Cornelia Otis Skinner: Our Hearts Were Young And Gay An Unforgettable Comic Chronicle of Innocents Abroad in the 1920s

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En today and I had to go to my French English dictionary than once That s part of the charm of this memoir of the 1920 s Hilarious A best selling book during the 1940s Two young women graduate rom college and decide to tour Europe A unny story I m sitting in the dentist chair with my mouth illed with goo waiting Theoretical Anxiety and Design Strategies in the Work of Eight Contemporary Architects for thelouride treatment to do its magic In my hand is Our Hearts Were Young and Gay I had ound this old title on my late mother s bookshelf where it had sat dusty and neglected or years I had always wondered why my mother had this book in her library So my mouth is The Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine filled with glop and my teeth are immobile in these pasty stiff trays shaped like horseshoes and I m reading OHWYG And I start to laugh And then I start to guffaw But I can t get a breath because of the pasty horseshoe glop so I start to shake and uiver a bit while gasping because I m laughing so hard at the antics of the two heroines in the book The dentist and his assistant hear my gaggingrom the next room and come running back to the room where they have left me Tears are running down my Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine face and I m shaking and trying to get a breath The looks on theiraces were priceless terror I m certain they thought I was going to die right there in the examination chair Poor Dr Meroney I m so sorry to have nearly given you a heart attackI loved this book Be warned though there are many references in it to personalities of the 1920s mainly Hollywood types that you may not recognize But even with the occasional now meaningless name dropping it s a hilarious romp you know i never understood what charm was until i read this book charm clearly has an innocence lacking in our timesmarvelous read incredibly Six funny great sharp wit and gentle self deprecating humor We were poisonously youngor all the books that i ve read Bandscheiben-Leiden - Was tun?: Mit den besten bungen fr den Alltag from this time i ve never run across theeeling this one imparts it makes me nostalgic Lady Janes Nemesis for a time i never experiencedhighly recommended Without a doubt this is myavorite book ever I seldom reread books but I ve read this one at least 4 or 5 times and I laugh until I cry each time I buy copies at used book sales and give them to my A Texas Rangers Family (The Stone Family friends Funny and delightful Many laugh out loud moments especially in the early part of the adventur. Episode absurdity upon absurdity shipwreck in the Saint Lawrence River an astonishinglyunny game of deck tennis Emily hitting a drowning man with a deck chair Cornelia breaking out with the measles both girls oblivious to the ill repute of the house in Dieppe where they ound lodging one night with sightseeing and romantic yearnings coming in between.

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Ter by the time you ve inished I pity thee On the other hand it does poke Computers fun at aew of my Before You favorite books and authors Ielt like a French aristocrat who had escaped the talons of the revolution although the only one I remotely resembled was the Scarlet Pimpernell Um excuse me I do not recall Sir Percy looking hideous EVER uite to the contrary and my some miracle we got through without losing a wheel or running over any small children which ever since I read A Tale of Two Cities I thought coaches always did is offended Nothing Emily said was a greater aid to beauty than a long slumber the eyes were mad clear and sparkling and the skin like tinted porcelain She must have gotten that out of Gene Stratton Porter Cornelia I hereby challenge thee to a duel Thou hast insulted the author of FrecklesAnd there was a leetle bit of unseemly content God s name is used in vain once or twice as well as one damned and not in the biblical context In addition the 19 ish year olds learn about the birds and the bees A History of the Guyanese Working People, 1881-1905 from a painting The book doesn t dwell on this Aaanndd even in the good old early 20s they run into a couple who in their innocence they describe as goodriends and who their mother attempts to explain to them by comparing them to Oscar Wilde None of this is emphasized though and the Blackfrost (Wytch Kings, first time I read it in my innocence I had no idea what they were talking about Alcohol consumption and smoking are mention numerous times and the girls erm do a lot oflirting And yet I would still classify this book as innocent and clean sooAfter Stupid men jokes finishing this book it is likely you will wish you could time travel and tour the continent in the 1920s if we re still talking about downsides I wasirst introduced to this book by a college Workbook for Emergency Care friend theirst edition with sprightly line illustrations and the special war edition print going near the edges of the page From the get go I was in love perhaps because I was about the age of Cornelia and Emily and I wanted to go to Europe like they didEventually I did go even visiting a The Benn Diaries Vol. 2 few of the same places St Valery en Caux the Cluny Museum and I was reminded of their adventures very tame by today s standards but stillunnySkinner s writing is a bit wordy and passe compared to how it might be writt. Mically details the pair's youthful trip abroad two decades earlier when they were almost out of their teens and on their own Macroeconomics for theirst time From its very beginning the Out flavor of the work is deliciously evident as Emily surprises a naked man in his hotel room before the girls have even embarked From Montreal to London to Paris episodeollows upon.

Our hearts were young and gay and we were leaving a part of them The Hero (Thunder Point, forever in Paris Sighsniff sniffI wish I could have seen England and France in the 1920s I read this because it was in the bookcase in my parents home when I was stuck inside during a blizzard when I was a teenager and laughed so hard I cried I still have that original copy but I d love to hear this readAs I review my books I realize that this is theirst memoir I read Ever What a way to go I was young and poisonously innocent when I read it and didn t realize the significance it would come to have in my later years I came to realize that as Mae West once said Keep a diary and some day it will keep you Diaries spruced up and made palatable Longarm and the Dynamite Damsel (Longarm, for the general public are the real memoirs of the past I m hoping toind this Stolen by the Sheikh for a reread when I unpack my books this summer Fingers crossed I would give this little book stars if I could It is a JOY and a TREASURE I will be buying copies to give as gifts What a wonderful well written smart and hilarious true account of tworiends in the 1920 s going to Europe The Eight Human Talents for the summer Just loved it so much A wonderful absolutely charming book The writing is witty light andunny and the adventures make A Vacation with the Lord for delightful reading It creates such a wonderful picture of 1920s European travel but is also a deliciously high spirited and cheery tale wonderful To be young andree and to see the world to touch The Internet and Democratic Citizenship for theirst time stones on which martyrs have walked to stand in the rooms of kingsThis book is Mr. Wuffles! filled with that wonder and perhaps the reason I enjoy it so much is because I resonate so strongly with thoseeelings I am a privileged girl and have seen many of the places in this book And while it may be easy to laugh at Cornelia Emily s mishaps wardrobe choices and grand imaginations that is how I Cool Women felt and continue toeel every time I set Ravens Gate (The Power of Five: The Graphic Novels, foot in a new land What is melancholy and profound than to see a thousand objectsor the Disintegration of Alan first and last time To travel is to be born and to die at every instantVictor Hugo But before I begin to wax too poetic and scare off some of my light heartedriends allow me to point out that this book is hilarious and loveable and huggable and if you do not have a bellyache Foreplay (The Ivy Chronicles, from suppressed laugh. None of Cornelia Otis Skinner's many accomplishments as actress or author came close to matching the phenomenal popularity of Our Hearts Were Young and Gay which appeared in 1942 and went through than twenty printings a total of than two million copies A collaboration with herormer Bryn Mawr classmate Emily Kimbrough the memoir charmingly and uite co.

Cornelia Otis Skinner was an American author and actress Skinner was the daughter of the actor Otis Skinner and his wife Maud Durbin Skinner After attending the all girls' Ethel Walker School and Bryn Mawr College 1918 1919 and studying theatre at the Sorbonne in Paris she began her career on the stage in 1921 She appeared in several plays before embarking on a tour of the United States f