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JP is a pretty much a small time con man although a young and attractive one He arrives in the small sea side town of Brightside with nothing but his shiny sports car and his intelligence He figures out that the locals are all starved for romance and decides that a love potion would be just the thing He ets a little help from Chance from Sweets to the Sweet and then he seduces Ryan into helping him too and Ryan is just a nice young The Billionaires Runaway Bride guy who works in a print shop I know I complain every time that these Petit Morts are too short Iuess I don t read many shorts my idea of a short book is 200 pages But I am Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover getting the hang of them now Trying toet out of the habit of finishing the book and yelling Hey Wait what happens now Because I m realising these books are all about the beginnings we Caught on Camera with the CEO get to see how theyet it together and it s up to us to imagine how it Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, goes from there or not Probably something thats obvious to all but I m slow on the uptake and this story happened to make it a lot easier for me torasp I doubt I ll ever be a huge fan of the short story but I m learing to appreciate it See my other reviews of the Petit Morts series 4 Other People s Weddings 6 Pretty Ugly This is basically the story of Ryan and JP but I think that Chance had an interesting development in it Chance is the thread of all five stories his candy shop Sweets to the Sweet is the place where everything starts and ends it s a magical place that appears when people need it and disappears when the mission is accomplished and Chance is needed somewhere else Moreover Chance is teasing with a lot of Arabian Nights guys but he is not for them he is the matchmaker and for all of them he will find the right partner he is kind and sweet always caring for the destiny of the men eating his candies Only that this time Chance is not at all kind he is almost rude and he seems to not like at all JP I m not sure if he helped him with Ryan since he wanted to help Ryan himself or since he wanted for JP too away from Brightside the little tow Written with Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place good humor and attentiveness to emotions and to characters and the town itself had a distinctive personality of its own that made me smile butoodness that romance isn t one I could believe in while I cheered on. JP McMahon cruises into the small oceanside town of Brightside hoping to score a bed for the night and a few dollars to fill the Miata's as tank He discovers that cell phones and Internet are non existent and that without access to matchmaker sites and Craigslist the local newspaper's personal ads are booming He cooks up an unlikely scam a foul novelty concoction called Spanish Fly He also finds an unlikely accomplice in Ryan the uiet local kid at the copy shop with a flair for designing irresistible labels Spanish Fly proves popul.

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Aper s personal ads and he decides that brewing a love potion might be the perfect way to make uick money With the help of Chance from Sweets to the Sweet and Ryan an irresistibly cute uy working in the town s copy shop JP manages to make his love brew Spanish Fly a success He becomes popular and when he realizes that his luck might be about to turn he decides to move on But what about Ryan Will he be able to leave his lover behind Has he just been a hot affair or is there something Spanish Fly Guy was an entertaining short read and I enjoyed finding out about Chance I m looking forward to his appearances in the next installments 45 starsI can t believe it took me forever to read this You know I think that if I had read this story that character JP written by anyone but JCP it just wouldn t work but somehow some way she won me over to him in the end after I d just spent the whole story making nasty faces as his sickly sweet fake charm It is such a strange plot a modern day snake oil salesman looking for a uick buck before he can high tail it out of town and dicking over the naive residents of whatever small town at the same time Add in a totally charming yet still naive boy Ryan to this surprisingly anachronistic town and the secret ingredient secretive Chance who we Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, get to see much of and this turned into such a surprising andreat story JCP always seems to write these stories that take me by surprise for whatever reason and they become unforgettable This is another one I d Always You give this a 25 if half stars were availableI liked this story for the small snippets of information itave us on Chance However like Chance I had a little trouble believing that the two protagonists were right for each other Good little story definitely worth a read but not one I plan on personally revisiting DNF30%Couldn t Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, get into it not even exactly sure why 42 StarsSee I knew I was right When it comes to this series JCPs editions are much less sinister It had an odd edge but nothing inherently evil or mean And I kind of liked the idea of the con man becoming something of a victim to his own scam Nothing terribly bad about falling under a love potion spell though not when it s exactly what you and the otheruy needs to find happines. Why does it look like it's been there for ages And the chocolatier behind the countercertainly you'd remember him #1 Hue Tint and Shade by Jordan Castillo Price Yellow is as yellow does #2 Slings and Arrows by Josh Lanyon It's a fine line between secret admirer and stalker #3 Moolah and Moonshine by Jordan Castillo Price If you ever o to France watch out for those ticklers #4 Other People's Weddings by Josh Lanyon Pulling off the perfect wedding can be murder #5 Spanish Fly Guy by Jordan Castillo Price A new twist on liuid courage.

Ryan I m not unconvinced that a relationship with JP would ordinarily as in cases where they were not set up by the magic of Chase end horribly and Ryan would be looking back at it as a mistake a mistake worth making perhaps but still This one was the one I liked less of the ones I have read I never warmed to JP his and Archie s story felt rushed somehow More like they running from something not toward something I liked that we et to see of Chance though P This is book 5 in the Petit Mort series and once again is penned by Jordan Castillo PriceJP McMahon is a slick huckster that rolls in to the uiet beachside town in his fancy car looking for the next sucker so he can make a buck and Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti get out of town before the crap hits the fan Ryan is a uietuy that works at the copy shop in the summers to help pay for school and help his father with the bills JP cooks up his scheme and happens in to Sweets to the Sweet and mysterious Chance immediately knocks him down a peg or 10 But not completely deterred he finds himself in the copy shop to continue putting together his plan When what starts out as a scam seems to turn into something JP has many decisions to makeI like this story I loved Ryan What can I say I m a sucker for the uiet characters with all the stuff One-Click Buy going on inside and personally but who still manage to put forward that happy face and attempt to be optimist even when others are down I love those characters because I often feel like that Anyway I like that weot another limpse at Chance and what he s all about Although I m not certain that I feel like I m any closer to figuring him out I may have actually taken a step back in my Chance knowledge Oh well I can live with that for the moment As long as we continue to et little peeks at him and eventually Return to Willow Lake (Lakeshore Chronicles get his story I m happy to keepoing a long as we are 3 stars I really enjoy reading an installment of the Petit Morts series from time to time considering that they are usually short and very entertaining in their own way Set in the small town of Brightside where cell phones and the internet are non existent con man JP wants to make a few dollars before moving on He uickly figures out that many town inhabitants are looking for a partner via the local newsp. Ar almost too popular and JP suspects his luck is about to turn But that little voice inside tells him to stick around Brightside just a tiny bit longer Novella approximately 60 70 pages or 18000 words Petit Morts Indulge your sweet tooth with five deliciously weird tales by Josh Lanyon and Jordan Castillo Price A storefront You've never noticed it before It's small unassuming and yet there's something about it that draws your eye And the aroma drifting out rich and dark so enticing How could you have overlooked it It must be new So.

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Author and artist Jordan Castillo Price writes paranormal sci fi thrillers colored by her time in the Midwest from inner city Chicago to various cities across southern Wisconsin She’s settled in a 1910 Cape Cod near Lake Michigan with tons of character and a plethora of bizarre spiders Any disembodied noises she’s decided will be blamed on the ice makerJordan is best known as the author of