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G to anyone Her absolute honesty with the children and the hero shined through and I found it so refreshingI absolutely loved everything about this book and I can t wait to continue on with the seriesDual POVSafe view spoiler no owom drama H is a manwhore before he meets h is celibate from that moment on hide spoiler ARC received for reviewThis is a reprint of a 2003 book and as far as I can tell hasn t been updated Joe buys the kids a VCR and tapes Very sweet romance between Luna and Joe with some intrigue and action and a little angst Very sweet kids who ve had a rough time that you will ust fall in love with There s a bunch of other peeps who I think have had stories or will Jamie Creed is spooky This was one of the most entertaining books and I absolutely loved it The beginning had me fooled I m not a huge fan of the ultimate player who thinks marriage is worse than Claimed by the Wealthy Magnate jail The beginning was focused on Joe s playboy ways a bit too much but once Luna asked for Joe s help I was pleasantly surprised to see how much Joe was gone for Luna The storyust got better and better from thereLuna is being asked to take over guardianship of her 14 and 9 year old cousins that she didn t even know about Since their single mom passed away they ve been passed from one relative to another Luna has been informed there is some issues with the children and the townsfolk so she asks Joe to come with her temporarily to help get things settled Joe is a former policeman turned bounty hunter turned bodyguard If anyone can deal with any trouble to come along it s JoeI can t really say enough how much I loved this story I love small town settings because you get a lot of side characters that play a small but noticeable part in the story Add in kids who Tell Me About Eternity just need someone to love them and I was a goner Joe a former playboy becoming a protector and all domesticated wasust icing on the cake This author had me loving these people in the story so much that I had to go see if any of them have their own book I m so excited to see she does especially Jamie Creed I m not sure if his book can hold up to the hype of his character in this book but I m not wasting time to go find out. S Secretly Luna Clark may lust after Joe but she's made it clear that she's too smart for him.

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Ide characters Bryan Scott Jamie and Julie Rose and I m hopeful for their HEA books as well What a FAN FRE This was the first book I read by Lori fosterone of the ladies at my library knew I loved romance books and she picked it out for me and the rest is history I loved this book so much that I started ordering all her books Lori foster is my fave contemporary writer all her books are awesomeHer men are all alpha and hot as hell She also writes damn good erotica too and I m very picky with that genre it has to have a great storyline Check her out if you haven t read any of her bookstheir all awesome I see this is lending enabled for Kindle Would anyone be willing to lend it to meThanks for the lend Michelle hugs 5 I Wouldn t Say No To Joe Stars One of my favorites now is now available in audio Joe Winston is a ex Cop and present day Bounty Hunter and Bodyguard Joe lover of all women is infatuated with free spirited Luna The Moon Goddess who works for his cousin Zane s wife we first meet Joe in Wild and while it s not necessary to read Wild first I highly recommend itLuna finds herself needing Joe s help she s been named as guardian of her deceased cousins two children Willow and Austin Unfortunately there is trouble in the kids hometown and it looks as though someone is intentionally causing trouble for these poor orphaned children There are town secrets and it s up to Joe to keep Luna and the children safe from a unknown threat Joe wants Lunabut is he ready for family life and commitments And how long can Luna say no to Joe What a wonderfully perfect read I dug into this one at a time when everything around me was feeling very dark and heavy and this book absolutely gave to me exactly what I needed From the moment this hero meets the heroine he knows he wants her but doesn t claim it s love and remains celibate until he finally has her 3 months later He was possessive and ealous and above all protective of her and the children she has gained custody of This heroine was the perfect balance of independent feisty and vulnerable I loved how she stood up to the hero without being obnoxious or over the top with it She wasn t trying to prove anythin. Ooks macho style and irrepressible charm Joe can have any woman except the one he really want.

Say No to Joe By Lori FosterActual Rating 3 starsThe good The hero Joe was seemingly pretty loyal to Luna the heroine once they got together The kids were cute if a little cardboard ish I enjoyed the brief glimpses of Alyx Joe s sisterThe bad I was confused whether or not Joe had been celibate after meeting Luna He claimed he didn t want any other women but he d clearly gone out on at least one date with Amelia and there were two ladies in his house when Luna showed up which STILL confuses me Casual sexism Lots of comments about real men and some weirdly snide mentions of Luna being a feminist early on WTF Yet another manwhore hero Yawn OW bashing For some reason Joe repeatedly says the other women he dated were vain and shallow and that was why he never wanted to settle down with them Except he straight up acknowledges earlier in the book that he doesn t want marriage or kids and other women have tried and failed to get him to settle down I don t see why Foster can t ust have him admit that he wasn t ready at that point for marriage but is now Why does it have to be the other women s fault Safety Statsview spoilerAges Joe is 36 no age mentioned for LunaCheating NoneOMOW Some mention of Joe s previous manwhoring ways An ex is still obsessed with him and tries to get her revenge on himSeparation NoneTriggers NoneHEA Yes married by the end hide spoiler Say No To Joe was a humorous romance the characters were well fleshed out and I laughed so hard I snorted while I waited for my bus Which led to someone saying bless you to me D 455Loved this book It was exactly what I needed light and adorable with a dash of emotional romance I loved the relationship that Joe and Luna created with the children and the added mystery made this book addictive I loved that Luna wasn t the usual dainty female She was The wisest people in the world are the ones who know they ll make mistakes especially when dealing with kids For the Low Angst Love s LAL book of the month February challenge I choose Say No to Joe based on a recommendation from Mindy here on GR And Mindy you did not leave me astray I absolutely fell in love with Joe Luna Willow Austin I even enjoyed the Joe Winston has a routine with women he exists they swoon roll credits With his smouldering

Highlights •In 2001 Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times “Career Achievement Award” for Series Romantic Fantasy •In 2002 Lori’s book Too Much Temptation was the top selling romance title for books •In 2003 Say No To Joe was the second “Bestselling Original Contemporary” romance title for Waldenbooks •In 2004 Lori Foster was a clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle •In 2004 The Secret Life of Bryan was the “Bestselling Original Contemporary” romance title for the BGI group •In 2005 Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times “Career Achievement Award” for Contemporary Romance •In 2006 Jude’s Law was the “Bestselling Romantic Comedy” romance title for the BGI group •In 2007 Lori launched a new “urban fantasy” series under the name LL Foster See on her “dark side” at