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Nd Auila s creators Please Mr Norriss please Tom and Geoff were best friends That s how it had always been They weren t just normal children though A while back on a geography school Geoff and Tom and wondered off They were in the middle of a field when suddenly the floor under them had collapsed Underground they discovered Auila a flying machine that dates back a long time ago Ever since they have been flying it round to different countries They have rules about Auila though They must never ever tell anyone about it as anything could happen But Geoff tells someone. With almost endless possibilities for excitement will they be able to eep Auila a secret for long Or will a simple mistake reveal everything and ruin the fun forev.

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Learn find themselves overwhelmed with work beset with familial difficulties Tom s mother having shed her agoraphobia is now icking up her dating heels and facing the onset of that most perennial of problems for teenage boys girls and what to make of them Norriss maintains the lovely light touch of the first book and it s a pleasure to be back with Tom and Geoff and co But now I and my son who beat me in the race to finish it are desperate for Auila 3 where Tom and Geoff with Paige and Dunstan meet and beat the Yrrillian invasion of Earth and travel to Deneb to fi. M an alien starship that crashed to earth 6000 years ago but it still works and it can fly them anywhereAfter their trip to New York the boys are eager for fun but.

Excellent seuel to Auila Great readWith avila you are guaranteed a good time Tom and Geoff make new friends and discover new places A worthy seuel Five stars I loved the first Auila book and I loved this seuel tooTwo fantastic characters meet some new friends and go on an even exciting adventure than before I hope that there in another book in the series Wonderful Tom and Geoff s adventures with Auila the Denebian escape pod they discovered in the first book continue Our heroes now taken to the bosoms of teachers desperate to engage with students who are een to. Auila can you take you anywhere It's getting back that can be tricky Tom and Geoff still can't believe what they found on their school trip Auila is the lifepod fro.