Alan S. Miller: Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters From Dating Shopping and Praying to Going to War and Becoming a Billionaire Two Evolutionary Psychologists Explain Why We Do What We Do

It is with ood reason that I ought to agree with the conclusions of this book I have two daughters and no sons I have never really thought of myself as beautiful and so it would have been nice to have objective proof of my beautyUnfortunately and despite my uneuivocal reward in accepting this hypothesis I can t bring myself to accept Evolutionary Psychology and its wonderful claimsI do tend to believe in serendipity though and the fact Manny and I were talking about this recently on my review of Outliers and now the very next book I read is about Evolutionary Psychology is one of those odd little coinci You know how when you read a really Celibacy, a Love Story good nonfiction book you come away with a sense of exhilaration a feeling that the world is a little clearer a little richer than it was beforeNow imagine starting to read a book on evolutionary psychologyetting a bit of that feeling then reaching the middle of the book and realizing that the authors have been cheating you the entire timeThat s WHY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE HAVE MORE DAUGHTERS in a nutshell The authors sound Adulting 101: great for a while but then they ll make an assertion that makes youo Wait and you ll discover upon investigation that they re stating things as fact without citing any support and ignoring any evidence that conflicts with their conclusionsTake for example their assertion that Islam is the only religion that motivates its followers to commit suicide missions and while suicide missions are not always religiously motivated when religion is involved it is always IslamExcept it s not Christians and Hindus have been known to commit religiously motivated suicide attacksThe authors assert that the explanation for Muslim suicide bombing is that Islam allows polygyny meaning that many young men will have no access to wives and promises the suicide bombers 72 virgins in heaven By the standards of evolutionary psychology then suicide bombing makes perfect sense for Muslim men with poor marital prospects it is logical to leave this life in which they have no access to women for one in which they will have access to a large number of womenWhat s missing is any sort of information on how strongly that belief is held by bombers Belief in that particular passage would have to be extremely strong to override the evolutionary urge to survive and pass on your Pedal Control: Achieving Speed, Control, Power, and Endurance for the Feet genes in this worldOr take women s income versus men s The authors conclude that the sexap in earnings and the so called Poseidons Arrow (Dirk Pitt, glass ceiling are caused not by employer discrimination or any other external factors but by the sex differences in internal preferences and proceed to assert that women in liberal capitalist societies can achieve whatever they want Any difference in achievement is because women don t care as much as men about statusAny woman who s worked her way up in a male dominated industry myself included can tell you that our lack of desire for success and promotion is not the sole factor or even the primary factor in holding us backThe authors ignore mountains of evidence that opposes their conclusion For example women asking for raises or promotions are perceived negatively than men asking for the same Ambition in men is perceived positively than in women Identical resumes will be perceived as representing less competence and value if a female name is attached to them And so onThe authors claim that men harass each other so in the case of hostile work environments men harass women precisely because they are not discriminating between men and womenThis ignores different types of teasing such as those used to strengthen ties between members of an inroup versus those used to exclude non members It ignores differences in attitudes toward and perceptions of women between men who promote a hostile work environment and men who don t Basically it ignores anything that doesn t fit with the authors hypotheses Which is the exact opposite of appropriate use of the scientific method You don t Dmitri get to ignore what doesn t fitThe most egregious abuse of the reader s trust is probably in the section entitled Why are single women likely to travel abroad and why are young single men likely to be xenophobic It starts out by asserting that if you ask aroup of unmarried friends what their hobbies are women will list traveling men won t This is because indicators of status are culturally determined so single men abroad won t have their status markers recognized by foreign women and therefore won t Italian Riviera get a chance to mate with them this explains their xenophobia They cite studies that show that unmarried women are far less likely to express xenophobic attitudes than unmarried men They then claim that the differences disappear when people marry married women are no less likely to express xenophobic attitudes than married men Wait what Otherwise open minded young women suddenly become xenophobic when they marry Seem a little hard to believe Welluess what the authors don t have any citation for that piece of evidenceI could A Beach Party with Alexis go on and on language isn t apparently a system because men are better than women at systems but women are better at language ergo language is not logical and systematic but I think this sampling is representative enoughThere are enlightening ways to spend your time This is areat book on evolutionary psychology Maybe not the Anak Bajang Menggiring Angin greatest book on the topic I ve ever read but there are all too few books on the topic and this one is very welcome Posed in a uestion and answer format you llet through this one all too uickly as the brisk prose and fascinating subject matter make it seem shorter than it actually is This was a very silly book Lots of footnotes but the author only one of the co authors actually wrote it would have done well to study a bit of formal logic to avoid some really basic errors in the cause and effect relationshipFor one thing just bec. Now available in paperbacka provocative new look at biology evolution and human behavior as disturbing as it is fascinating Publishers WeeklyWhy are most neurosurgeons male and most kindergarten teachers female Why arent there women on death row Why do so.

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Eudoscience I ll just recommend them to skim through this book Where to start even The fact that it is offensive to both men and women reducing women s value to their reproductive ability and making men seem like machines whose only purpose and The House Guest Box Set (SwingersThreesome Bisexual MMF Cuckold Hotwife Menage) ) goal in life is to shoot sperm into the nearest vaginas The blatant eurocentrism of this whole book I don t use this term lightly Dubious referencing and research Insisting that polygyny is the natural way and common among the whole human species but that men are right to be sexually protective and jealous of females my eyes hurt from rollingNot that I m a feminist but theloating about making feminists angry and being politically incorrect life isn t fair and it isn t politically correct they say Holy shit it is like this book was written by a teenage boy or a man talking shit in a pub with his matesHow about the fact that it basically blames women for domestic abuse between the theories that husbands abuse their wives when they lose respect for them because of their disappearing reproductive value ofc aka you re ugly now so fuck you or on the other hand stating that older husbands abuse and murder their younger wives due to jealousy even blaming the women for this Let me uote the author Because young women are reproductively valuable than older women men are motivated to protect and uard their younger wives than their older wives This is why it is the wife s age not the husband s that predicts spousal abuse and murder Even though a 50 year old man is typically much less violent and criminal than a 25 year old man a 50 year old man married to a 25 year old woman is much likely to abuse and murder his wife than a 25 year old man married to a 50 year old woman although there are very few such couples or even a 25 year old man married to a 25 year old womanSo I uess the authors here conclude that the woman s age and the husband s jealousy are at fault even while saying that a 25 year old to a 25 year old do not have this level of abuse So it couldn t possibly be that the demographic of old ass men who marry much younger women is a demographic with certain features such as insecurity controlling behaviour immaturity not being well adapted socially Certainly the only reason why one would choose a younger woman would be the looks and reproductive value and not the fact that they are less experienced have less income and are thus easily manipulated and controlledAnother tragicallyhilariously insane statement women are the reason why men have middle age crises Another uote Many middle aged men do Operational Culture for the Warfighter go through midlife crisis but it s not because they are middle aged but because their wives are Just as it is the wife s age not the husband s that determines the risk of spousal abuse and murder it is the wife s age not the husband s that prompts the constellation of behavior commonly known as midlife crisis From the evolutionary psychological perspective a man s midlife crisis is precipitated by his wife s imminent menopause and the end of her reproductive career and thus his renewed need to attract younger reproductive women Accordingly a 50 year old man married to a 25 year old woman would noto through a midlife crisis while a 25 year old man married to a 50 year old woman would It is not his midlife that matters it is hers So when he buys a shiny red sportscar he s not trying to regain his youth he is trying to attract young women to replace his menopausal wife by trumpeting his flash and cashJeebus I The Butterfly and the Baron guess older women are just toxic trash that must be replaced asap since their value only lies in their reproductive ability and looks Off with you woman I ve no need for you anyThe thing I hate most about this shit is evolpsych of this kind is basically fables and children s tales and so so often used by pieces of shit people in real life to defend their shitty behaviour and intolerant sexist hurtful primitive ideas SURE I llrant that a lot of these things would ring true to a certain kind of people but those are not the kind of people who one would call evolved educated cultured intelligent and such I mean psychology by itself has a really hard time establishing its position among natural andor social sciences without this bullshit field of evolutionary psychology coming along acting like we basically have not changed at all from the time we became hunter Snow Monsters Do Drink Hot Chocolate (The Bailey School Kids Junior Chapter Book, gatherers as a species And bastardizing human innovation culture and achievements to men did it toet laid reduces men and the whole of humanity to nothing and I mean this seriously than animals People have an inner life and a fear of mortality that pushes them to strive for Taras Song greatness and achievements not just hm what can I do to bang the most women So those who know me know that I like to redux things to mammoth hunting AKA boys can t multi task because in the time of the mammoth all they needed to do was kill the mammothwhereas women had to skin the mammoth turn its meat over the spit watch the children to make sure they didn t walk into fiery pit over which said mammoth was roasting and I don t know erect a tent or something Well lo and behold here s a book that does it with scientific backing Taking the basic premise of evolutionary psychology we have 10000 year old brains and all we want to do is have babies it looks at modern day patterns and investigates uestions under that lens for exampleWhyentleman prefer blondesWhy religion is a universal human constantWhy violent criminals are menWhy Larry Summer s statement was evolutionarily correctAnyways though it s a little off on certain things and applies the theory too broadly at times it was still a delightful read Nothing totally surprising but neat anyways 9especially the experimental side of thingsGo forth read argue I literally read this book in a day It has tons of interesting tid bits of information. Cisions With a healthy disregard for political correctness Miller and Kanazawa reexamine the fact that our brains and bodies are hardwired to carry out an evolutionary mission an inescapable human nature that actually stopped evolving about 10000 years ago.

Ause 2 things are statistically related does not imply causality at all let along a particular one A might cause B B might cause A both might be caused by C etc Jumping from relationship to a specific causality was done consistently throughout the bookAnd that s ignoring the circular arguments The best one here was why women earn less money than men even when doing the same work Our author says that there is no such thing as sexual discrimination in this rather women and men are paid fairly because women lack the motivation men do in pursuing their careers and thus deserve less pay And how do we know this Why because women earn less That proves itAlso just because one very specific example of evolutionary psychology turned out to be actually falsifiable He then concludes triumphantly that this proves that EP itself is falsifiable That was though the only such example in the book I cannot see any way to prove most of the conclusions one way or another although I suspect that picking and choosing the data one uses is not a Atlas of Anatomy good way to startNot recommended To understand and accept what the authors are trying to say you have to be in a vacuum of evolutionary psychology principles and not let any other factorset in your thought process A few valid human behaviors around finding matesstriving for reproductive success are explained and then they are used over and over again to extrapolate other unrelated behaviors Women look for men who will provide adeuate care and invest their time and resources in their childrenMen love sex Also men love sexMy favorite takeaway If men were the ones who Dont Let Go (Tyack Frayne, got to choose when to have sex instead of women there would be no Beatles no Microsoft no civilization I mlad they don tAt one point Miller brings up an interesting study regarding babies looking similar to fathers at certain ages as a evolutionary adaptation to spot cuckoldry Then at the end of the section he says many other people have tried to replicate this very easy experiment and none of them Under Crescent and Cross got the same resultsThough one interesti This book is utter dribble In fact the I think about it the it infuriates me because it disguises Western centric racism as science Granted I think I ve uestioned the validity of evolutionary psychology since reading Buss in FP but this book simply served to confrim all my suspicions It tackles such burning uestions as Why does everyone like blondes best it s because blond hair indicates youth and men seek youth so that they can be sure of finding the most fertile women to make the most babies on The book makes a similar argument about blue eyes You might wonder as I did about basis for making such sweepingeneraliziations ALL people EVERYWHERE in the world only want blond blue eyed women What about I don t knowENTIRE PORTIONS OF THE WORLD in which people primarily have dark hair dark eyes and dark skin Their evidence is so weak it s infuriating I had been Atlantis, Alien Visitation Genetic Manipulation grading lots of student papers before reading this and I kid you not I kept finding myself making comments in the margins like how can you prove this where is your evidence for this avoid such broadeneralizations Their writing and especially their analytical skills are worse than my average freshman rhet student and that s saying something Only read this book if you like mythological type stories about the origin of things Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters is essentially a pop introduction to evolutionary psychology The first chapter provides an overview of the field Subseuent chapters tackle various domains of human nature by posing seemingly controversial statements then supporting them with evolutionary psychologyThis book could have been huge fun the topic is fascinating and the format works well for what it is but it ends up failing in my eyes for the following reasonsThe writing is simple bland and repetitive I read far academic papers than books and Vamped (Vamped, generally subscribe to a content over style philosophy so I would have been than willing to overlook this if it was its only fault But of course it wasn tThe authors are extremely confrontational towards what they call the standard social model The constant jabs seem petty and repetitive and really detract from the fun of the subject matter It also seems rather flippant in light of the third and final big problem with this book God created humans Just kidding But as one who doesn t understand the value of evolutionary psychology would undoubtedly be even uicker to point out the science is pretty spotty at times The sensationalism is what makes this book fun or rather could have made it fun but many ideas here are presented as fact when the evidence is sometimes embarrassingly thin eg one experiment that hasn t been able to be repeated despite numerous attemptsEvolutionary psychology provides an interesting and logically and scientifically sound way of analyzing human nature What could have been an eye opening and fun romp through the field ends up making it feel cheap Congratulations it s been a while since Iave a book only one star Honestly if I could I would ive this book a zero not only are its contents absurdly bad but I see all this info spewed to and fro everywhere like it is an ACTUAL FACT and damn that is harmfulThis book though This fucking book I actually fail to believe it was written by tenured professors of well known universities Working for the department of Psychology what s When people say evolutionary psychology I usually narrow my eyes and feel wary readying myself for the incoming bullshit I wanted to read about it tho maybe to dispel these prejudices I have of the field Well I certainly didn t find that but I found a book that is a perfect example of every bad and bullshitty thing that comes to my mind when people mention evolpsych Yaaaaay So next time someone asks me why this shit reeks of ps. Many male politicians ruin their careers with sex scandals Why and how do we really fall in love This engaging book uses the latest research from the field of evolutionary psychology to shed light on why we do the things we dofrom life plans to everyday de.

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