the less and should have its own bookYouot the precocious little Inside MacPaint girl who could only be understood by the heroine Youot to travel to the outback living in the aboriginal wonder worldYou even ot the crazy other womanPhew 335 perhapsAnd it could have been so much better The hH have that indefinable soulmate connection and an intense chemistry but I felt a lack somewhere I don t know maybe their intimate moments were not loving enough The H is like okay I cannot help myself even though I know 1 Beauty comes with a lot of baggage and 2 well we have a bad historyc. H an unexpected legacy of bitternessShe blames one man for her father's decline Nick Lombard She casts him as her enemy as the man who wants to see her fail Yet much of what she learns about Nick.

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Margaret Way was born and educated in the river city of Brisbane Australia Before her marriage she was a well known pianist teacher vocal coach and accompanist but her hectic musical career came to a halt when her son was born and the demands of motherhood dictated a change of paceOn a fortuitous impulse she decided to try her hand at romance writing and was thrilled when Mills & Boon accept