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A BEAUTIFUL Golden Horse I picked this rating because this was such a great book to read It made you want to keep on reading it and not want to put it own It had HAPPY parts and sad parts in this book which made this book good I would recommend this book to anyone who loves horses it will make you want one I know I sure Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, do I use the words cute and heartwarming for each of these books but Ion t think I can say it enough Cute and heartwarming are the perfect words for the stories I love the relationship between Golden Sun and Little Turtle I love that they Different Class didn t need words to communicate They just knew what the other one was thinking and feeling I love that we can have that kind ofeep relationship with animals I really enjoyed the story and the characters and Gnome loved it just as much I think this book was an okay book because at the beginning it wasn t very interesting but when it got towards the middle part It was mainly interesting in the middle because little turtle was gonna go into the cold mountains for a couple of Short Stories by Roald Dahl days Then a couple ofays later he comes back with a cure for Pale Moon He found Pale Moon s cure with golden sun Golden sun was the. For anyone who has ever reamed of hearing a horse’s storyOregon 1790Golden Sun is a chestnut snowflake Appaloosa In summer he treks through the mountains with his rider a Nez Perce boy named.

I love Native Americans and their ways Well most of the anyway I wish that they would have written a little bit about the beginning of Golden Sun s life and on his training and how Little Turtle gained his trust I was expecting Dancing Feather to be harsh around others and only obey Pale Moon and Little Turtle I also thought that Little Turtle would marry Pale Moon in the ending It was the most interesting when Little Turtle went in to the mountains and came back as a healer I wish that Dancing Feather and Golden Sun would have a foal I think this was a super good book I keep almost reading it in class I really like it and recommend it to all horse lovers I loved this book so much because I love Native American culture Golden Sun is the story of an Appaloosa who lives with the Nez Pierce Indians A story of friendship between both people and horses this book is a story of connection through ifficult circumstances Golden Sun helps a horse who is trying to overcome previous abuse and mistreatment to become an accepted member of the tribe His rider Little Turtle also has to face ifficulty when his best friend falls ill It s another ecent addition to the series. Owledgeable text and lovely black and white art throughout by a mother aughter team of horse experts this is the perfect fit for all lovers of horses and history From the Trade Paperback editi.

Horse that he took with himThis is why I think the book is okay These are such lovely books I found this story especially sweet even got me all teary eyed in spots Well written beautifully illustrated horses with the POV What could you want Can t wait to read the next one 7 Risky Chance 5 is actually the second one I ve read because oing this in order is apparently a bridge too far for me and each one is separate so it I Look Up To... Michelle Obama doesn t matter but I ll probably get to them all eventually 7 is the one I was supposed to read as a comp title for a project I m working on I m reading the rest for pure pleasure because they are such a treat See the first book in the series for a full review Golden Sun was a very heart warming book I loved the connections that the riders had with their horses It is a connection that I would like to have with my horse oneayGolden Sun a young appoloosa is selected to be Little Turtles trusted steed He accompanies him on gathering herbal medicines for the village healer and many other expeditions But when Little Turtle s best friend falls ill it is up to Little Turtle Golden Sun and Little Turtle s This book is my favorite book in the series. Little Turtle as he gathers healing plants But when Little Turtle’s best friend falls ill Golden Sun iscovers his true calling Here is Golden Sun’s storyin his own wordsWith moving and kn.

Whitney Sanderson grew up riding horses as a member of a 4 H club and competing in local jumping and dressage shows She has written several books in the Horse Diaries chapter book series She is also the author of Horse Rescue Treasure based on her time volunteering at an euine rescue farm She lives in Massachusettssource