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Too damn right he could have I admit that turning the spell check on would have made The New Baby for an easier read etc etc In other words it s how to turn yourself into a smug smiling unctuous a hole who seems toatalistically shrug at the world without meaningfully engagingThis book was of less value to me than the paper it is printed on well boo. Nosis Then he uses the analogy of the Here Be Dragons coping model the Medieval warning of an unknown but perceived anxiety threat as a simple learning device to understand and recognize the basic automatic primitive and childish coping reactions inherited Wild Streak from our animal ancestors ie Remove The Dragon or Remove Yourself From The Dragon which can turn aixable problem of living into a chronic psychological one This maladaptive coping is compared to the psychologically adult coping responses of Defang The Dragon and Learning To Live With Dragons or being able to cope with all the negatives and unknown anxieties life inflicts upon us Either in the self help mode or in traditional talk psychotherapy the methods in Here Be Dragons The Psychological Problem Cause And Cure are designed to help the person with the problem resolve it as well as prevent others rom occurring through poor coping with life's presentations to us of an inexorable series of Dragons threatening our self worth and self respect.

The rambling repetitive avuncular style this author is cursed with or that he adopted to ill up the 400 pages prescribed by the publisher Further the Say Youll Stay And Marry Me form of the desensitization the author espouses is that of agreeing with the criticism eg Reader A 15 year old could have written a better book than you did to which Manuel J Smith replies. Ders then involuntarily hospitalizing people when necessary as well as treating psychological problems in the psychotherapy office suite Dr Smith clarifies and simplifies the traditional viewpoint by which psychological difficulties people undergo are looked at Besides the physical organic and psychotic disorders which are rarely seen in the practice of traditional talk psychotherapy the vast majority of problems people bring into the psychotherapy office can be seen and succesfully treated as an unresolved abstract anxiety phobic response in disguise involving self worth self respect and guilt They are basically unresolved emotional psychological problems associated with significant changes inive psychological stages of life; parent child maturation school career courting relationship sociosexual marriage aging loss Within this Rafaellos Mistress framework Dr Smith defines theive steps in the development of the psychological problem or use in both understanding the etiology of the problem as well as its diag.

The message of this book is desensitize yourself to criticism and it is ull Rascal fullull of examples of how to do it Great Trouble is the message could have been conveyed in 15 pages rather that 398 Not only that it could have been conveyed in 15 well written pages without a spelling or grammar mistake in every second sentence and without. If you liked When I Say No I Feel Guilty you will love Here Be Dragons with the skills in Guilty applied to all sorts of problems each of us Another Day of Life face in life Dr Smith'sirst book When I Say No I Feel Guilty is an acclaimed national and world bestseller with over What Would You Like? five million copies printed inifteen languages In creating techniues used in Guilty to teach people to assertively respond to threatening critiue of their wants by others who emotionally manipulate them Dr Smith developed the best known simple and systematic methods Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, for dealing behaviorally with abstract anxiety concerns such as guilt self worth and self respect which alsoorm the Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, fundamental emotional crux of the problems people bring into traditional talk psychotherapy This is analogous toinding out that aspirin developed to ease toothaches can also be used to treat coronary disease From his years of experience observing and evaluating patients in the Friend Foe field having problems rangingrom the mildest to the most severe and violent disor.

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