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Steven Saylor definitely took on a huge task when he chose to write a novelized history of Rome from the viewpoint of one of the oldest patrician families but least known in modern times the Pinarii and their cousins the Potitii The novel touches on the important turning points of Rome s history when members of the Pinarii or the Potitii are constantly being caught up in momentous events the sack of Rome by Gauls the Carthaginian wars the campaign of Scipio the dictatorship of Sulla and so on and actually living the events with the uncertainty and awe of a person caught up in the middle of something with no idea how it will end The Pinarius or Potitius central to each episode of the book is our main character but not history s main character and as the family descends through time and is influenced by past character s actions so are we as readers This is half story half history in the Livian vein and a reat homage to Livy s history of Rome The facts are mostly solid and if two facts were available well we are writing a novel here not a textbook and we the writer are allowed to pick whichever one fits the story we want to tell the best I feel compelled now to check a few of Saylor s facts like was Julius Caesar s sister Julia really married to a Pinarius or has Saylor made that up out of whole cloth because if all these occurrences of Pinarii and Potitii were Saylor has them occurring are documentable fact then Saylor s masterful filling in of the blanks is even refined and elegant than I thoughtThe source material Saylor lists in the book s Afterword is also excellent including his use of TP Wiseman s Remus A Roman Myth as source material on the pre foundation history of Rome and the various foundation myths I cannot praise enough this decision on Saylor s part Saylor s Remus was not a carbon copy of Wiseman s Remus but many of Wiseman s observations seem to have influenced Saylor s character creation and his imagination of the earliest layout of the city Whereas Wiseman deals academically with the Romulus Remus story Saylor says to himself How can I make this plausible in the real world not the world of myth and then he oes and does so I can t say enough even in the review of a different book about the value of Wiseman s work on Remus to classical scholars and if you are oing to take on the task of tackling Saylor s Roma then Wiseman s Remus A Roman Myth will subseuently be no trouble at all and might help the reader flesh out the pre historic Roman world as presented by Saylor The one is so clearly and well informed by the otherThe omniscient narration of Roma does not have the same voice as the character centric narration of Saylor s Gordianus the Finder mystery series for which I am truly Dead Taboo grateful The writing style employed for mysteries would not suit a larger work such as Roma Differentenres reuire different approaches and it is not every writer who can Mischief 24/7 (Sunshine Girls, go from one to another easily and successfully The tone and style of Roma is suitable to a long fiction work with many characters and a complex plot full of details The book has been broken up into historical episodes loosely based on a singleeneration of characters but of course the common thread running through all the episodes is the family being focussed on usually the Pinarii You only need to worry about one Lucius Pinarius at a time which is a relief as Romans were not very creative namers and you tended to The Subtle Beauty get two or three of every name in a singleeneration When one Lucius Pinarius thinks back to the actions of another Lucius Pinarius Saylor says something like Lucius remembered that his Having Tanner Bravos Baby (Bravo Family, greatreat When Da Silva Breaks the Rules (Blood Brothers, grandfather also named Lucius Pinarius did such and such or knew so and so and that is enough to jog the reader s memory Oh yeah I remember that or Oh myosh kid you are so misinformed But as misinformation or lies from a previous eneration become enshrined in popular memory they become historical fact and it seems to me that in the book itself Saylor has found a way to comment on the veracity or not of the historical facts we re operating with today Did it really happen the way we think it did Or is there a historical truth there that will never come to light And how does knowing that is a possibility change the way we view history itselfIn short This may be a bit overwhelming for the Roman history novice who isn t vaguely familiar with the people and places Saylor employs in his narrative There s a lot in this book to soak up If you aren t daunted by that all the better for you For the reader fairly familiar with Roman history especially the the early books of Livy and the half forgotten period of the Kings and the early Republic my recommendation is have at. Roma Tales from The Novel Hovel Roma by barry in Uncategorized The trip back up to Roma was pretty uneventful I missed the first turn Narelle directed me to and by default she found a better way which as it turned out was a wider road had fewer twists and turns and relatively little traffic Then on approach to Napoli we hit the Autostrada and stayed on it for lots of k’s at kph – it was almost a thrill Our Roma The Novel of Ancient Rome Paperback | Roma The Novel of Ancient Rome Paperback By Steven Saylor Email or call for price Hard to Find Description Spanning a thousand years and following the shifting fortunes of two families though the ages this is the epic saga of Rome the city and its people Weaving history legend and new archaeological discoveries into a spellbinding narrative critically acclaimed novelist Steven Roma The Novel of Ancient Rome | Roma The Novel of Ancient Rome About the Book Roma The Novel of Ancient Rome by Steven Saylor Spanning a thousand years and following the shifting fortunes of two families though the ages this is the epic saga of Rome the city and its people Weaving history legend and new arch.

Oma in the opposite direction telling the story of Rome through several enerations of two ancient households Under Saylor s pen Rome becomes a character in and of herself so than any of the individuals through which her story is told It is an approach I d never before encountered and one I found I Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover greatly enjoyedI have never studied the history of Rome so many of the historic event and mythic legends Saylor incorporates into his work were entirely new to me Not being well versed in the the majority of the material I found in every chapter something new and fascinating from the rape of Lucretia to the building of the Appian Way from the founding of the Ara Maxima to the sacking of Rome by the Gallic Chieftain Brennus Thoroughly captivating There is just no other way to describe itDespite my appreciation for Roma I wouldn t recommend it to the casual reader This isn t character driven historic fiction If that is your interest look to Kate uinn s Empress of the Seven Hills No the beauty of Saylor s work in his recreation of the social and political intricacies of the ancient city as well as the life he breathes into the events that shaped it One need not be an authority to enjoy this book but all the same I think it best suited to those with a deep interest in the city s history and ancient culture Roma is the story of Rome over a massive arc of time from the mists of prehistory to the supremacy of Augustus and the establishment of Empire The story is told from the perspective of two families the Potitii and Pinarii The story follows these two families as they pass through time as witnesses and freuently victims toreat eventsI m not sure that this book will be everyone s cup of tea but I enjoyed it immensely I read a lot of historical fiction set in the Roman era I always felt as if I lacked a certain amount of context and understanding of some of the background I knew that there were Roman Kings that had been replaced by a republic I knew vaguely about Romulus and Remus I knew about Sulla and Marius But I really didn t have a feel for these Caught on Camera with the CEO great events and people Roma brings these people and events to life Reading Roma I had a front seat view into therowth and evolution of that Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, great city Having read Roma I feel as if I will better appreciate other historical fiction set in the Roman periodThe weakness of the book is at the same time its strength The book is really broken up into a series of short stories and these are mixed Some are spectacular The story of the vestal virgin who breaks her vows was moving and heartbreaking Other stories are weaker My own sense is that the stories of the earlier period were better than the later period as the mists of time allow the author a little freedom to work his magicDespite the unevenness of the stories I enjoyed the book The book left me with a sense of the city and how it changed In particular it sharpened my sense of the role of religion in the state Roman religious ritual and practice was intimately bound up with the state itself Knowing that a powerufl new religion lurks just over the horizon I wonder how much of that awareness was the author s work versus my own impression Regardless I can smell the danger to the Roman state just around the corner and am eager to read the next book Empire Empire starts at roughly the death or Augustus and continues through about 500 yearsI enjoyed the book IV out of V stars Excellent fiction If I were to recommend a book to a child in order for them to learn about Romans this would be itFor the experienced reader Livy would suffice Good book but not as fun as Saylor s Gordianus the Finder novelsstoriesI think my problem here is the same that I have with lots of historical fiction or at least that branch of historical fiction which tries to cover decades centuries in the course of one novel you don tet to stay with any one character long enough to really care about them The only author I ve read who dealt with this satisfactorily is Edward Rutherfurd I can t recommend his book Sarum enough Every family member he focused on across the scope of British history was strangely similar to his ancestors so much so that in my head they all looked like the same person even though they were separated by centuries But I digress The book is well written full of interesting tidbits about Roman history Just what it says on the tin If that s what you re looking for you ll be well served here Saylor copies Edward Rutherfurd s idea of telling the history of a city or a nation by tracing one family The problem is he isn t as Arabian Nights good as Rutherfurd is Most of the characters especially the women are one dimensional In addition he makes Cleopatra boring That s hard. 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With abandon you will love this An epic biography of the city spanning a thousand years from the first meeting of traders across the as yet unnamed hills to the rise of Augustus Caesar Legendary figures such as Romulus and Remus are made historical and Saylor even ives one possible source for the birth of the legends of Hercules and his vanuishing of the monster Cacus Obviously with a tome this vast the narrative skips staccato like over decades and centuries but Saylor makes stops at all the high and low points the rise and fall of the hero turned traitor Coriolanus the sack of Rome by the Gauls the invasion of Hannibal the attempt of the Gracchi to reform the class system and their subseuent assassination the rise and death of Julius CaesarI was mostly disappointed in this book In many ways it reminded me of Edward Rutherfurd s Sarum also the epic biography of a city that follows the rise and fall in fortunes of very old families in the city This book has some of Sarum s flaws as well especially its didactic lecturing tone I m a fan of Saylor s Sub Rosa series and sadly I didn t et that feel of being totally immersed in a time and culture that I do in the Gordianus books For the most part these characters don t visit the baths or watch Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, gladiators or visit slave markets or play ancient diceames or walk dusty streets shoulder to shoulder with slaves soldiers and philosophers they sit around and explain their surroundings It s understandable that Saylor wants to keep the readers abreast of the years of history he must perforce Always You glide over but the result is a book that is often dry and extremely exposition heavy particularly between eras I found myself wondering how it would sound if in a novel set during say World War II a character were to say to another You know of course how Germany s dictator Hitler has invaded Poland and that our current leader Churchill advocates nothing but total war in stark contrast to his predecessor Chamberlain who is popularly regarded as an appeaser It would sound forced and wholly artificial just as Saylor s uite similar explanations do Even worse his exposition is not limited to historical forces Saylor has characters saying such things as My son Gaius and my two daughters to people who are their close friends Given the length of the book and the number of personages in it this is understandable and perhaps the most efficient way to introduce new concepts and characters but again it has an artificial ring For these reasons I enjoyed the book best when Saylor was sticking to history that was educateduesses the very early days shrouded in legend or the later Augustian years when everything had been established Covering 1044 years of history in 550 pages is uite a feat Saylor does it by following two families down through the ages from when Rome was a stop on a salt trading route to the ascension of Octavius to be the first Emperor Caesar AugustusEach chapter is a vignette that might even stand alone but is tied to the previous story and the succeeding story by family ties and the passing down of a Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, gold amulet in the shape of a winged phallus fromeneration to Lucy Carmichael generation By so doing Saylor is able to highlight many of the major events in the history of Rome through the eyes of one of the descendants of either the Potitius family or the Pinarius family My favorite is the tale cove This was an astonishingly bad book It ranks among the worst historical fictions I have ever had the misfortune of encounteringI llive Saylor points for concept an historical novel covering the history of Rome from its founding to the end of the republic is a formidable and praisewor Marvellous sweeping saga by the author of the Gordianus the Finder booksThere are two families cousins this is their story interwined with that of Rome From pre history to the end of the Republic the story of these families moves with that of RomeI love Steven Saylor s reasoning behind some of the arcane rituals of Roman religiosity Saylor has a lively imagination and has created a thoroughly believable background to the city state that was RomeWell written and impeccably researched Roma is an excellent read Find the enhanced version of this and other reviews at had no expectations whatsoever Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti going into Steven Saylor s Roma I only stumbled on it by accident deciding to read it on a whim than anything else I had no comprehension of what I wasetting myself into nor any real One-Click Buy grasp of the extensive scope of material covered within these pages This being the case you might understand what a pleasant surprise my ultimate enjoyment of the piece was Most family sagas tell the story a family against the backdrop of history but Saylor took Aeological discoveries into a spellbinding narrative critically acclaimed novelist Steven Saylorives new Roma The Novel of Ancient Rome 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Roma Sub Rosa series featuring Gordianus the Finder as well as the New York Times bestselling novel Roma and its follow up Empire He has appeared as an on air expert on Roman history and life on The History Channel Saylor was born in Texas and graduated with high honors from The University of Texas at Austin where he studied history and classics He divides his time between Berkeley California and Austin Texas