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H the book and whether or not both he and I liked it My son is a seven year old with multiple learning isabilities including communication impairments It s a little tough to rate this book because it s two books in one which is a great bang for the buck My nephew really enjoyed Joker s Joyride and was really into the action This story is well written the words The Touch do a great job of conveying Joker s jokster personality and ofescribing the action going on It s nicely illustrated too The illustrations are bright and they re full of all kinds of motion movement and mayhem great for active little boys like my nephew or for girls too I give Joker s Joyride four starsBuilt for Then flip the book over to follow the action when the Joker steals the Batmobile and leads the Super Friends on a wild ride through Gotham Ci.

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William read this book for me and he struggled with some of the big words but he id a really good job For some reason they re into the stickers and this book came with stickers I remember when my cousins were into stickers they had a perfect mania for them It s cool to see my boys excited by them Now I just hope they Different Class don t find my stamps and see them as stickers I read this with my son This was a wonderful twofer book Batman is one of my son s all time favorite superheros and Joker is my sons favorite batman nemesis Therawings in this book were of a kids friendly style The hero and villian were still recognizeable as Batman and Joker yet they were cartoonized enough to. Boys ages 3 to 7 will love the two DC Super Friends stories in this eluxe Pictureback book that includes than 50 stickers First uncover the.

Be friendly for younger Batman fans The story was simple with an easy to follow plot of Joker stealing the Bat mobile no oubt the coolest car ever The second story was less of a story and of a catalouge of the Textbook of Wisdom different types of vehichiles in the Batman universe You would think that would be boring but it was written simple enough to give you information on the modes of transportation without overwheleming the reader withetails Perfect for young batman fans who are rabid like my son These books were winners with my son and so was a winner with me Thus a high rating We will be reading this twofer againAll reviews of books that I read with my son reflect how well he id wit. Cool secrets of Batman's Batmobile Superman's Space Sled and all the other fantastic vehicles the Super Friends use to bring in the bad guys.

Dennis R Shealy is the author of many children’s books including the popular Little Golden Books I’m a Truck I’m a T Rex My Little Golden Book About Dinosaurs My LIttle Golden Book About the Solar System I’m a Bulldozer and The Noisy Garage He lives in New York City with his wife and son