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Rsweet Symphony have I come across a book that gives an accurate portrayal of 911 and its effects on people so well Absent Friends is perfect it needs of an audience This book set around Sept 11 got rave reviews from top thrillersuspense writers ike it was the Second Coming Multiple POVs of childhood friends a murder caused by one or of them a scandal regarding possible mob money from fallen firefighter hero suicidemurder of a reporter Chapter changes insanely freuent dragged out revelations until you didn t care any who did what cliched backstory childhood incidents overwrought sentimentalityEvocative writing gifted stylist but one of those single conversation could solve the whole problem kinds of stories I think the 911 aspect which was well handled must account for all the acclaim They mystery itself was ho hum and if I could have flipped ahead to solve it I would have Trouble was it was buried in several POVsI want to give it 35 because of the good writing but the I write the irritated I become so I m sticking with 3 I m a fan of Rozan s Lydia Chin Bill Smith series but it took me a while to get into this standalone I initially found it hard to keep track of the many characters and changing point of view But I persevered and I m glad I did Good story of buried secrets old friends and moving on Interesting setting New York City right after 911 added a ayer of interest. Er morningIn a novel that will catch you off guard at every turn and one that is guaranteed to become a classic S J Rozan masterfully ratchets up the tension one revelation at a time as she dares you to ponder the bonds of friendship the meaning of truth and the stuff of heroism.

This book didn t ive up to Rozan s ability The writing was clear The vignettes about a group of friends focused around 911 staggered and never fell together This book was not a joy to read I felt with the title Absent Friends and the setting post 9 11 in NYC It would be a story that focused on the aftermath of that day and how people picked up the pieces and moved on in their Archies Americana, Vol. 1 lives Instead Jimmy a NYFD is killed in the towers and we flash back and forth between 2001 and 1979 It seems a childhood friend was killed and the one who did the shooting is in jail and tradegy happens again We then spend over 300 pages trying to make sense of a muddled mess Harry the reporter and his actions are not necesary Many of the relationships seem disconnected and there isittle to reflect on 911 in this book I would of been happy if the ending if Jimmy just walked away fr This book was given to me by another SJ Rozan fan that couldn t get into it It s not written in her usual style The book is about a group of childhood friends who grew up around New York City area now adults and how they experience 911 as well as a digging into a The Book Thief long kept secret among them It s a book that stilleaves me feeling at a oss for words of how describe and review it but in the same instance that reveals the brilliance of SJ Rozan The impression of the book and how she weaves her story brilliantly captures The secrets of a group of childhood friends unravel in this haunting thriller by Edgar Award winner S J Rozan Set in New York in the unforgettable aftermath of September 11 Absent Friends brilliantly captures a time and place unlike any other as it winds through the wounded stre.

He emotions disbelief and tragedy of 911 If you don t start the book expecting one of her usual crime mysteries I think you l get into it faster and be happy to finish it How does Absent Friends have such Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, low ratings It s indeed a very dark story about one of our world s most tragic and unexpected events but in this book the September 11th Attacks are just the tip of the iceberg Readers also get a glimpse of the troubledives and relationships of those trying to work through the aftermath not to mention a Educating for the New World Order look back at earlier tragic events that parallel 911 in shocking detail This book isn t for everyone and its style is aittle unconventional but all the same I would still highly recommend it This book is cut from the same cloth as Bittersweet Symphony and Falling Man It s a dark topic but an important one I am surprised that I read this book to the end It got good reviews from significant sources so I kept at itIt was very tedious through the first half of the book Then I began to keep the characters straight and it became interesting and the individuals became important to me I kept reading to find out what happens to them allIt was a very sad story set against a backdrop of 911 and at the end I felt angry with the author feeling what was the pointI won t be reading any of her books Tried 3x to start may have been my mood but cannot get into this one Not since Bitte. Ets of New York and Staten Islandand into a maze of old crimes damaged ives and heartbreaking revelations The result is not only an electrifying mystery and a riveting piece of storytelling but an elegiac novel that powerfully explores a world changed forever on a clear Septemb.

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SJ Rozan a native New Yorker is the author of the Bill Smith and Lydia Chin detective series as well as several stand alone novels She has won the the Edgar Nero Macavity Shamus and Anthony awards for Best Novel and the Edgar award for Best Short Story She is a former Mystery Writers of America National Board member a current Sisters in Crime National Board member and President of the Pri