Karen Scalf Linamen: A Waist Is a Terrible Thing to Mind

E person you were created to be Along the way you will learn to make peace and enjoy the new improved imperfect you Each chapter has humorous name with a sensible sub name ie Chapter 1 What s a Nice Girl Like Me Doing in a Size Like This Making peace with yo yo dietingAt the end of the chapter Karen includes uestions that can be used either individually or as a group discussion The uestions are thought provoking and encourage the reader to be honest and open about not only their weight but their life as a whole Karen takes us along with her as she starts working with a personal trainer Her descriptions of their irst meeting and subseuent workouts are humorous but also informative The book ends with notes a listing of where the reader can locate different material uotes people and locations mentioned in the book You can Something Like Fate find information about Karen Scalf Linamen and her books by visiting her website at wwwkarenlinamencomWon in random drawing in WaterBrook Multnomah Discipleship enewsletter sweepstakes It was an okay book It wasn t that overly motivated and thought. Al  Instead let Karen Scalf Linamen take you on a journeyrom a limiting and unhealthy body image to a life of eeling good about yourself body included When you learn the secrets in A Waist Is a Terrible Thing to Mind you can change what you crave what you eat how you think.

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Excellent read Funny and serious Karen Scalf Linamen s new book A Waist Is a Terrible Thing to Mind is a light discussion about self acceptance and positive thinking Her key advice is to ocus on making small changes in life to reach manageable goals As someone who s never had weight issues but still struggled a bit with body image concerns the topic made Archetype (Archetype, for an interesting read However I didn tind anything especially uniue about the author s advice when compared to other resources This book was provided or review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group This is an amazing book It has helped me on my weight loss journey so much already The best part about it is that is has helped me to change the way I think about myself and how I eel about my body A A Gun for Sale few good takeaways throughout the book but 80% of it was a weird mix of religion and weight loss advice which was not what I was lookingor Karen Scalf Linamen uses humor common sense and practical tools to help the reader accept who they are as they are today and take the steps that will make you into th.   Get to Know the New Improved Imperfect YouThe architects of pop culture have never been the leading authorities on what is best or you So turn your back on the lies that you are not thin enough not successful enough and not glamorous enough Physical perfection is not the go.

Parts were really sad and depressing Some of the stories bothered me Like the Extreme Makeover lady that weighed 137 lbs when she came home Within a ew months she had gain all her weigh back and was now 180 lbs I read this book as part of the UMW reading program and thoroughly enjoyed it It s a great book about loving and accepting yourself inside and out and she has a great sense of humor It s a Encore, Grace! fun summer read Chockull of honest stories of women who ve explored the reasons behind their disenchantment with their bodies this book is both hilarious and helpful Karen s ocus in this book is on making small changes in your life and those changes will help you achieve a goal of weigh loss This self help book will help you gain a perspective on your weight and weight loss Even people who are at a normal healthy weight have problems thinking they are too at This book will help you deal with making manageable goals and having a good self esteem A good read This book is great and its a great read about how people can get used to their own bodies in a different way. And ultimately how you live  Along with Karen’s trademark humor you’ll ind practical common sense tools to help you accept who you are today and take the steps that will make you the person you were created to be Along the way you’ll enjoy the new improved imperfect you.

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