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Can say with pride he was there irstThis version of the book gets Pandaimonion four starsrom me because it doesn t have Testimony of Clinton Edward Jencks footnotes something Reed corrected in the second edition which I also review For me this is where my interest in the War of the Castes began prompting my own research into the subject Recommended but get the second edition Great achievement Theirst serious account in English of this Ultimate Playstation Cheats and Codes - Essential for PS2, PSP and PS3 Gamers fascinating virtually unknown half century of Maya rebellion Reed s telling is dense with vivid detail but at times the density is overwhelming Terry Rugeley s Rebellion Now and Forever writtenour decades later is just as un to read and makes major patterns and conclusions a lot clearer or the reader Reed s still a great place to start though. S American Historical ReviewIn this beautifully written history of a little known struggle between several contending Say You Still Love Me forces in Yucatán Reed has added an important dimension to anthropological studies in this area American AnthropologistNot only is this exciting history as compelling and dramatic as the best of historicaliction but it covers events unaccountably neglected by historians This is a brilliant contribution to history Don't miss this book Los Angeles TimesOne of the most remarkable books about Latin America to appear in years Hispanic American Repor.

And their Journaling Prompts - Procrastination farming practices There s a lot of discussion around thearming and religious practices i loved his archeological style and pulling back the layers on history But then it launches into a Alpha and Omega few chapters of boring military history I don t like battle stuff it s so boring You can almost skip the middle because the end especially the post script written in 1959 is really great Excellent research very informative BOOKS ABOUT YUCAT N Nelson Reed is a pioneer when it comes to studies of Yucat n s history and this book about the decades long Guerra de las Castas War of the Castes wasor many years the standard text on the subject Today there is a mini cottage industry among academics who specialize it the region s history but Reed. Revised edition is based on The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air further research in the archives and in theield and draws on the research by a new generation of scholars who have labored since the book's original publication 36 years ago One of the most significant results of this research is that it has put a human ace on much that had heretofore been treated as semi mythical Reviews of the First EditionReed has not only written a ine account of the caste war he has also given us the irst penetrating analysis of the social and economic systems of Yucatán in the nineteenth and twentieth centurie.

Este libro cuenta la historia de la guerra de castas en M xico o mejor dicho una guerra en la cual los mayas casi logran reconuistar Yucat n en la segunda mitad del siglo XIX y ue perdur hasta inicios del siglo XX Esta guerra adem s estuvo racializada y gener durante un tiempo un territorio maya independiente en donde surgi un estado teocr tico los Cruzob Las relaciones internacionales y las diferentes guerras en M xico jugaron un papel importante para su existencia Una lectura recomendada para auellos ue uieran conocer m s a ondo la historia de M xico I m sort of in between really liking and not liking this It starts out super interesting it s a history written by an archeologist so he goes into some detail around the layers of soil. This is the classic account of one of the most dramatic episodes in Mexican history the revolt of the Maya Indians of Yucatán against their white and mestizo oppressors that began in 1847 Within a year the Maya rebels had almost succeeded in driving their oppressors rom the peninsula; by 1855 when the major battles ended the war had killed or put to light almost half of the population of Yucatán A new religion built around a Speaking Cross supported their independence Backyard Revolution for overifty years and that religion survived the eventual Maya defeat and continues todayThis.

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