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Growing up a huge fan of Led Zeppelin in the pre Internet age there were few sources of detailed information on the band who had a notoriously poor opinion of the press to start with which certainly added much sheen to their mystiue I read and re read my copy of Stephen Davis biography of the band Hammer of the Gods almost to tatters during high schoolWhen I tripped across this book on a bookstore shelf I immediately scooped it up Davis friends with the roup s publicist had accompanied the band from the start of their ill fated 1975 tour to finish but after writing an article as an assignment for the Atlantic Monthly which had never been published he misplaced the notebooks detailing the experience for decades essentially these are lost chapters of Hammer or so it seems The Accursed going inAnyone expecting to see outrageous salacious tales of the debauchery of the earlier years of Zeppelin on the road that were in covered infamously in Hammer will be disappointed this is a mature band that have become accustomed to their superstar status and less wild eyed youthiven the keys to pillage America The 75 tour was plagued from problems from the start the album they were supporting Physical Graffiti was delayed meaning they were playing unfamiliar songs to audiences not sure what to make of them and as audiences are wont to do would much rather hear the well worn hits than new efforts Before they took to the stage for the first time Jimmy Page had badly injured his hand and Robert Plant was battling a persistent case of the flu Despite the staggering amount of money involved none of the band members really wanted to be on tour in the first place but as tax exiles dodging an insanely high British tax rate on parts of their income as high as 95% in some cases they couldn t stay home and if you can t be with your family and enjoying the spoils of your success might as well put some coins in the coffers rightThis book shows the human side of rock Pinkalicious: Merry Pinkmas! gods the downside of the fortune and fame the show musto on despite if you re playing Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood's Creative Artists Agency guitar with badly mangled fingers or trying to sing with the flu because no one wants to have to refund all those sold out seats It s not all bad eventually the band doeset it together despite sometimes their best efforts to not do just that and Swing Sideways get into theirroove but the book provides a fascinating look at the day to day The Secret of the Great Pyramid grind where being performers is a job albeit a very high profile and lucrative one from a bygone era when fans still mobbed box offices in person for tickets rather than pick them up online The members of Zeppelin come across as definitely human than in any other account of the band I ve read sometimes petty and spoiled sometimes charming still struggling and concerned with having their art recognized by critics and silencing detractors despite the fact that they sold out entire arenas on every stop along the way LZ 75 serves as less lost chapters from Hammer of the Gods and instead presents that band in a different light neither as the wildman rock Vikings screaming the battle cry from the Immigrant Song rolling into town with a circus of drugs booze androupies in tow or as brilliant Dancing with Mr. Darcy geniuses of their craft but as four musicians who had unparalled success early on and came to understood that sometimes the simple joy of making music had very little to do with being a rock star In light of the long standing reunion rumors recently being put finally to rest LZ 75 has a certain powerful resonance perhaps not wanting to return to this sort of pressure cooker madness made even the mountain of riches the surviving members had certainly been offered toive it one Lesca go worth it Truly one of the worst books I ve ever read This is areat book it Sharpes Trafalgar gives you a feel of the time of writing and is much than just Led Zeppelin worshipThe writer has put a lot of himself in the story As a fan of theroup and after hearing all the stories of their antics I found this book pretty poor really It laboured over the setilsts of each and every Punished gig they performed detailing how the band played each song with which instrument tuber used Yet all the meat and bones of their drug taking fighting and debauchery was left lacking Enjoyable but ultimately insubstantial overview of 1975 the pinnacle of Zeppelin s successDavis was a journalist that accompanied the US tour in the first uarter of the year but the remainder of the year is commented on from afar When I first heard about Stephen Davis new book LZ 75 THE LOST CHRONICLES OF LED ZEPPELIN S 1975 AMERICAN TOUR I was very anxious to read it My imagination ran wild about what kind of interesting stories I would find in the book Despite the fact that Davis published the A revealing account of Led Zepplin's 1975 North American tour including all new interviews with and insider information about the band from the bestselling author of Hammer of the Gods As a young music journalist in 1975 Stephen Davisot the opportunity of a lifetime an invitation to cover the sold out 1975 North American tour of Led Zeppelin the biggest and most secretive rock band in the world for a national magazine He received a backstage pass was His To Protect granted interviews with band members and evenot a prized seat on the band's lu.

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Hat somewhat diminishes the mysterious sheen that has cloaked the band throughout its history Halfway through the book I was ready to pan Davis work as it appeared Stephen Davis had a rudge against the band The Godfathers of the heavier version of rock and roll seemed to be finally exposed as well mere humans As a lifelong fan of the band I was not sure if I was ready to have its image decimated by a series of somewhat embarrassing tales that amounted to nothing less than too much information However as I pressed on I began to appreciate Davis recollection of the band as an exclusive insider s view of Led Zeppelin in an era where rock stars enjoyed their decadent lifestyle in relative secrecy LZ 75 starts with Davis discovering an old box full of memorabilia collected from an assignment covering Led Zeppelin during its 1975 American tour From this point he takes us to the beginning of his adventure trying to secure such an assignment made difficult by the negative press the band couldn t escape from most traditional music sources like Rolling Stone magazine His early reporting of the band s performance let alone its members is less than flattering Rather than Rock Gods staging yet another blitzkrieg across the United States we see a roup of spoiled prima donnas as unhealthy homesick and belligerent drunks with a penchant for drugs and Babys First Christmas (Christmas Is For Kids) (Christmas Is For Kids) (Harlequin American Romances, 754) groupies The performances at the start of the tour are characterized as tepid not torrid as one concert in Texas included Robert Plant pleading with an unimpressed audience for some sign of appreciation Unlike previous tours that followed the release of a new album this tour featured the band trying to introduce music from an album Physical Graffiti whose release was delayed The lackluster fan enthusiasm for the new music including iconicems like Kashmir and Trampled Underfoot in addition to Robert Plant s lingering influenza and Jimmy Page s injured hand seemed to cast a funk on the band and its burgeoning tour The rhythm section of the band John Paul Jones and John Bonham weren t devoid of problems either as one became the subject of constant ridicule on stage Jones and the other Bonham turned into his violent alcohol fueled alter ego the Beast While Davis main Ups, Kita Sudah Menikah? goal was to land a rare interview with the reclusive Page it began to appear that the futility inetting that interview started to sour Davis opinion of Led Zeppelin altogether After all how many fans really need to know about Bonham s need to wear diapers on stage due to alcohol induced incontinence or the repeated need to compare Jones hair to that of Liberace and his keyboard playing as cheesy lounge music It is once the tour heads to Los Angeles that Davis reporting of events become interesting and the band begins to enjoy itself and perform as expected For it is the city of Los Angeles with its abundance of drugs and loyal Catwoman groupies that traditionally served as Led Zeppelin s life support during American tours The mood is relaxed the album is finally released the band is happier and the audience begins to appreciate the performances It is at this point where the reader isiven a much appreciated fly on the wall perspective of the band s stay at the Continental Hotel the Riot House and on board the legendary Starship the band s plane We are exposed to the various people and activities that comprise the burden of that 1975 tour the hand assembled 500 light bulb Led Zeppelin sign present at each show the thuggish antics of band manager Peter Grant and tour manager Richard Cole to the workaholic Danny Goldberg One interesting moment includes the possibility of Davis witnessing Manson follower Sueaky Fromme s attempt to contact Jimmy Page about a pending omen Davis finally eases up on Jones by acknowledging the importance and need of his bass playing skills and thankfully the almost daily account of Bonham s diarrhea comes to an end With the tour drawing to a close there is a melancholy sense that the author realizes the band s best days may be a thing of the past LZ 75 is actually pretty Baby Legacy (So Many Babies good reporting in my opinion Throughout the book Davis displays an honest view of what he seesood and bad and overall he comes across as objective The book is probably best served to Led Zeppelin fans Although some fans may believe Davis aims to tarnish the band s image many fans may appreciate a peek behind the mysterious veil that has surrounded the band for so long exposing its members as mere mortals after all This book written from a lost and found diary of the journalist who followed Zep on their tour of America in 75 It doesn t really add much to our knowledge of the band felt just like outtaked that didn t make it into his other famous boo. The identity of the lover about whom Robert Plant sings in What Is and What Should Never Be and Black Country Woman • A detailed chronicle of each performance from a musical perspective and a vivid account of the band members' extravagant and often troubled lives on tour Tied together by Davis's entertaining narrative and including than forty never before published photographs LZ '75 is an unprecedented and comprehensive personal portrait of the reatest and most notoriously press shy rock band in history at its apexWatch a Video.

Candalously sleazy Zeppelin bio HAMMER OF THE GODS in the mid 80 s I was still looking forward to what the publishers promised would be a detailed chronicle of each performance from a musical perspective and a vivid account of the band members extravagant and often troubled lives on tour Apparently Stephen Davis claims to have only recently found a large set of spiral notebooks filled with notes chronicling his experiences on the fabled 1975 tour while writing a piece for Atlantic Monthly which was never even published So what does Davis recall from his memory and his meticulous notes Not very much actuallyFirst off the book is the size of a large pamphlet with snippets of random paragraphs disguised as book chapters The writing is terrible as if Davis literally phoned it in Worse it became very clear to me as I went through each page that Davis didn t really know nor understand anything about Led Zeppelin and their music Sure he saw them back in 1969 caught a number of shows in 1975 met the band briefly while on tour and later reviewed their 1976 album Presence for Rolling Stone his review is absurdyet Davis never seemed to ever rasp the majesty the wonder and the brilliance of the band He wasn t even a fanpreferring the reggae sounds of Bob Marley instead So to it just seems that he wrote his two Zeppelin books to cash in make a uick buck Worse for a book that supposedly is about Davis own experience with Led Zeppelin at least half of the book covers concerts and events he only heard or read about Otherwise we Langlais correct pour les Nuls get to read how Davis struggled toet an extensive interview with Constantly Craving guitarist Jimmy Page which he neverothow he was afraid to even look at drummer John Bonham and how he didn t even have any interest in talking with bassist John Paul Jones No he was only interested in Jimmy Page and vocalist Robert Plant He does A Preface to Democratic Theory get to interview Plant yet it s not particularly revealingAs far as the detailed chronicle of each performance from a musical perspectiveall weet are short vague comments about each showthat are definitely NOT from a musical perspective Davis obviously has no clue how to play a musical instrument No instead we Aryan Idols got to hear how certain numbers put the audience to sleep how Davis was bored at some concerts how the band played poorly at this or that show and did well at another show Amount of insightained Zero Sure if you don t care for Led Zeppelin s music and have to attend a dozen Zeppelin concerts for workit should be of no surprise to anyone if you re bored Yet who cares I thought the book was supposed to be about Led Zeppelin s 1975 tour Not Stephen Davis personal likes or dislikes Yet he insists on filling some pages with stories about his personal lifedetailing who he slept with how much pot he smoked etcNeedless to say by the time I finished reading LZ 75 THE LOST CHRONICLES OF LED ZEPPELIN S 1975 AMERICAN TOUR I had no respect for Stephen Davis nor his embarrassing excuse for a book Shame on everyone This is a one star book to be honest but because I enjoy the topic so much I bumped it up to two How Davis managed to stretch this out to 200 pages is uite impressive there s about 40 pages of relevant content here at a push Sadly there s nothing really new or interesting to ain from reading this if you re a Zep fan you ll already know it allThe description of every concert was or less the same yes No uarter Dazed and Confused and Moby Dick can drag on we et itMuch like the book itself I ve not much to say here so I ll leave it at thatI d recommend it for Zep fans who need a uick easy read and need to pass a couple of hours If you have been on a zep binge lately you should read this Do your self a favor and Bourdieus Secret Admirer in the Caucasus go on a Zeppelin vision uest Listen to their entire catalog and stop after houses of the holy Better yet spin that black magic on delicious vinyl then Start reading this book with physicalraffiti revolving in the background and enjoy This is a fast captivating read that you can crank out in 2 3 days Go on tour with zeppelin on the star ship and buckle up Rock Gods displayed as Rock Clods December 24 2010Arguably one of the most influential bands in rock and roll history no Something in Return group seemed to mesmerize fans in the manner Led Zeppelin did There is an undefined mysteryaura associated with Zeppelin thatenerates interest in the band beyond its music While Stephen Davis Hammer of the Gods was a much anticipated and appreciated look into the band its tale of debauchery only added to Zeppelin s mysterious lore With LZ 75 Davis returns to Byzantium give us a closer look at the band during its 1975 American Tour Based notes and memorabilia that were lost for almost 35 years Davis serves up a close look at the band Xurious tour jet The Starship While on duty he chronicled the Zeppelin tour in three notebooks but after writing his article in 1975 he misplaced them After three decades of searching in 2005 he finally found the notebooks on the covers of which he had scribbled the words LZ '75 and unearthed an amazing amount of new information from the tour including • Lost interviews with canny vocalist Robert Plant and the brilliantuitarist Jimmy Page • Information on the rock icon who moonlighted as a heroin dealer • Revelations about.

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