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Entered relatives and friends gathered there Struck by Emma s beauty he falls n love with her Processing Pain in Play in spite of the fact that shes manipulative herself but not necessarily greedy nor self centered More to the point she s focused on her children and trying to regain guardianship of them from uncle HughIt s pointless to summarize the plot Suffice Master Math it to say that we have lots of bedhopping conniving deception manipulation scheming etc by most all those gathered together I didn t find myself liking anyone but Nicholas Not even the duchess young sons had admirable ualities They came across as spoiled and arrogant Perhaps heroine Emma shows a bit of a softer side at the end but you have to look hard at her to find something very admirablen her eitherAll that said however The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever it was an entertaining plot what with all the above mentioned conniving deception scheming and bedhopping and the books well written The problem Patton on Leadership is that you may find yourself entertained yet very annoyed at the same time by how horrid and useless all these people are I wanted to like this one than I did Unfortunately the main characters didn t really appeal The saving grace though was foundn the uirky secondary characters they kept me reading I liked the La Impostura Perversa interplay between the heroine s twin brother and their spunky spinster aunt Looks like we have a winnern the replacing The Snow ueen as the worst book Eileen has ever read contest Wish I could give Zones of Instability it zero stars becauset The Riven Shield (The Sun Sword, is the dumbest historical romance I ever read Liked the cover art though The characters were unlikable orgnorant and despicable to family friend and foe Only finished Once More With Feeling it because I couldn t believe howt got ridiculous with each chapter Couldn t root for the main couple either and the love scenes were horrible Characters constantly discuss sex but no one has a romantic love scene Will never read anything by this author again I will stick to Tessa Dare Karen Ranney Karen Hawkins Mary Balogh Nora Roberts etc for great romance novels. Emma A new pair of Hessians A kiss from Emma under the mistletoe Christmas with the Duchess.

I have no Orange World and Other Stories idea why I finished this It was like a train wreck I suppose I couldn t look away It was not romantic and not Christmassy The characters all drove me nuts Two stars only because I did manage to finisht Glad I got What Matters Most it for only 50 cents Whats t they say The path to true love s a rocky one That Linnys Sweet Dream List is definitely the case here I do have to say that thiss one of the best romances that I have read this yearNicholas a career navy man has recently become the 4th Earl of Camford He Envy (Empty Coffin, is green grass Usuallyt Carnal Captive (Carnal Incorporated is the female protagonist whos unsure Bad Boys On Board (Watson Brothers, in the world of nobility Not here Its nteresting to watch the nteractions between Nicholas and Emma the Duchess of Warwick And the supporting cast of characters are a riot I especially love the antics of Emma s twin Lord Colin and Lady Harriet an old spinster aunt by marriage to Emma who by the way Tied Up is a widow Appallingly bad terrible unlikable characters confusing storyline supposedly a Christmas story definitely not It may have been set at Christmas but Scrooge had Christmas spirit BEFORE the ghosts arrived Received read and reviewed for The Season for RomanceEmma Fitroy Duchess of Warwicks staying at Warwick Palace for the Christmas holiday where she hopes to be reunited with her two young sons who were taken away after her husband s death As family begins to arrive she meets Nicholas St Austell the newly appointed Lord Camford Ten years her junior Emma certainly has no Picture This (Marsden intentions of getting romanticallynvolved with Nicholas Nicholas just recently came nto the earldom after having spent most of his life at sea as a naval o A RomanceOMG That s what I first thought about this book This may be the worst romance ever For starters t s not terribly romantic But that Queen of Air and Darkness (The Dark Artifices, is only the beginningThe particulars The books about Emma Grey Fitzroy Duchess of Warwick her gay twin brother his lover their unspeakably mean Aunts and Uncle and their other relatives all of whom are highly unlikable Even the Hero of the book Nicholas St Austell's Christmas Wish List An nvitation to a holiday house party A shiny gol.

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Icholas St Austell the Earl of Camford s unlikeable He Going Home (Nugget, is young 20 at the time of the book 10 years the junior of the heroine Emma a virgin and unskilled at the art of romanceThis entire book reminded me of Marriedwith Children mixed with a bad reality show I could easily see this as The Real Royals of England Not to give Bravo anydeas for salacious reality tv shows but I could easily see Tamara Lejuene the book s author watching stuff like that while writing this The book Knot In My Backyard is at times very funny Howevert s classified as a romance and there s nothing whatsoever Beloved (Salvation, in this book thats even remotely romantic Some reviews have classified this book as a farce It certainly Chow Down (Melanie Travis, is that whether thats Baltimore Chronicles Volume 2 intentional or unintentional only Ms Lejuene knows for certainWhat I do know howevers that this Terror of the Mountain Man (Mountain Man, is hardly romantic Theres no romance at all none of the characters are All About Men in any way likable and I feel like I wasted my time reading this Marked as finished because I didn t maket to reading the 3rd chapter 25 stars If you re looking for a heartwarming Christmas themed romance this sn t t No Christmas cheer here No this book by Ms Lejeune Final Fondue (A Five-Ingredient Mystery is of a Regency house party romantic farce which takes place over three Christmasesn 1814 1815 and 1816 As for the romantic leads we have role reversal for the H and h She s the experienced slightly jaded and seemingly rakish older woman He s about 10 years younger somewhat naive and Ms. Holmes of Baker Street innocent not only sexually he s a virgin but alson the ways of the ton that superficial self centered vapid upper class of which our heroine Emma Tough Girls Dont Dance is a member as the Duchess of Warwick widow of the late duke and mother of the adolescent present dukeOur hero Nicholas has just recently comento an earldom after a life at sea as a naval officer He s brought to the first Christmas gathering by his newly met aunt Anne and uncle Hugh and their four marriage hungry daughters Poor young Love Are You Listening innocent Nicholas doesn t fitn at all well with the manipulative greedy self D pocket watch An ntroduction to Emma the Duchess of Warwick Roasted chestnuts A dance with.

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