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Hat to say about this book except that is one of the best ones out thereI m a big fan of Bartimaeus since I was a child and imagine how thrilled I was when I found out Jonathan Stroud wrote one book about BartimaeusI was amazed by this book and I have to say that with ears Jonathan hasn t lost his touch and wrote another great book about BartimaeusAfter reading this book I kinda miss Nathaniel because I absolutely love having him and Bartimaeus in the same teamIt s pretty cool that we can observe interaction between Fauarol and Bartimaeus I find their relationship very fascinating specially in this book when they are what we could say co workers B 72% More than Satisfactory Notes Its new setting adds nothing unoriginal it relies on stock children s themes and another flat rehash of series formula Revisiting the world of Bartimaius fans will be rewarded with everything we loved about the original books a fast paced entertaining adventure with a satisfying ending Most importantly there s Bartimaius himself back with his footnotes and customary cheek Bartimaius is one of the most unforgettable and entertaining characters come to kid s fantasy in the past few ears and there s no doubt he could carry several good novels like The Ring of Solomon Surpassing the original trilogy is a different matter I like the character of Asmira but she is nowhere near as wonderfully flawed as Nathaniel was nor did I want to root for her as strongly as I rooted for Kitty The whole book lacks the epic urgency of tone achieved in the trilogy Since this is a stand alone novel perhaps it s not a fair comparison But now that Stroud s proved he s still got his skill and his sense of humor I hope he ll branch off into something different and uniuely wonderful I should also mention the nice cover illustration which makes me grateful that Jonathan Stroud s books are shelved in the children s section If this was a YA book there d probably be an edgy dramatically angled shot of Asmira and Bartimaius as airbrushed teenagers though we all know that Bartimaius preferred form and pose would be a hideous goblin blowing a raspberry Apparently us adolescents are too hormonally charged to appreciate that oooh it sure took me long enough to read this it wasn t because it wasn t fun or wonderful it was greaaat the reason was or less because i was reading it kindle version wish i had the paperback When I finished The Bartimaeus Trilogy I was hungry for Adding on to the trilogy would probably have been a disaster but creating a sister book with the same humorous cheek of Bartimaeus and living his adventures before his days with Nathaniel was genius I started reading with a smile and I finished it smiling In addition It left me wanting to go back and read the whole trilogy again FAN TAS TICCan t wait to read the three other booksJerusalem 250 BCE King Solomon is ruling his kingdom with an iron fist or a very powerful ring to be specefic demanding immnense revenues after terrorising other kings and ueens of far off lands Magicians recognizing the supreme power of the ring are competing for the king s favors enslaving djinn afrits and marids to get the most beautiful and powerful magic curiosities to add to the king s huge collection When the kingdom of Sheba ruled by generation after generation of ueens known for its very important Nig Salomon stand er auf Du und Du Und diese Geschichten wird ER Bartimäus der Dschinn aller Dschinns uns nun endlich in seiner unnachahmlich bescheidenen Weise präsentieren dürfenDas lang ersehnte Preuel zu den faszinierenden Abenteuern um den jungen Magier Nathanael und seinen unfreiwilligen Diener den Dschinn Bartimäus.

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Stroud s books Philosophy aside there are plenty of spirits to summon knives to throw humans to devour temples to build and magicians to outwit To use a popular clich readers of this book will burn the midnight oil to the finish undoubtedly I certainly had Barty Barty BartyWhat a rofl book Just laugh laugh and laugh until my stomach hurts Since first page The Ring of Solomon was sooooooo funny that me started laughin so hard Oh Barty we love ou This book is hilarious funny and exciting I think Barty is the most beloved fantasy characters all time awesomeI like this book it is a lot fun n This Many Miles From Desire you should get this bookou will love Barty and and and Great job Mr Stroud Please give us Barty s stories Maybe it s the heroic rogue of a main character or the Arabian setting or possibly even the Disney logotype on the spine of the jacket but I got to thinking about the animated feature Aladdin The first ten minutes of that movie contain a sprawling musical action set piece in which we learn that the titular hero Has to steal to eat HAS to eat to live Works really really hard at it And did we mention he s an orphanand anyway after he finally absconds with his hard won loaf of bread he just gives it to the first adorable pair of street urchins Contrast this with heroic rogue Bartimaeus who in the first twenty pages of The Ring of Solomon Defiles an ancient temple Burgles a holy relic And kills and eats an old man The djinni Bartimaeus and by extension Stroud is not going to make some cloying play for our affections This is not SPOILER ALERT a story about reformation END SPOILER ALERT I m even going to go out on a limb and say that Bartimaeus is refreshingly without an arc here Throughout the book he behaves only in the singularly free thinking fashion that has made him the irritant of both humans and spirits alike what with his universal impudence and humorously digressive footnotes In the interest of full disclosure I should mention that I previously read The Amulet of Samarkand the first of the original Bartimaeus trilogy so I m aware that he s starred in at least four stories now I suspect that Stroud understood early on that he had a very special character here and it wouldn t do to keep neutering him with sentiment in Act II of every book He is who he is and I think he would be alarmed to know that I found him to be the most human of all Stroud s characters His first person chapters alternate with third person chapters that focus on other actors particularly a oung and deadly Sheban named Asmira who is tasked with assassinating the powerful Solomon in order to save her homeland And here lies my chief criticism of the book Bartimaeus is so effervescent that chapters in which he doesn t appear much less narrate sometimes come off like flat soda by comparison Bartimaeus is such a force that he spills out in every direction through the fourth wall into the margins of the page and onward into self awareness and anachronism such as when he invokes copyright actual copyright to protect one of his signature fighting moves which he informs us he s been using since 2800 BCE Note that The Ring of Solomon is set 900 ears before there was a CE to be BAnyway every chapter left me wanting if Stroud and I were in a ScheherazadeKing Shahry r situation I totally would not have killed him at any point Don t know Mt sich aller Bartimäus Fans und macht sich auf die Spuren der Vergangenheit seines berühmtesten Helden Und das verheißt ein wirklich atemberaubendes Abenteuer denn Bartimäus hat durch die Zeiten nur den Großen der Geschichte gedient Pharaonen in Alexandria Alchimisten in Prag Kreuzrittern im Morgenland und sogar mit Kö.

I love love love this bookPlease please PLEASEEEEEE Jonathan Stroud write another preuelseuelepic poemplaynovellamemoirthesiswhatever of Barty We his adoring fans could never get enough of himOk back to the book This is Sermons Not Spoken your typical Barty like adventure High speed chases extreme danger lots of demons scary weirducky Julia you name it strong but flawed characters and of coursethe trademark acerbic sarcastic narcissistic comments from our dear beloved jinni O Barty how I LOL ed so hard when I read about when Solomon caughtou in Dancing with Fireflies (Chapel Springs, your pygmy hippo in a skirt guise tossing stones to build the Temple Mount whileou re supposed to use human guise and do the work manuallyI think I really envy Ptolemy My life would be soooo colorful if I have Barty around One thing for sure I ll never get bored It s Jerusalem 950 BCE but much to our sheer delight Bartimaeus could have been Dismissed out of 21st century London only moments ago It seems that two millenia are nothing for this sharp talking djinni for Bart s as charmingly insolent as ever And Bartimaeus really is the highlight of the work It s no wonder that Asmira struggles to be eually as appreciated by readers as Bartimaues is just as Nathaniel and Kitty do in the original Bartimaeus Trilogy The reader so ensnared by the capricious troublemaking shape shifter can only sigh in frustration when the narrative switches to the infintely boring third person voice concerning the tale s human characters But I don t complain as much here as I did in Golem s Eye I had little love for Kitty because Asmira s point of view is as full of action as is that of Bartimaues and fortunately Asmira s part of the story is incredibly important to the overall plot Of course there is something lacking in Asmira s department Something favoring the guises of Sumerian ouths and mumu wearing hippos Something incredibly egotistic admirably self centered impressively courageous and just too clever snazzy and sharp tongued to ever be properly commemorated in wordsSomewhere Bart is reading this and preening Maybe I ll end up in a footnote in one of his later exploits Maybe he ll send me his autographThe ending does not reach the emotional impact or scope of sacrifice which haunts the ending of Ptolemy s Gate no this finish is reminiscent of the end to Amulet of Samarkand but this is unsurprising While some might accuse the twist for failing and for the ending being too goody goody it is probably because these readers like I have already read the previous three books and are obviously in the know that Bart will come out of all this unscathed and probably composing a rude limerick in the process Unlike the ending to Ptolemy s Gate which holds the reader breathless and on tenterhooks the final battle oh so Jonathan Stroud in Ring of Solomon is taken in with a slightly relaxed air But don t worry it s not that relaxed It still manages to uicken the unwary reader s pulse that is when the reader isn t busy giggling off one of Bart s pointer footnotes It is the reader who wears a grin of triumph when in a dark moment all hope seems lostI found Stroud s discussion on the issues of slavery and power very interesting What does it mean to be psychologically enslaved To what use must great power be put Again here one finds a great balance between philosophy action and wit as is common with all of. Bartimäus’ wehmütiger Seufzer lässt ahnen dass der mächtige Dschinn in seinem 5000 Jahre währenden Dasein schon wesentlich spannendere Geschichten erlebt hat als die mit dem jungen Zauberer Nathanael Die Beschwörung seiner ruhmreichen Vergangenheit hat seine betörende Wirkung nicht verfehlt denn Jonathan Stroud erbar.

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Jonathan Anthony Stroud is an author of fantasy books mainly for children and youthsStroud grew up in St Albans where he enjoyed reading books drawing pictures and writing stories Between the ages seven and nine he was often ill so he spent most of his days in the hospital or in his bed at home To escape boredom he would occupy himself with books and stories After he completed his studies