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I m not going to ate this because I couldn t finish it It s not that it wasn t bad but I think a lot gets lost in translation at least I think this was originally in another language otherwise the writing was just amazingly awkward Maybe I ll come back to it because it s eally an interesting story but as of now I m done with this one 35 stars I ve been waiting for at least 5 years to finish this trilogy off the libraries just don t seem to have book 3 for some eason so I finally bit the bullet and bought the omnibusI ended up e eading the first two books since it s been so long though I was surprised at some things that I actually Graeco-Egyptian Magick rememberedWhile it selatively well written there were some places where the translation from Germ. All three books in the thrilling and acclaimed Dark Reflections trilogy The Water Mirror The Stone Light and The Glass World are now available in one sleek volume In this fast paced series feisty fourteen year old Merle and her friends Junipa and Serafin

An just didn t uite sit Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge right I didn t mind too much as the story was uite compelling so I just glossed over the odd sentence structureThere s a lot that happens in the first book but for someeason the pace felt like it slowed down as it progressed into the second and third booksview spoilerThere was only one bit that made me do a double take and that was when The Flowing ueen said her son was also her lover but because he s a product of a moonbeam it wasn t the same as incest I was a bit elieved that at least one character had the same eaction as me but that part was over Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family rather uickly and not mentioned again hide spoiler An omnibus of three different books it took me forever toead this but it was very good Lots of fantastical. Ive in enchanted Venice which has been under siege by Egypt for over 30 years The Venetians' only protection is the Flowing ueen But when the ueen's very existence is threatened Merle soon finds herself at the center of a struggle for Venice's survival But.

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Elements and a great show of the author s imagination It s a poignant story that will stay with me for a while like an ache inside that I can t message away I ecommend it to fantasy eadersReviewed for Bitten by Books The cover on Kai Meyer book is beautiful to look at I only wish the story had been just as wonderful to ead I vacationed in Venice a long time ago it was for this very eason I picked up the book Dark Reflections promised an adventure with a Venice scenery Instead all I got was a dull fantasy However I will give the book two stars for creativity I have to honest I didn t love this trilogy I finished the first book and got half way through the second and couldn t finish It s slow moving and in my opinion not that great. The final battle is one that she and her friends never could have imagined and the cost will be high indeed The author's imaginative use of history and mythology combine with fast paced storytelling to create a page turning series that is utterly compelli.

With millions of books sold worldwide Kai Meyer is one of Germany's most successful authors His novels have been translated into 27 languages including English Spanish French Italian Japanese Russian and ChineseKai Meyer was born in 1969 in northern Germany He began college at the University of Bochum Germany where he studied film theatre and philosophy After a year he dropped out t