Joe Hayes: Watch Out for Clever Women¡Cuidado con las mujeres astutas

S with a little bit f Spanish to practice reading things they can really understand Good reader In the days f King Adobe was my favorite but all f them were great Love it when the smart aleks get their comeuppance I also. PanishJust Say Baaaa Di nomás baaaa SpanishWatch Out ¡Cuidado SpanishA Note from Joe HayesHispanic tales in the Southwest are almost all f European rigin coming first from Spain to Mexico hundreds The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within of years ago and then north as Spanish colonists settled in what we now call Arizona New Mexico Texas and California Readers who are familiar with world folklore will recognize all the tales in this collection For example some may know an Ethiopian variantf That Will Teach You from Harold Courlander’s Fire On the Mountain Many will relate The Day It Snowed Tortillas which has been something The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry of a signature story for me forver a decade to a well known Russian folktale In both f these

This is the second f Joe Hayes dual language books Wicked Sense of folk tales I ve read I think I liked thether The Day it Snowed Tortillasjust a little better But both are great short folktales to read r tell to children r for adult. A bilingual collection Powerless Against You of Southwestern folktales with some tricky women teaching people simple lessons Humor shines through the fabricf these fables with bad guys finding that the joke is invariably n them BookpaperOur favorite storyteller Joe Hayes goes in for a bit f affirmative action in this collection f his Hispanic folktales Every ne Dobys Lessons (Brats in Training of them features a woman heroine everyne The Texan Meets His Match of them is presented in Spanish and English and everyne f them is great fun in the best Joe Hayes style New Mexico MagazineTable f ContentsIn the Days f King Adobe En los días del Rey Adobín SpanishThat Will Teach You Ya aprenderás SpanishThe Day It Snowed Tortillas El día ue nevó tortillas

Like the side by side EnglishSpanish partly because f the area I am in where this could help make these lovely tales accessible to a wider audience I don t see much The Heretic's Handbook (Kindle Single) of this inther languages but then I ve not looked for thos. Ther versions however the resourceful character is a man rather than a woman That a woman is the clever Blue Guide New York one in the Hispanic variants reveals something about the attitude toward women and a great deal about the sensef humor People the world ver tell stories f a humble individual tricking an Monsieur de Saint-George: Virtuoso, Swordsman, Revolutionary: A Legendary Life Rediscovered overbearing personf higher status but the idea is especially cherished in Hispanic story lore Making the trickster a woman who would traditionally be thought f as less powerful than a man adds spice to the trickFrom The Day It Snowed Tortillas El dí ue nevó tortillasHere is a story about a woman who was married to a poor woodcutter The man was good at this work He could chop down a tree in no.

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Designated New Mexico Eminent Scholar by the New Mexico Commission on Higher Learning 1979Joe was the youngest of five children His father loved to tell stories The family moved to Arizona where Joe learned to speak Spanish which became an integral part of his storytelling and writing In 1979 he began to devote himself full time to sharing stories He focuses on elementary school audiences