David Baker: The 50 Most Extreme Places in Our Solar System

Monuclear furnace that is our sun the mystery of comets and asteroids the nvironment at the distance March Violets (Bernie Gunther, edges of our solar system Some of the chapters deal witharth and help us understand the uniueness of our planet where countless forms of life not only Zoete tranen exist but thriveThe chapters are short and sometimes it feels like the authors have just gotten started when that section suddenlynds and it s off to a different topic It would have been good to Water Music explore some of these subjects in detail On occasion the writing has too much of a gee whiz tone but otherwise the authors do a great job of communicating the wonders of planetary science at a layman s level A conversation between two planetary scientists about their love of their interdisciplinary field created this book highlighting a balance of WOW and serious science Each chapter starts with a way for the reader to personally relate to thextreme phenomenon being mentioned impact craters are referred to as the result of interplanetary paintball and pop culture references are cleverly woven in The authors do not shy away from advanced vocabulary but the inclusion of a comprehensive glossary and xcellent use of illustrations support comprehension The richly detailed photographs NASA images and clear diagrams help xplain concepts both succinctly and Student Research Projects in Calculus engagingly relatable comparisons such asuating the composition of carbonate rich lava to laundry soap are also used to scaffold knowledge With its at home xperiments such as the use of hot chocolate to xamine the workings of plate tectonics there is something for Love for Imperfect Things every level of science fan in this journey among some of the most riveting phenomena in our solar neighborhood About a decade ago I was listening to NPR during a long drive when they had an in. Say the WOW factor is restored to our understanding of scientific discovery as we witness the grandeur and the weirdness that inspire researchers to dig deeper and gover farther into the mysteries of the universeThe 50 Most Extreme Places in Our Solar System combines a fascination with natural disasters and the mesmerizing allure of outer space to take readers on a journey that will forever change the way they view our solar system Full of dazzling photographs from NASA s most recent obser.

Good book for getting kids A Heart of Stone excited about astronomy Fun readable to the point Awesome The planets are violently active out there all the time It s like Yellowstone geysers all the time This is an absorbing survey of the amazing phenomena within our solar system Perfect for the armchair traveller This is user friendly tour of the solar system Read it slowly anntry per day at the fastest and you ll always have something interesting that you can tell people you have found out about This is a great gift for a teenager A great Taking Instruction (Taboo, easily digestable book on our solar system This book isasy to understand has short chapters and a lot pictures Also the information presented was interesting Great for high school students interested in science The 50 Most Extreme Places in Our Solar System is a beautifully produced book It is replete with stunning full color photos and illustrations throughout and is laid out in a very artful way making it a joy just to look at Each of the 50 topics is described in about 3 Somewhat interesting I m not really into science but picked this up because one of the authors Todd Ratcliff is originally from my hometown The authors tried to make this as interesting hip as possible Some things were very interesting the planets and how they are tilted on their axis the relationship between the Earth and our moon Language and Linguistics etc Other things did not interest me so much the rings around Jupitertc The solar system is vast complex and surprising This book is a great way to learn about itThe volume includes a number of photos and illustrations Readers learn of the sometimes planet wide dust storms on Mars a world containing a mountain that dwarfs Everest They Divertimento explore the icy rings of Saturn the numerous moons of the outer planets thenormous ther. The xtreme vents that we hear about daily hurricanes Promise at Dawn earthuakes tsunamis and volcanicruptions are xtreme in purely human terms in the devastation they do But this book moves our understanding of the xtreme into xtraterrestrial dimensions and gives us an awe inspiring sense of what our solar system at its utmost can do Martian dust devils taller than Mount Everest A hurricane that lasts over 340 years Volcanoes with lava colder than Antarctica Hail made of diamonds Here as the authors.

Terview with the author of this book Immediately hooked I sat mesmerized as I learned about all the fascinating things in our solar system Yes I knew some of them but definitely not all From diamond hail on Uranus and Neptune to Eiffel tower sized lightning strikes on Saturn this book offers a lot of interesting facts when looking for science and solar system information in an asy to read formatTo tell all the intriguing facts about our solar system the authors have divided the book into 8 sections and categories such as oceans or wild wild weather followed by fairly The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery entertaining orye catching subsections such as Wildly Wicked Winds of Neptune While some may want to just read it straight through this format actually helps to lead you to the sections you might be interested in reading Want to learn about volcanoes that spew ice instead of fire Then turn to the Coldest Volcanoes section Each section is filled with several pictures and is only a few pages long giving you the interesting information very uickly so that you don t feel bogged down before getting to the parts you actually want to read A glossary is also included at the Darkmere endInteresting facts include Because Venus rotates so slowly a day in Venus can be longer than a year Would make birthdays a bit tricky Mars has a canyon grander than the Grand Canyon it is over 2400 miles long and 6 miles deep Roughly San Francisco to DC Mercury is shrinkingOverall a verynjoyable read where I learned a lot than I thought I would going in One of my best memories was showing the book to my then three year old nephew and telling him all about the stinky moon IO which fascinated him He fell in love with it and asked if he could take it home and read it where his mom told me he slept with it for several days. Vations this book Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? exploresxtreme regions on Earth and beyond giant turbulent storms Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den explosive volcanoes and the possibility of life surviving in harsh conditionsMore than a collection of facts the book conveys the dynamism of science as a process ofxploration and discovery As they amuse and Scraps Of The Untainted Sky entertain David Baker and Todd Ratcliff twoxperts in planetary science highlight recent developments and unresolved mysteries and strive at very turn to answer that important scientific uestion Why.

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