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Ke that kinda thing in romances I don t understand why an author would make a heroine cry THIS MUCH Am I supposed to feel sorry for her Relate to her Well I don t Her pain isn t so freaking much than veryone Kansas State else s I ve been through just as much as she has but do I cryvery minute of Sexy Cosplay Anime Girls (Bikini, Military, Scifi Costume, Japanese Import, Asian Babe, Picture Book) (Xena Kai Book 3) every day No Why Because I actually have a backbone Thentire plot of this book is Gabe or someone Humiliated Husband else comforting Sky Not my kinda thing Plus I don t think Reece understands what a PHOBIA actually means It doesn t just turn off conveniently when the person wants it to It doesn t just go away just because the situation doesn t call for it Gabe is supposedly claustrophobic However he was completely fine in the tiny bathroom of a plane Why Because that scene was not about him but about comforting Sky And yet he doesn tven like to be in a hotel room for than one hour at a time And yet he fears Warehouse Management elevators But of course when he goes on them he s completely fine because we wouldn t want the man to be seen as weak That s the woman s job after all If you have severe claustrophobia you have it You can t just turn it off whenever you feel like it If Reece wanted it to go away at his will sheither shouldn t have given it to him or made it so he just didn t like small spaces but could handle them But then again books don t have to make sense right They re just books Okay let s talk about Skylar and her dad It was all her dad s fault Sky and Gabe fell in love got married Then her dad pulled his I Little Slave evil machinations and lies splitting them up What does Sky do She forgives her popsand still blames Gabe As does the author As does probablyveryone that s read this book I can t get behind that After they split he TRIED to get near her but does that matter to her No Why Because women are always right and men are always wrong I mean can t a woman write a romance without pulling this crap view spoilerPsycho dad offers Gabe money to ditch Sky He refuses Psycho dad leaves then has Sky s cousin who apparently can mimic voices call Gabe to say she never loved him and it was just a game and that no one could The Stall (Pony In Training ever love him Gabe had confided his painful past to Sky and the cousin threw it back in his face and Gabe thinking it was her was undertandably hurt However obviously it s not okay for a man to be hurt He should know better than to think Sky would say this BUT Sky doesn t have to know better than to think Gabe would kill himself Why You tell me Her dumb dad convinced her Gabe had killed himself because he left some suicide note Of course after this is revealed she still blames Gabeand not her father Sure this reveals their relationship wasn t the best on BOTH counts but they only knewach other for a very very very short time Not to mention the fact that she thought he was dead and yet ignored it She assumed no one would have a funeral for him and yet she decided not to have one Or she assumed they would and just didn t care to attend THIEME Atlas of Anatomy even though she was his wife But that s okay Why of course it s okay Why Because she was sad Don t you know that Poor poor Sky was too sad to do anything boohoo It s LIFE woman It sucks You have to live it anyway hide spoiler I like Ms Reece s Last Chance Rescue booksThat said I had issues with this particular bookFirst one is that Gabe and Skylar didn t talk toach other view spoilerIf only they have talked about the horrible thing her father mother cousin have done to them and Sanibel Virgin explained toach other what have happened to Way of the Shaman each of them after the last time they sawach other it could have solved many many problems and it would have been the adult thing to do hide spoiler Great book but geez CR writes some really uncomfortable torturerape scenes She doesn t go into details Gallowglass exactly but she puts these depraved thoughts into your head For me it sometimes was a bit hard to get back into the romance after one of those scenariosI did love Gabe He s always been portrayed as a loner type uiet and gruff But we get to see some of his vulnerability herespecially in terms of his fears He s not The Inclusion Imperative exactly brought to his knees by Skylar hisstranged wife but he still can t stay away It was funny to me how he was actually relieved to have a good reason to stay and guard her when the dust finally settled after their big reunionAs with Christy Reece s other LCR books I really connected with the characters no one was super annoying and there were plenty of blips and cameos from the other LCR operatives Solid read Gabe Maddox married Skylar James The Public-Private Partnership Handbook eight years ago and he hasn t seen her since She s now been abducted and LCR isngaged to rescue her and Gabe s point man for the operation We finally get the story behind Gabe s marriage which slowly unfolds throughout most of the book I What Next After School ? enjoyed the flashback device used to relate the details sometimes fromach of their points of view The kidnappers are heinous and as is typical of this series the Emerging Markets experiences are really tough gritty and frightening It made for manyxciting and tense moments I loved Skylar and was happy Gabe had a formidable partner He however drove me nu. Te operatives who rescue victims When Skylar tries to save a naïve young beauty kidnappers come after her For Gabe Skylar had been his last shot at trust and love But news of her disappearance battens do.

I liked this one a great deal too While vacationing on Kalamina Island A Home of Another Kind eight years ago young Skylar James and Gabe Maddox met and uickly fell in love Both of them were looking for the love and acceptance they were able to find inach other Skylar needing to be accepted for who she is and not the celebrity face the world knows Gabe who has suffered a lot of rejection stemming from an accident that took the lives of people that he loved just needs acceptance Within a very short time of knowing The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy each other they fall very much in love and decide to marry while still on the island Gabe doesn t know Skylar is the celebrity that she is and she doesn t disclose this information Before the honeymoonven gets started lies deceit and betrayal will drive these two apart Skipping to the present Skylar James and her good friend Kendra have been kidnapped and Skylar s father has gone to the LCR for help in getting his daughter back Gabe Maddox now working for the LCR is the operative that Noah McCall has called upon for the job Noah knows what he s doing by the way During this rescue operation all the lies deceit and betrayals of those African Successes, Volume I eight years passed will start to unravel along with some new onesGabe is so sweet but at times has to be an Alpha ass I really cheered for these two and I liked that they had a past it made some of Gabe s sweetness that much sweeter I liked Skylar too another strong brave but yet vulnerable womanI love Reece s characters and gritty plots I also love that I ve gotten to know these characters or something about them throughout the series so far It s not just in their book that I ve become acuainted with them This is the reason I ve been looking forward to the next book The fourth book in the Last Chance Rescue series by Christy Reece Loved it It had the right balance that I look for in Romantic Suspense My only regret is that I didn t wait to read it until I had thentire series because now I have to wait I m really pleased to have found this author and her Last Chance Rescue series If you Trigger Samaniego 1 (Stallion, enjoy top uality romantic suspense this is definitely a series worth your timeAs much as I m not a fan of the big misunderstanding this one was really well done and actually had substance It was heartbreaking to think of the time Skye and Gabe lost particularly given the brilliant portrayal by the author of their reluctant longing forach otherThe suspense Lehrbuch Der Physiologie element wasxtremely strong too which I ve come to Plastic Techniques in Neurosurgery (English Edition) eBook: James Tait Goodrich, David A. Staffenberg: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. expect from this author The subject matter is never comfortable but thexecution is always outstanding The balance between the romance and suspense was perfectA great Sexy, Healthy, Food - 25 Clean-eats, Gluten-free Recipes entry in a strong series The author couldn t possibly make it clear what she thinks of her hero She puts her own thoughts into the heads of all the characters including the hero himself There was one scene with the guy s boss During the scene which is from Bossy Boy s POV Bossy Boy has to throw in a mental insult about the heroin EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT that crosses his mind And all I could think was Wow Christy Reece you hate your hero that much Because it s so painfully obvious the author is simply trying to let the readers know she does NOT like the hero by having her characters dwell on it for her Now let s talk about Skylar our heroine Guess what Invery single scene she s in she s Marketing Excellence 3 either A crying B fainting C falling asleep fromxhaustion YARN Essentials even though all she does is sleep or D all of the above It felt as if the same scene was being written over and over again There were literally TWO plane scenes during which Skylar burst into tears over the tiniest hint of a criticism and had to be comforted Over and over I have to hear about poor Skylar this poor Skylar that she s soxhautsed she s collapsing she s an Wild Wicked Scot (Highland Grooms, emotional wreck she s doing all of these things at once She always hasyes fuzzy with Black on Blonde exhaustion or is trembling or about to collapse or tears are forming in heryes I m sorry but to me she comes off as completely weak She cries over absolutely The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece everything I mean if I criedvery time someone I like insulted me I d being crying pretty much 2024 hours a day Which she is Only oftenOn top of that the author makes it clear that Skylar s feelings are the only ones that matter She s always hurting MORE than Gabe She s always been BETRAYED than Gabe After her psychotic father tricked them into splitting up it didn t matter at all that Gabe was hurt All that mattered was Skylar was hurt because OMG she suffered SO much Well in my opinion just because someone is a weakling and can t handle pain without falling to pieces doesn t mean she suffered it means she can t take it Am I saying she shouldn t have felt pain No But the fact that Reece goes on and on about how Sky s feelings are important made me so freaking angry On top of that she s a major hypocrite She believed Gabe would kill himself after marrying her and yet she doesn t want to forgive him for believing she d want to break it off with him Why is SHE allowed to be stupid but not him Answer She s a woman Answer Christy Reece likes her better Answer A lot of women li. DO OR DIE Skylar James told a lie to the man she married and American Nietzsche eight years later she still bitterly regrets the deception Unknown to Skylar her husband Gabe Maddox now lives in the dangerous shadows ofli.

Ts with his stubbornness There was a pretty good balance between the suspense and romance though there were plenty of thrills 45 stars rating I became a fan of Christy Reece when I discovered her first trilogy last year featuring the men and women of The Last Chance Rescue organizationI had high hopes for Reece s latest Art, Culture, and Cuisine entry but have to admit to being disappointedNo Chance is billed as a romantic suspense but the suspense portion never had me thinking Oh My God I can t put this book down or anxious to turn to the next page or make me want to stay up all night reading As for the romance the relationship between Skylar and Gabe left me feeling probably as frustrated as the two of them Finally the villain never felt trulyvil but like a dirty sick pervertThe story begins 8 years in the past where an innocent 20 year old wealthy socialite and famous model Skylar James chances to meet Gabe Maddox on a South Pacific island get a way Gabe is recovering from a horrific ordeal during which he was held captive for a year in Africa where he was treated little better than a dog He s Berlioz and His Century emancipated weak and has developed a raging case of claustrophobiaThe attraction between the two isvident from the start and within a few days they fall madly in love and get married Skylar makes a conscious decision to keep her true identity from Gabe and this action signals the beginning of the nd for the two lovebirds Skylar s father the wealthy powerful Jeremiah Jones who is unimpressed with the news of his daughter s marriage then perpetrates a series of lies that shatters the course of true love for Gabe and Skylar no spoilers here if you want to know what he does you are going to have to read the bookFast forward ight years where we find out Gabe is a recluse working as an Blood Runs Green elite undercover operative for LCR which is still being run by Noah McCall from Reece s previous books and Skylar has been kidnapped by unsavory characters who plan to sell her into sex slavery until they realize who she is and decide to ransom her for 10 million dollars instead Enter the Last Chance Rescue team hired by Jeremiah James and the hero to the rescue is none other than Gabe Maddox As in another of Reece s previous books white slavery and sexualxploitation plays a major role in No ChanceSo the GabeSkylar reunion is not one big happy family gathering both are bitter and harboring feelings of betrayal toward Charting an Empire each other Even though they haven t seenach other for the past Colored Property eight yearsach for their own specific reasons cue Daddy s lies neither has forgotten the other nor apparently had sex with anyone Desire and Truth elseither oOI wanted to feel for these two but something was missing Maybe I wanted some playful sexual banter instead of the I love you but I don t want to love you but I ve always loved you but you lied to me and betrayed me ad nauseum Skylar cries and tears up repeatedly and is just an The Exiles Gallery emotional mess Gabe is busy casting furtive longing glances in her direction and on no less than four occasions Gabe catches Skylar in a skimpy towel after she hasxited from the showerand nothing happens Just get it on already You both know you want to They tortured not only themselves but Dislocating China each other and then me in the processI really really wanted to love this book but now I see I had No Chance of getting my wish I already have book 2 Second Chance on pre order which is Cole s story and I am hoping it lives up to itsxpectations the Childerley excerpt certainly intrigued me 35 stars I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Christy Reece She is no doubt anxcellent writer Her stories are gritty and a little scary Her characters seem the same on the surface but when you scratch the surface they re all different Broken and vulnerable I want to get to know them I want them to succeed I want the bad guy to get caught I get caught up and can t book the books downBut her bad guys are so very bad Her somewhat broken characters are so very broken They ve had such bad things happen in their past So I feel like the HEA you get at the Cultural Excursions end of the book is notnough They re not cured can t be The bad guys are still out there and those that were hurt are still hurtSo that s my dilema This was a great book I want to read the next one so I can get story and find out what happens next But when I finished this book I was left feeling down Just sad I ll have to read something Cruelty and Laughter else before I can continue with the series Christy Reece delivers another fantastic romantic suspenseChristy Reece is one of my favourite romantic suspense writers She has created a fictional security agency and manages to incorporate the perfect balance of action and romance into her stories I have been so looking forward to Gabe s story he is a tragically troubled character who needed his own happynding and this was just what I wanted for him His relationship with Skylar was beautiful and Cop Knowledge exactly what I had hoped forThis book had me right from the beginning and didn t let me go until it was done If you are a fan of Cindy Gerard or Pamela Clare Christy Reece is definitely a writer you should read. Wn his anger and launches him into action Saving Skylar is Gabe’s only chance for peace and his last chance for happiness Enjoy Christy Reece thrills with these sizzling novels From the Paperbackditi.

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