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N in there for the sake of being action packed and fifty percent mythology This is one of the best and most original werewolf origin stories that I have read Also there is a love triangle thing going on I found this book to be consistent in how good it is but it never reached the level of awesomeness that Cursed did I didn t really sense the danger of the hunt I felt that the biggest dangers to Chey were Lucie and Chey s wolf The writing is something that I really liked I find Mr Wellington s words easy to visualise and this adds the idea that the book triggers some mental movie Mental in the sense that it s playing in my head not any other sort of mental just to clarify or dig myself in a hole The author s storytelling ability is incredible and I loved the back stories and also the research that he must have put into the book Chey I still liked her in this book She goes through a lot in the duration of Ravaged and if I m honest I probably would ve just given in That just proves that she s a fighter and a survivor and ou just can t help but admire herPowell he grew on me as I read this book He makes a good alpha male and he has all the ualities I like in a leading man He s caring To Rabbittown yet protective and he d do anything for his woman It s an admirable trait in a guy Lucie After everything that was eluded to in the first book I was expecting from Lucie She was painted out as some sort of manipulative psychopath and that never really happened for me There were a couple of moments like that but nothing concrete that said Hi I m Lucie and I ve lost my mind She wasn t a likeable character and I didn t really feel anything for herVarkanin He s the guy in this book that s trying to kill Chey and Powell but the one he really wants is Lucie His vendetta is explained in the book and as bad guys go I liked him He s very distinctive how canou not be with blue skin and very focussed on what he feels he had to do I did point out that he was blue didn t I He s also Russian It was different Commentaries and Cases on the Law of Business Organization, 2009-2010 Statutory Supplement you don t really come across blue Russians why ever not is my uestionSharon She s a character that I would ve loved to know about Her wariness of Chey was 100% understandable and if I was her I would ve been the same Her strength was something that I admired and I loved the way that she was her own woman and made her own decisions Overall I enjoyed this slightly less than its predecessor but that doesn t mean that I didn t like it The thought that must ve gone into this book and the amount of research astounds me It feels planned to me and it s been executed well Ifou read and enjoyed book one then ou should definitely read this one It closes Chey s story in a satisfactory way In fact I d say that this is one of the best werewolf novels I ve read Ever Cheyenne and Powell have been slowly warming up to each other since Powell turned Chey into a werewolf Then Lucie comes along Lucie was the one who turned Powell and they have a long history together Powell loves Chey but can t turn Lucie away The three become an uneasy pack made complicated by the fact that Chey s wolf is taking over her human side too With Lucie comes a dangerous werewolf hunter who will stop at nothing to get his revenge Can they find a cure for Chey before it is too lateThe beginning of this book was so promising Lucie was badass and I liked the way Chey and Powell s relationship was going even with the complication of Lucie Then it sort of lost me with all the animal spirits and finding a cure and the hunter or maybe it was just that I had to stop reading to read a book for book club and I couldn t get back into it There was a lot of action at the end just not enough of Chey and Powell I felt like I totally lost Powell at the end as well as Chey as her wolf begins to take over The hunter was an interesting fellow but I didn t feel like I got enough of his background and his intense need for revenge with Lucie I know the facts but I wanted emotion out of him It was a good wrap up for this two book series but overall I think I enjoyed Frostbite. Nd Chey's own complicated feelings for the man who doomed her to this existence but on whom her life now dependsWorse with every hour that passes the wolf inside Chey becomes powerful It won't be long before the woman disappears completely and only the beast is left.

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Y bargained for And when they come to discover an ex Russian Special Forces soldier with ties to Lucie is bent on killing them all the trio will find out their time is very short indeed Because the weapon he holds is something none of them expectedWhile the usual tropes with the werewolf horror tale are present the full moon and silver Wellington skillfully weaves an engaging narrative that at moments is both beautiful and horrific sometimes both at the same timeHighly recommended 35 Stars Ravaged is the second book in the Werewolves series by David Wellington and I must say it was a much better read than the first book Cursed I did enjoy Cursed but this was a much exciting and engaging readThe story is full of mythology ancient stories and spirits There are a few new spirits introduced as well as meeting Powell s spirit friend Dzo again who I find uite funny All the characters are fleshed out nicely with a lot of interesting backgrounds The introduction of another werewolf causes the dynamics between Chey and Powell to change uite a bitThe werewolf introduced is Lucie a woman from Powell s past She s very different from Chey in that she loves her wolf and she wants Powell which of course creates a lot of tension between the group It also brings problems when in wolf form as the females have to fight to determine who is the alpha female of the packPowell tries to deal with his feelings towards Chey which are getting stronger by the day but Chey still isn t sure how she feels about him and considering their checkered past which I won t go into in case some of ou haven t read Cursed I don t blame her Although I still want them to be togetherThere is considerably information about the werewolves and how they evolved where they come from Chey and Powell can t remember anything from when they are in wolf form and vise versa This gets a little complicated when they are being hunted by Varkanin a man with bloodthirsty revenge in mind as Chey and Powell can t warn their wolf counterparts of what is happeningAlthough there are many chapters which are just from the wolves perspective the story isn t any less exciting Wellington does well at describing the wolf hierarchy their behaviours and their emotions especially when it came to their hatred for humans which keep my attention and the pages turningThe ending was the one aspect I didn t really like I didn t like what happened to Powell at all And the way Chey felt about Powell at the end was very disappointing I wished it had ended differentlyVERDICT Ravaged is a great read There s plenty of action and interesting characters making it a thoroughly enjoyable second instalment After reading the ending I m not sure there will be a third book in this series but I do hope so I would love to find out what the future holds for these characters 45 Howling Stars for OverwinterWow What an amazing action packed ending to the werewolf series David Wellington s werewolves are wonderful I love the idea of the human and the wolf fighting for domination over the same body The wolf hates it s human form and would do anything in it s power to kill that human Powell and Chey have teamed up and are fighting to survive as they are hunted by the Canadian government Powell is starting to fall in love but can Chey ever love him after all the pain he has caused her Add to the mix Monty s creator Lucie Lucie has come back from Siberia to claim what is hers Monty is her creation and she will not allow him to love another Lucie s a white innocent looking worlf but she is pure evil and cannot be trusted She s accepted being a werewolf and loves the power Humans are her prey and she has no respect for human life Lucie however has messed with the wrong man and now has a former Spetsnaz on her trail Overwinter is full of suspense action and drama As this trio fights to survive they also battle within their own pack Alliances are formed and no one can be trust A good seuel that is fifty percent action that like the first book didn t bore me and feel like it was just throw. Ancient secret hunting for the one thing that could remove the lycanthropic curse and make her human againYet standing between Chey and her goal are a werewolf hunter armed with a diabolically brilliant weapon a centuries old werewolf with her own mysterious agendaa.

What a fast and furious ride this short series has been I loved both books both drove me mad with anticipation never knowing which way it would go This second book delved into the ancient spirit gods histories and the myth behind the Were spinning one fantastic tale I will miss the characters even the hated ones the author did a wonderful job of developing them I felt like I knew them They became a black branch in the old family tree which of course they marked and tore at There was the right amount of everything enough horror enough hate enough love enough hope enough intrigue and enough uestions to make it complete This author does not follow the format found in so many of the books I read The lack of what I expected threw me off a bit I expected the normal HEA that is so common I was reaching for it between the words When it didn t go how I expected I was exhilarated and a bit shocked Dzo is my favorite character and stole the showHe has become one of my favorite go to authors and I can t wait to get of his work in my hands Top Read 2011Cheyenne is travelling with Powell the werewolf that killed her father and infected her and both are heading north deeper into the Artic to hide f Overwinter picks up where Frostbite left off with Chey and Powell travelling north away from Port Radium Powell still insists that there s a cure for lycanthropy and he s determined to find it Along the way Dzo turns up again as does a new character Lucie with whom Powell has a past Lucie wants Powell for herself and to make matters worse she s on the run from Varkanin a Russian who she s made an enemy of Unofficially backed by the Canadian government which is determined to rid the country of werewolves for financial reasons Varkanin chases the foursome to the Arctic Circle while Powell looks for clues to a cure that no one is sure even existsThough Overwinter is similar to Frostbite Chey and Powell are being hunted and their wolves hatred of humans results in a body count in the seuel we learn about Powell and his past the origins of the curse and about spirits like Dzo An unforseen problem for one of the characters makes it essential for them to find the cure uickly if they re ever to hope for normal human lives again or as normal as can be after having been wolves who ve killed people There was plenty of action and I thought that the characters goal to rid themselves of their wolves made this book a interesting read than the first The one thing that I was a little disappointed with was the ending and by that I literally mean the last few pages The conclusion seemed a bit abrupt and I thought one thing that occurred was a little odd after all the time spent leading up to it Additionally there was no explanation of what happened or might have happened after the last scene If there was to be a third book then no problem with the ending it s just a cliffhanger However it doesn t seem like the author left much room for another book in which case some sort of epilogue would ve been nice I realize this is a bit vague but I don t want to give away what happened in those last few pages Unlike what another reviewer said I wasn t really satisfied with the ending however I d still recommend Overwinter especially if ou liked Frostbite There is just something special I have found in David Wellington Not only did I love Frostbite but Overwinter just solidified how much I am in love with Wellington as a writer I knew th The second and concluding book in his werewolf series David Wellington has written probably one of the most interesting and horrifying stories about the lycanthrope After events in the first novel FROSTBITE this novel finds Cheyenne Clark paired up with Montgomery Powell the werewolf who cursed her with the ability to change into a monstrous killer wolf at each full moon They re in the wilds of northern Canada and heading even farther North searching for the rud cure for their deadly affliction However when a mysterious woman Lucie from Powell s past shows up Chey realizes they will have than the. The days grow colder The nights grow longer And every time the moon rises the wolf inside her grows a little stronger Cheyenne Clark a woman whose hatred for werewolves has turned her into the very beast she most despises prowls the Arctic Circle on the trail of an.

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David Wellington is a contemporary American horror author best known for his Zombie trilogy as well as his Vampire series and Werewolf series His books have been translated into eleven langauges and are a global phenomenonHis career began in 2004 when he started serializing his horror fiction online posting short chapters of a novel three times a week on a friend’s blog Response to the projec